Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques – 84 Piece Set

Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques – 84 Piece Set

Bath time Fun Appliqués is an eighty four piece set of letters a-z and numbers 0-9 with a fun printed pattern. Appliqués adhere to most tub surfaces. This is a eighty four piece set. It includes letters a-z and numbers 0-9. This is made of lightweight child safe foam.

Main features

  • Eighty four piece set
  • Includes uppercase letters A-Z
  • Includes numbers 0-9
  • Appliques adhere to most tub surfaces
  • Made of lightweight child safe foam

Verified reviews


What I ordered, but not…

What’s pictured is what I ordered but not what I received. These show patterned pieces, mine are plain. They came in a bucket that they will not fit back into, which is dumb, but I guess since they’re bath toys I wouldn’t store them in the bucket anyway. Just a little lame that I’d have to puzzle piece them into the bucket if I wanted to store them there.The V’s and A’s look really similar, minus a cut out for the As and the W’s and M’s are the same.these aren’t as cool as they look. We haven’t used them in the bath yet so I can’t say if they’ll work there. I may return them… the picture is definitely enhanced. The pieces aren’t that bright and cheery.::EDIT:: we have used them in the bath, they stick fine. My son gets the 4s As and Vs mixed up because they are all very similar.

Latisha Thompson Ridge, NY


My daughter loves playing with these in the tub! The container is a bit flimsy, so it’s not really a great storage for the appliques. I just stick them in the netting that I keep all her toys in.

Doretha Olds, IA

Bathtime ABC’s

We previously had some letters like these but they were about twice as big. Those letters started getting a bit dirty with mildew, so we threw them out and bought these to replace them. These are much smaller than what we had before, so the shapes aren’t as clear (the “v” and “a” are similar), but they still serve their purpose.We have had these letters for about 2 years and they are still going strong. I make sure they are all completely dry before storing them so I don’t have the same mildew issues as with the last set of letters. One thing I noticed, though, is that these little letters do not stay on the wall as long as the bigger letters I had. I assume it has something to do with surface area, or something. Before, I could leave the bigger foam letters stuck to the wall and they would stay all night and day until the next bath. With these smaller letters, they will fall off within a couple of hours.If you are going to give these to smaller children who bite things (like my one-year-old), the letters will end up with permanent bite marks. I try to keep that to a minimum. So far, the bite marks have not prevented the letters from sticking to the wall, so it hasn’t really been an issue.Overall, my two kids really like sticking the letters all over the tub and my 3-year-old likes to spell simple words with them. I think anything that helps teach kids about letters is a great toy to have. Both of my children learned their ABC’s before they hit 2 years old. These simple, colorful toys are great for exposing young kids to the alphabet.The downfall I find is that they are a pain to clean up every time, so we only use them once in a while!

Lavonne Campbellton, TX

One year of use and still loving them!

These toys have been in use since my son turned about 8 months old. They’ve been through, and are still suffering through, numerous teething phases and, while teeth marks do show up, they’re holding up great! They have not torn at all and still work just as perfectly as they did on day one!

Kara Revere, MO

letters are small

Letters are small. I know it said 1.5 inches and I ordered them anyways. I should of went with the bigger letters. But it sticks well to the shower and it was inexpensive.

Leeann Clinton, MS

Great infant toys, too.

I was on the hunt for a teething toy for my 6-month old. He was starting to teethe and the usual teethers didn’t seem to interest him much. We were browsing at a toy store and saw these, and I thought these would suit our purposes now (teething) as well as later (bathtime fun and learning letters/numbers).The baby is now 8 months old and continues to enjoy these. He uses them for teething (they are made from a firm foam rubber) and he just enjoys playing with them the way you might play with blocks. He has a Tupperware tub filled with several of these and from among his other everyday toys, and he almost always seeks these out first before fancier toys. Highly recommend.

Bonnie Ben Franklin, TX

not hold well on fiberglass shower/tub

5 yr old got bored right away when foam pieces didn’t hold well on fiberglass tub/shower wall, so now they sit in toy bag which falls down with other interesting toys…go figure. 🙂

Willa Gracey, KY

Great product, Great price

I reviewed many of these foam alphabet/numbers sets. This one is a great buy for the money and sticks well on tile and the bathtub sides. They dry out fast, too! Would definitely recommend!

Josephine Bakersville, OH

My son enjoys them

My 11 month old son loves chewing on these letters; however, I am always afraid he is going to chew a piece off of a letter. They stick to the side of the tub well with a little water, but it seems like they hold onto hard water stains badly. Also, once you take them out of the container they came in, don’t ever expect to get them back in there and get the lid on….impossible.

Lou Gravity, IA

These were great while they lasted

I don’t know if I should be storing these differently but I kept them in one of those wall mounted storage nets made for bath toys and they mildewed after a few months. The letters/numbers that stuck together after bath (which most of them stuck together) were especially bad. If I’m supposed to dry these off after each use, that seems impractical! But I have other foam bath toys that we’ve had longer and haven’t mildewed. Needless to say these were tossed as my infant chews on bath toys still.

Marsha Long Key, FL


My one and a half year old would spend hours in the shower playing with them! They are big enough (about 2in) to handle well without being too big (84 pieces people!) and I love that there are two sets plus extra letters, so we get to spell words 🙂

Amy Mulberry Grove, IL

My girls (almost 4yrs) love these!

They were so excited when I got these for them. There is a good selection of letters & numbers & they have fun patterns on them too. When slightly wet they will stick to the bathtub & tiles which is fun. Also as they are foam pieces they are less likely to hold water to cause mildew.A tip to clean them though, is to throw them in the washing machine in one of those zippered ‘linen’ bags. Just to give them that fresh feel again.

Leanna Selma, CA