Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys

Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys

Sassy Bath time Pals is a great bunch of little characters for the tub. A set of 5 squirt and float characters in a variety of colors and textures. They are perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and squirt. Watch Me! Watch as baby becomes more familiar and comfortable with water play. Show her how to play squeeze, fill and squirt Bath time Pals. Watch as she learns that squeezing underwater creates silly bubbles.

Main features

  • Set of 5
  • Squirt and float toys
  • Characters offer a variety of colors and textures
  • Sized for little hands to grasp and squirt
  • Great for in the tub or pool

Verified reviews


not only for bathtub

we got it when she was 6 months and since then they have been her companions not only for bathtimepaint stays on, and they have been chewed on!especially the penguin!you just have to remember to drain them after “swimming”———–One year later:It is definitely time to get a new set,but it was worth it!

Elisabeth Fort Eustis, VA

Please Listen to the Other 1-Star Reviewers – Do Not Buy These Toys for Your Baby’s Safety

Initially, I would have given these toys 5 stars for being so adorable and fun for my baby, especially for such a low price. However, these toys retain water inside and there is no way to dry them out, and therefore harbor mold. My baby would suck the water out of these toys. It gives me chills just thinking about my baby drinking moldy water. Please, for safety’s sake, do not buy these squirters. Keep in mind that this is probably a common problem for all squirter toys.

Sandra Manhasset, NY

Colorful, feel nice and affordable

All these bath toys need to be diposed often since you can’t cleaned them well. So I like the price and they have cute colors.

Lenora Pender, NE

Awesome toys and safe, too

We gave these to our son when he was 6 months old and he has loved them since! He plays with them in and out of the bath, and often refuses to put them down when he has finished his bath. I’ve done research, and these are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, which is great given how much our son chews on them!

Fern Columbus, TX

Cute bath toys

My son loves these toys. He has used them in his baby tub, in our pool, and is now using them in the big tub.

Amalia Blunt, SD

Great bathtime toys!

My baby is a splasher and he loves to see these floating around when he’s splashing in the tub. They are very colorful, which grabs his attention. They are also sturdy so I don’t worry about him chewing on them.As with any squirting bath toy, I’m sure they will need to be replaced because it’s just impossible to properly clean the inside of them, but for now they’re making bathtime so much fun for my little guy.

Francine Otis, MA


These are cute toys to have for bathtime but please note that they fill with water and squirt- they do not sqeak. My mistake.

Tonya Pine, AZ

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Granddaughter loves ’em. Colors bright, plastic is soft, and they fit easily into her hand.Would make a nice baby shower gift too.

Kelsey Sapulpa, OK

Great bath toys

I really like the texture most about these bath toys. They’re a nice soft plastic instead of the usual hard plastic. Plus they’re fun characters and cute too.

Deena Gorham, NY


Fun, enjoyable for the tots bath time fun. Bright colors, fun facial expressions, the tots love playing with these. Happy to have made this purchase.

Selina Winifrede, WV


Great product.Pros:They FloatThe SquirtBaby will love trying to catch themBaby loves sucking themCons.They do not float eyes side up!Will recommend

Rhea Superior, IA

too small

I found it is so small for baby use comparing with the product info. pictures when I bought it before.

Gena Kennedyville, MD

I like these small animals

Yes, I like these small animals. They are very cute. High cost. Will come back to buy other floating toys。

Helen Dayton, MN

Fun toys

They are better than I expected, has lots of fun, my baby likes it when have a bath. Quality is good.

Jeannine Bethalto, IL

works as described

works just like it is supposed to be and spills out water,however, i noticed that any water toy would do during baby baby usually plays with any toy on water

Lawanda Crocketts Bluff, AR

The average water squirter

As w/ all water squirter toys, they eventually all have to be disinfected or thrown out because of the water build-up inside. These are dishwasher safe, so that’s a plus. My son put them in his mouth a lot and some of the paint did chip off.

Lee State Park, SC


Very cute toys for my child to play with during bath time. Some of the animals look weird, but I am sure he will love them.

Maryanne Speedwell, VA


Very cute tub toys. Just the right size for little hands and the colors are nice and bright. Would recommend for all little ones.

Danielle Hanna, WY

dont buy, bad bad product

bad quality, bad toxic smell, no bpa free, really bad. The whole bedroom smelling to toxic plastic. And ugly toys

Ella Delta, AL


More like float toys and we do like them. But don’t expect to fill them up with water easily and then squirt them.

Mildred Highland Home, AL

very cute

my son loves chewing on these and they are very cute for bath time play and safe for infants 6 months and up

Elba Fancy Gap, VA


just what your baby needs to have fun at bathtime, help you interact easily good size, everybody haves fun!! get them!!!

Liza Pompeys Pillar, MT

baby loves them

The baby instantly fell in love with these – or more precisely he has cycled through favorites (first the blue fish, then the green splash, and so on…) but he always seems to enjoy them. We take them with us as diaper-bag toys.Incidentally, we were visiting a friend with a dog, and the dog loved these as well….

Dena Hilo, HI

Very cute

My son loves chewing on these toys and splashing for them in the tub. I just think they’re so darn cute, even though I can’t figure out for the life of me what the green one is supposed to be. Maybe a sea anenome? I’ve regretted a lot of impulsive baby purchases, but not this one.

Winnie Cassoday, KS

Perfect bathtime toy

These are great toys because they do not trap water, float, and are very colorful. Our 5 month old loves them.

Brandi Duke, OK


These "pals" are brightly colored and soft making them easy for my kids to fill themselves. Like all squirt toys, they have the potential to mold if not emptied but that is to be expected.

Leonor Boone Grove, IN

Solve the mold problem in any bath toy!

Get a hot glue gun and plug the holes. It works perfectly. Great cheap bath toys, you can’t beat it!

Daphne Portland, AR

Good baby bath toys

These were great when I purchased them when he was 6 months and at 16 months he still loves these a over other items in the tub. Bright and easy to squirt water out of they are a fun toy.

Beatrice Saint Helens, KY

Bath Time Fun!

These are fun bath time toys, the colors are vivid and the plastic is not flimsy. They are not very large, and would be a great item to have at a grandparents house.

Rosanne Deane, KY



Corinne Putnam Station, NY