Sassy Book Set, 3 Count

Sassy Book Set, 3 Count

Fun, interactive books that baby can enjoy! The simple images make it easy to come up with new stories for the baby each time we “read” them. Books are easy to wash and wipe, and great for on-the-go.

Main features

  • Set of 3 books
  • Bold patterns and bright colors help engage baby’s developing vision
  • Interactive activities include peek-a-boo, squeakers and textures
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Truck Book features a carry along handle, great for on-the-go

Verified reviews


For the over achieving parent

These are plastic vinyl. My baby didn’t like them and I get the purpose–bright high contrast images–but they could be longer than 3 pages. I feel like taking your baby for a walk outside is more effective.

Gloria Andersonville, TN

Pretty Disappointed

I bought this item from Target. At the time of my purchase this item was not being carried on Amazon. I paid $9.99 for this 3pc set of books and quite honestly I feel that I overpaid.My daughter (11 months) loves books, especially bubble books. We used to give her board books made out of foam and cardboard, but she figured out how to rip pieces of cardboard and foam off of the books with her sharp little teeth and she tries to eat the pieces. Obviously that had to stop so we started looking for plastic bubble books and cloth books. We like the plastic and cloth because they are easier to clean and its harder for her to tear them up. I bought this set for her because we have a lot of other Sassy toys in the house that are high quality and my daughter loves them. Unfortunately these are not up to the same standards as their other great toys. My daughter was able to bite a hole in one of the books after only playing with it for a few days. She has had other (less expensive) plastic books just like these and has never bitten a hole through one or even left marks. The books also hardly have any pages. My daughter likes to sit and flip through the books and turn pages and look at pictures, but the fish book and the colors book only have 3 pages each. For some reason the vehicles book only has two pages! BORING! I do like that the vehicles book has a handle on it, because I can fasten that on a ring and attach it to her stroller or whatever, but the other two books should have a handle as well. There is a cute squeaker on the vehicles book and the fish book has a shiny fish on it, but those are really the only special features. Not enough to thrill my daughter that’s for sure.

Dessie Penitas, TX

Good product

The books are good quality, and the baby likes to look at them and puts them in his mouth. The simple images make it easy to come up with new stories for the baby each time we “read” them. They are also easy to wash and wipe. There are three pages in the fish and colors book, so 6 images total per book, and two pages in the Truck book.I am giving this product 4 stars due to the inaccurate information in the product description. It says “fun textures and squeakers”, when there is actually only one squeaker in the Truck book, and only one tactile page with the shiny fish (a bit of shiny plastic). The rest of the pages are just plain drawings.The package does not state whether they are BPA free. I had to go and check that on the manufacturer’s website.Otherwise, they are great to take places due to their small size and ease of cleaning.

Michele Johnston, SC

short, thin plastic material

my 4.5 month old is yet to be interested in these, but perhaps soon.i was not impressed with their quality. each book has about 6 pages made of what appears to be thin plastic with some sort of stuffing inside. if anything pierces the page, the book is gone. ( i think my 70 lb dog could destroy it in seconds). each page has one large picture, like the covers, and a word. simple, basic, for babies.

Mae Echo, MN

cool books for baby

I really like the way these are made and they are perfect for the baby, however one of the books was a little upsetting…. the "colors" book has confusing pages. for instance, if you can see the picture, the lion on the front page is yellow, but there are several other colors on the page and the background contrasts too. Every page is like this. the face of the animal is the color that is named at the top of the page and then there are a lot of other colors consuming the primary idea (color).The other two books are great! the vehicle one has a little squeak horn sound. I would recommend this because of the other two books. The purchase was not a waste for me to just put the color book away for later.

Zelma Brookfield, IL

Fun to play with

I’m a new mom and I’m always trying to find the best items for my baby girl. We read lots of stories and I wanted to get some books she could really sink her teeth into. These are great for her to handle. They’re soft and squishy with bright colors. There’s no story to them just some words with images. More of a toy than a bookm

Jaime Pendleton, NC

I want more!

I’m going to look for more of these books! So cute and I love that it’s soft. I can give it to my daughter without having to worry about her smashing her fingers between the hard pages.

Jill Lovington, NM

Great books

My favorite thing about these books is that my child can put them in her mouth. The books themselves are rather cute. Only a few pages long. And really simple with just a word and picture per page.

Sonja Clifton Hill, MO