Sassy Bugs On Board 2 Pack

Sassy Bugs On Board 2 Pack

Bugs on Board includes two bold, flying bugs which contain rattles to attract baby’s attention. The Velcro straps allow attachment to infant carriers or stroller bars. With the multiple textures and fabrics, baby can easily play with and explore her sense of touch. The symmetrical, smiling faces are preferred by young babies. Watch as baby slowly turns toward the sound!

Main features

  • Bold, flying bugs contain rattles to attract baby’s attention
  • Velcro® straps allow attachment to infant carriers and stroller bar
  • Multiple fabric textures invite baby to explore with sense of touch
  • Symmetical, smiling faces preferred by young babies

Verified reviews


it’s just ok; baby doesn’t care for it at all

One is a squeeky toy and the other is a rattle. My daughter could care less about either of these. Perhaps when she’s older (she’s only a month old now)… but she does recognize other toys so I’m not sure. Ultimately it only matters if she cares for it or not because I don’t play with it and there are a lot of other better toys out there.

Sherry Willow Grove, PA

Just Ok

We got these at my sons baby shower and they are just OK. There isn’t anything very interesting about them and they don’t keep him entertained for very long. Look for something else.

Janelle Mansfield, AR

I like these was kinda short

I really like these and think that they are really but they do not hang low enough. I don’t think that my son will ever be able to touch them on his car seat. I really like the way that they attach though. They are cloth that velcro on to the bar. This makes it so they do not slide down the sides of car seat bar.

Sandra Hartford, WV

Perfect carseat toy

I got these bugs for my daughter whoa was 3 months old. She smiled and reached for the bugs the second I showed them to her. She is now 7 months old and still loves them and plays with them.

Alma Oakes, ND

bright and clean

put it on our little once mobile she loves loves loves it…now move it to the swing.bright colors and washes well…looks nice and clean every time…getting lots of use out of it…

Lucinda Price, MD

Not what I expected.

These little guys seem cool until you get them. They do not squeek or crinkle as good as they should. The string that they hang by seems like it might come apart in babies mouth. Overall they seem kind of flimsy. Would not recommend.

Brenda Canton, MS

love em

I bought these to put a swing and they fit great. I also put them on the car seat and my baby loves looking at them.

Abigail New London, MO

Love the crinkles

Our baby loves these because they crinkle and they are small enough for him easily to hold on to. They are some of his favorite and they attach easily to his car seat carrier.

Melba Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Great Purchase

Some kids love them, some do not. You will have to decide for yourself if you want them. Our daughter is not born yet however from what we have seen ourselves there is nothing that is foreseeable that could be wrong with them.

Lorrie Piercefield, NY

Got into it when a little older.

We got these for our shower and it wasn’t until our son was about 8 months old that he became interested in these toys. He likes the crinkle and really enjoys swinging it around now. We never used it with the car seat, but they are in his play area and daily he goes to these toys to chew on them and play with them. We were not sure about these guys until recently, now they are fun to watch our son play with. Well made toy, we would recommend.

Sofia Toutle, WA