Sassy Caterpillar Mobile With Suction Arm

Sassy Caterpillar Mobile With Suction Arm

This cuddly little caterpillar carries with him 3 hanging stuffed animals that entertain and teach little ones while they’re on the move. The Caterpillar Stroller Mobile attaches to a wall or window with its strong suction cup and magnetic straps that keep it firmly secured. Or remove the characters for individual attachment to an infant carrier. Each toy encourages development of cause-and-effect skills: shake the snail and it chimes, bat the butterfly to hear beads rattle and roll, and use the mirror in the frog’s belly to help Baby develop a sense of self awareness. Spot clean with damp cloth. Imported. 12Hx9Wx3L”.

Main features

  • Mobile attaches to infant carriers, strollers, and windows w/ suction cup
  • Individual characters can be removed and individually attached to handle of infant carrier
  • Characters chime, crinkle, and rattle, and are brightly colored

Verified reviews


Cute and easy to use

I bought this for my car – so far I haven’t had any problems with suction, etc. My daughter seems to like it.

Minnie Custer, WI

Great on Car Seat!

I bought this for our son and it is great on his car seat! Worth the money!

Tonya Breinigsville, PA

Great design, great toy

I bought this toy to hang from my infant daughter’s car seat the day after she screamed nonstop in that seat while we were eating in a restaurant. I really like the assortment of hanging toys. The turtle has a mirror in the belly, the snail is a rattle and the butterfly is filled with colorful beads to shake. I also like that I can hang the toy from the car seat handle in two ways – one to keep the hanging toys up high and spread out, the other to keep them hanging lower and group close together. But, my favorite feature is the car-window hanger. I might be tempted to keep the car seat handle up while we’re driving so my baby could look at the toy (which would be a safety hazard), but having the suction cup on the window lets me move the toy off the car seat but still let my baby play with it while we’re driving. A great design and a great toy!

Alfreda Saratoga, TX

Could it get any better?

Could it get any better? I don’t think so. This is the best $10 I’ve spent so far. We take this mobile everywhere! It works in the car, either on the window or on the infant seat handle. Also, I hang it in my pack-n-play since the mobile that came with it is so boring. I have also used it on the window above the rocking chair for our son to look at during feedings! I love this product & so does our son; he never seems to tire of staring at it and as he gets older different parts interest him.

Nichole Hyattsville, MD

Poor design

My baby has had some fun with this toy (3-5months) but it definately ranks far down the list of toys he enjoys and I’m sure there are hundreds of others I could have purchased instead of this one and gotten more playtime out of them. The suction cup works but only if you have a place to suction it that your baby can’t reach but can see and it doesn’t frustrate him to not be able to touch his toys. All the pieces come apart from each other which is nice but also a problem if you’re trying to keep it together. Most babies are stronger than velcro and magnetic clasps. It’s also just not as interesting to look at or chew as many other toys we’ve tried.

Lavonne Roebling, NJ

My son and dog like it!

The sun itself is on the rare window of the car all the time. Toys I use in a crib or infant seat.I love snail and my sons favorite is a snail too. it makes great calm noise.Even our dog likes to steal toys from infant seat if he manages to =) and happily run around with it.It is cheap really, but very very cute and materials are very nice.I recommend it!

Patricia Ottertail, MN

Fabulous Fun!

I’ve been using this for six months now and my daughter loves it! I bought it for her car seat handle, but when I got it home I wound up sticking the mobile on our dresser’s mirror where we have a changing station. When we first brought her home she enjoyed just looking at the colors and smiles on the creatures, but now she’s a grabbing fool! The little animals are just held on by velcro so she pulls them off and shoves them in her mouth which keeps her occupied while I change her. We have used it from time to time on the car seat handle as well which works just as well. Bright, happy and fun!

Wendi Webster, MN

Overall good, but magnets…ugghh!

Overall I really like this. My daughter hates car rides so I needed something to distract and amuse her. The toys are all really cute, she likes the rattle the most though, and I’m not really sure what the point of the mirror is, it’s tiny and blurry, but my biggest complaint is this thing is suppose to be held togther by magnets, I wouldn’t mind if it actually stayed together, but it’s suck a pain because everytime I pull the carseat out it comes undone. I actually recently just tied it in a knot, my daughter loves it, I just wish it wasn’t so easy to undo.Update: Due to my frustration with the magnets I stopped using this, my mom got me the Bright Starts Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar and both my daughter and I like that one a lot better, she played with it a lot more. So save your money on this one and find something that stays strapped on

Adelaide Lake Pleasant, NY