Sassy Click Clack Keys Developmental Toy

Sassy Click Clack Keys Developmental Toy

Sassy Click Clack Keys inspires baby’s hearing as keys are clacked togeher and noise is made. This inspires baby’s imagination with pretend keys, including pushable buttons that allow baby to hear sound and develop thinking skills. The bright colors engage baby’s vision and inspire them to develop other colors.

Main features

  • Inspire baby’s imagination with pretend keys
  • Press buttons to encourage thinking skills
  • Multiple sounds help develop understanding of cause & effect
  • Keys clack together for auditory response
  • Bright colors engage baby’s vision

Verified reviews


Baby’s choice

We purchased this toy for our seven month old grandson for Christmas. All the toys were in one huge box — this was the first toy he grabbed. The colors are very bright and delightful.

Kristy Corolla, NC

Cute toy.

Cute and the sounds aren’t overly obnoxious. Only worried that LO will shove the keys to far back in his mouth that he will choke on them. But otherwise, I love it.

Marguerite Green Camp, OH

Cute toy but not the greatest for teething

My son played with this every now and then. He liked it more once he could push the buttons on purpose. The keys are too big though for teething. If you are looking for something your baby can chew on I would go with the cheap basic key set, they are much easier to get in their mouth exactly where they need it.

Valeria Bondsville, MA

Love these!

My daughter LOVES these keys! They are beautiful colors, make satisfying noises, and she loves to chew and shake them. We keep them in the car only for her meltdown moments and they work like a charm every time. They were a bit larger than I expected, and the “keychain” part with the black and white stripes is a little heavy. A couple months ago, it was a little too heavy and big for her to handle, but now she has no problem at all playing with them, and she’s 5 months old now.

Janelle Riverside, MO

It’s ok

A lot bigger than I imagined. A little heavy for my little guy to pick up and rattle at four months old. It might be better when he gets a bit older.

Yvette Shawnee, OH

Fun and Colorful, but not Special

I was looking for old fashioned toy keys for my daughter when I came across these Sassy keys. I have loved all Sassy products, so I decided to give it a try. They’re a good size for my daughter (almost 5 months) to grab and mouth, the colors are bold, and the sounds it makes are cute little car sounds. They are a little loud and scare my daughter when she rattles them around, but maybe she’ll grow into it. Overall, as described, and for such a low price, not bad.

Rae Wilmington, DE

Love the different sounds!

These are so cute for a different kind of baby keys. I especially love that the buttons have different sounds. It’s not just three different, each button has a couple different noises it makes. So when my daughter is sitting there pressing the same button over and over again like she loves to do- at least it’s a variety of noises and not just the one!

Dollie Harriman, TN

Love this!

i had purchased this thinking i would use it for a gift (and to get me to free shipping) and loved it. Ended up not needing it as a gift so i kept it for my daycare, all of the kids love it. even the preschoolers like to use it. The noises are great, entertaining but not annoying as many kid toys can be.

Alta Fritch, TX

Love it!

It is so cute. I love the sounds it makes ans so does my 5 month old. She loves chewing on it (the teething stage) and it does not hurt her teeth one bit. It is an awesome toy worth the money!

Marcy Vanderwagen, NM