Sassy Counting and Spell Bath Appliques

Sassy Counting and Spell Bath Appliques

Count ‘N Spell Bath Appliques turn bath time into an exciting learning adventure. Each brightly colored letter and number easily sticks to bathtub surfaces, making learning letters and numbers as easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3! 36 foam letters and numbers stick to most tile, tubs, or other smooth surfaces. Included are all the letters of the alphabet and each number from 0-9. Great for learning colors along with the letters and numbers!

Main features

  • Comes with thirty six pieces
  • Contains letters a-z
  • Contains numbers 0-9
  • The appliques adhere to most tubs and sinks
  • The appliques comes with an easy-storage gab

Verified reviews


Great bath toy

These are great in the bath. They float, stick and are great for my 8 mo old to suck on (his favorite hobby these days). My only complaint is that there is only 1 of each letter (I should have paid closer attention to the number of pieces when ordering). Not a huge deal, but we can’t spell my son’s name out, (we need 2 R’s). Oh well, they do their job otherwise.

Jeannine Onamia, MN

Great for little learners

Our son loves his letters and numbers and this set has gotten tons of use. We got it when he was about 18 months so the chewing wasn’t as big a problem. The size of the set is nice because anymore and it would overfill our little tub bag. Great value as the price was low and he uses them almost every day.

Karin Sag Harbor, NY

Fun and Learning for Bath Time!

My 13 month old son LOVES his bath letter and numbers. He loves them so much that he wants to carry them around the house chewing on them. And the best part is they are VERY durable! He has 16 teeth already and doesn’t rip them to shreds like other things he chews on. We had to order a second set of these because we had some plumbing issues and these got ruined. He’s getting his second set for Christmas! :o)

Virginia Lewisville, OH

Great bath toy!

Love these! Son loves these in the bath and is starting to learn the alphabet sounds and numbers at 15 months old just by playing.

Candice Van, WV

fun and cute but only 1 of each letter

The first time we used these we tried to spell out our sons name only to realize there is only 1 of each letter. Makes spelling things tough. They stick to the tub well and the bright colors are great for our son.

Cherie Miller, MO