Sassy Counting Friends Bath Toy

Sassy Counting Friends Bath Toy

This Sassy Counting Friends n’ Net Bath Toy is a fun fishing net that is easy for little hands to grasp. Your baby will delight in scooping up the characters into his fishing net. Numbered fish and friends also link together for more bath time fun.Fun toy for bathEasy for little hands to graspCounting funColorful linked fishFine motor development

Main features

  • Fun toy for bath
  • Easy for little hands to grasp
  • Counting fun
  • Colorful linked fish
  • Fine motor development

Verified reviews


Fun Bathtime Toy

I bought this toy for my 1 year old daughter who chews on all her bath toys. The rubber duckies molded very quickly on the inside with the water we could not get out and I wanted to find her a bath toy she could safely chew on and that I could easily clean. This toy has done that for us. It also has become her favorite thing to play with. She likes for me to “catch the fish” and she takes them out of the net while I count them. We do that numerous times each night. This toy has become educational as well with the counting we do.

Wilda Twist, AR

Good for the price

Given to a 1 and a half year old as a gift. She was very excited about the net. Great gift to help her start learning to count and identify colors. Shipping was fast and item came in good condition.

Rosa Jamestown, OH

Vague shapes

We have been using this toy for two years and it is still in great shape! The creatures that come with it won’t hold any water in them, so they never get moldy or gross. The net does get water inside, but we store it at an angle so it drains overnight.The net is great since it can be used to catch more than just the included shapes. My two kids like to catch their floating letters or any other small toys that float by!I don’t really like the actual creatures that came with the toy, just because they are so strange-looking! I honestly can’t really tell my kids what they are supposed to be, except to say they are “sea creatures.” We usually just say, “Catch the blobs!” I mean, yes, you can see that they are a whale, starfish, and a few random fish, but they’re not all that true-to-life!One thing my 3-year-old likes about the sea creatures is the numbers on each one. They are numbered 1-5, and he will make sure to catch them in numerical order. If one is missing, we have to dig in the toy box until we find it! My 1-year-old is working on her fine motor skills by catching things with the net, too. It is such a basic toy that it can be used for a long time and still create a fun game!

Mallory Rye, TX

Great toy

Teaching colors and counting– baby mainly loves seeing me catch them and connect the links together– cackles– really cute! overall cute!

Abby Fredericksburg, IA


My daughter who is 14 months finds these alot of fun. She even totes them out of the tub. She doesn’t really play with the net but she absolutley loves these fun shapes. And I love that they don’t hold water…so no potential mold/mildew problems. It’s definately a favorite!

Joyce Hickam Afb, HI

Good fun

My 16 month old daughter loves this toy. (fun for in the pool as well as the tub) Great for hand-eye co-ordination, and learning numbers and colors. Sturdier than I thought it would be too. Easy to clean – just throw it all in a bowl of water with a splash of bleach. A fun, cheap little toy!

Christine Santa Fe, MO

Okay but the concept is lost..

The concept is lost I think to a baby…scouping up things in the tubs must come later. Also the net is hollow and fills up with water and if your baby is a thrower like mine expect to get wet – really wet. He chews on the shapes mostly and that is the extent of his involvement.

Corina Morattico, VA

Great toy, Portable and a great pool toy too

This is a great toy. The net is solid and the shapes are unique. We take this with us on trips as a portable bath toy and it works as well in pools. I like that it’s BPA free and although it was advertised as a teether, my daughter only used these items as scoops and floaties.Note that you should keep your eye on the net as soaps and bubble baths and other products can eventually turn the net colors making it look filthy.We’ve had it for over a year before I thought the net was too icky to clean.For the price, this bath toy has had a good length of play time.

Mayra Mill City, OR

Cute and Fun!

I bought this product for my nieces and nephew to play with in the tub. They love it! They even like to play with the fish pieces outside of the tub. I love how the pieces are made of really hard material so the babies can even bite it to help with teething. It’s also great because it works on hand-eye coordination. Great toy for a cheap price!

Brooke Berkshire, MA