Sassy Deluxe Seat Positioner

Sassy Deluxe Seat Positioner

Stage 1: Seat Positioner on Playmat View larger Stage 2: Seat Positioner with Toybar View larger Sassy Deluxe Seat Positioner – 3-in-1 Positioner with Playmat & Toybar The Sassy Deluxe Seat Positioner offers a safe and soft seat to help provide support to your baby that is learning to sit up unassisted. The seat comes with a toybar, playmat, tummy time pillow, and 5 developmental toys to keep baby entertained and engaged. This three stage portable play area offers both parent and baby multiple ways to entertain and inspire your baby’s senses! Stage 1: Seat Positoner (3+ months) The seat positioner offers a soft, safe place for baby while they learn to sit up unassisted, and gives caregivers the piece of mind that their baby is surrounded and supported with a soft cushion. The included playmat also provides a clean play area to place the seat positioner. Stage 2: Seat Positioner with Toybar (5-8 months) Once baby starts to reach and interact with toys, the included toybar can be added to both the seat positioner and the playmat. This is a great addition! Adding a new environment and play pattern keeps baby engaged longer, while building neck control and core strength. Baby is learning to reach and grasp, which helps develop hand and eye coordination. Included are 5 developmental toys, 4 toy hooks, and 6 sewn-in toy loops to customize baby’s play time with their favorite Sassy toys! Stage 3: Playmat with Toybar and Tummy Pillow (0-9 months) The playmat with tummy pillow and toybar is great for all stages! It is designed to make access easy. Gently lay baby on her back under the arches. Allow baby some time to focus on the hanging toys. This helps develop baby’s eye muscles and enourages focus. While baby is focused on tummy time actvities, remove the toys from the arches and place on the loops of the mat, and show each toy to baby during tummy time. Tummy time is a very important activity for young babies to develop hand and neck control and core strength. Stage 3: Playmat with toybar with a pillow to use as a headrest or tummy time. View larger Great for Travel and On the Go! Simple and easy for on the go! Simply fold up the playmat, store it in the convenient zipper pocket underneath the seat positioner, loop the toybar along the back of seat positioner, and grab onto the carry handle. Now the caregiver is ready for a trip to Grandma’s house or the next playdate with a friend! Convenience Features Removable seat cover and playmat are machine washable 5 developmental toys 4 extra toy hooks 6 sewn-in toy loops Tummy time pillow included

Main features

  • Soft cushioned seat that supports baby learning to sit, playmat with removable tummy time pillow, toybar, toys and links
  • Toybar can be used with seat positioner and playmat
  • Seat cover is removable and machine washable
  • Playmat stores inside the back cover of seat for on the go convenience
  • Toybar easily wraps around seat positioner

Verified reviews


A Nice Product

As you can see from the pictures provided by the manufacturers of this product, it is very colorful with strong use of patterns to excite young minds. The product is really comprised of two pieces, a chair and a basic play mat. The playmat in my opinion is pretty typical. It allows the baby to lay on the floor on a padded, clean surface to stare up at the toys swinging overhead on the soft bar. It has a small pillow-like surface built in to support the baby’s head. The product does come with toys that you can move between the chair and mat or you can always hang your own light weight toys. The chair is a cross between a Bumpo and a Boppy. It fits a little more snug around the baby’s waste compared to a Boppy, and sits a bit taller to provide better support, which is why I would say it is like a cross between the Boppy and Bumpo. The Bumpo in my opinion provides so much support that the baby is very restricted in their movement as a result which is why I feel this hybrid is the best of both worlds . You can use the chair and mat in unison to provide a clean surface for your baby to practice sitting on. I do think this product is overpriced. I would not pay over $30 for this product, $50-$60 seems a little outrageous to me.

Ofelia Mount Angel, OR

Great For Use On Carpet

The mat and the chair are smooth fabric and best used on carpeted surfaces in my opinion. The mat itself is not very thick so I hesitate to use it on a hard surface and only use it on my carpeted rooms. On soft carpet, I do not have to worry about the pillow constantly under his head while using the mat on his back.My son is a bit over 8 weeks so he has not learned how to support his neck yet. I only used the play mat and it has been working very well for tummy time. The included pillow helps support his head and helps a bit to make him hold his neck up as he cannot put his face down to the mat with it under his chest. The bars on top of the mat will be useful when he learn to grasp objects, but right now they are a bit of a nuisance while trying to pick him up off it as it gets in the way. The bar also has very little toy interaction dangling from it. If you truly want a play mat with interaction, this mat provides just the minimum. There are no musical toys or anything like that.I have not been able to use the chair yet but I do like the fact that every thing can be stored on it. The bar wraps around the chair and there is a pocket under the chair to place the mat inside. It is advised for babies 3 months and up, or whenever they can support their own head. The set is aimed for 0-9 months, just be careful when using the seat and use good judgment.The picture provided by Sassy shows a pillow sitting on top of the chair, but that does nothing. There is no velcro to attach the pillow to anything and is just staged there as a prop. Your babies head will be too high to use the pillow on the chair anyway. The pillow is meant for use with the play mat only.I just wish the play mat was a bit thicker, but I understand then it would be too thick to fit inside the pouch of the chair. Just keep in mind if you have hardwood floors throughout, you might want to look for a thicker play mat for your little one (but that is a personal preference). This is a nice set and I would recommend it for any parents.* I will be updating this review in a few weeks once my little guy learns to sit up.

Sonya Clatonia, NE

Sassy Deluxe Positioner

I liked the bright colors that makes this stand apart from other baby gyms/mats. I find the product well made, and like the portability wherein you can pack everything in the back zip pocket of the positioner. With that being said the seat positioner did not work well with my baby who needs a prop to sit her up, I would think this is what this is for, but she was sliding off it. I think this would be better for a baby that can sit up more independently.

Nadine Moncks Corner, SC

Love the Sassy Deluxe’s versatility:

The Sassy Seat has some super features: a brightly colored mat for tummy time and a play bar which can be used with both the play mat and the positioner seat. All parts also store compactly, an extra bonus for those short on space.What I especially like about this product:1. It adapts to the varied developmental stages in a baby’s first year. In the early months, the play mat can be used during tummy time, providing a comfortable and clean space on the floor for babies who are strengthening back and neck muscles. Later, babies can lie on the mat and reach for toys hanging from clips on the toy bar (clips are included, as are toys). Finally, the seat positioner holds somewhat older babies comfortably in a sitting position, allowing them to play with toys on the toy bar or on a low surface nearby.Note: I know some parents have concerns, as did I, with overuse of baby positioner seats because of the possibility they could keep babies from learning how to sit up. But a trusted pediatrician assures us that occasional use of such seats do no harm and offer an option for caretakers who want to sit down, take a break, and know a baby can play safely nearby.2. A separate pillow is very a nice addition. It can be used in multiple ways: as a head or tummy rest, depending on whether the baby is on his back or stomach. It also fits inside the seat and might even help a smaller baby fit more snugly in the seat.3. The seat cover is totally removable and washable.4. Warning labels are prominently displayed and can’t be removed (at least not easily). They convey the (hopefully) common sense info that avoids accidents. Tips like: don’t use as a booster seat don’t use on tables, counters or near stairs, use only on a level floor, don’t leave baby unattended, etc5. The bright colors work perfectly in our family room and there is plenty of contrast in the patterns to hold a baby’s attention.. Black and white stripes, red and white polka dots…the kind of graphics that are appealing to young ones.6. If you frequently babysit or parent a toddler and a young baby, the Sassy Deluxe could be a MAJOR help. It can be challenging enough – at times – to care for one baby but add another to the mix and it can become that much more difficult. So it is a huge relief to have a product which allows the baby to safely practice independent play while parents tend to a little brother or sister nearby – or just take a breather. This grandparent ( raising hand) loves it too.

Tammi Niagara University, NY

Great for babies

This is a great product for young babies who aren’t rolling around much yet. The mat is colorful and fun, but not super thick, so as other reviewers have mentioned, it is best to use this on carpet and not hardwood floors. The seat cover is removable and washable, and the detachable pillow is a nice addition. The price seems a bit steep considering what you get, but it is still a high quality product.

Alma Chula, MO

Great product that can grow with your baby…

When I first received this product, the seat positioner seemed a little small for my 5 month old. He was used to sitting in a boppy pillow, and this was a straighter, stiffer, higher seat and it seems to . Which was a little awkward at first, but I like that it gave him a couple of different ways to learn how to sit. Not just with the same boppy all the time.We never used the pillow that comes with it, but I can see us using it for the next baby while they are learning how to lift their head and playing on the mat. I like the bright, bold colors and patterns…they really keep baby’s attention.Comes with lots of little toys and rings to attach to either the mat or the bar. However, when I first opened them, I thought they felt pretty cheap, but they work and there is a nice variety. My son actually prefers the little plastic teether that came with this instead of the expensive one we bought him.This is also nice & light, easy to pack up and transport for baby to play in other locations other than home.It is also easy to clean. The fabric is more of a parachute material than a cloth.It is also just a tad pricey for the quality of fabric & material.Overall, I would recommend this product.

Justine Pottsville, AR

Fun, Bright Colors For Baby

Sassy’s playmat and booster chair come covered in adorable, bright patterns. The fabric is silky and cleans easily for when baby spits up or has accident or food on it.PlaymatThis is a small, travel size playmat (not big like a lot of the current playmats out there with permanent arches and toys for baby to play with). This one is more oval and will work well for babies who are not rolling over yet. Great for tummy time, which I’m a huge fan of. Get your babies on their tummies parents! This is a soft mat and should be very comfortable for the time when baby is either on their back or tummy.The small pillow can be used to prop them up on tummies (put under chest) with guidance and support from parent.The arch can be used in the playmat or the chair.The small toys that came with mine consist of a purple plastic teether, a square with dangling fabric, and a circular mirror with fabric tags, and a small book with crinkly paper inside. There is also a hook that is a fabric ball and has a bell inside. This could also be used on baby’s wrist for a shaker. There are three hooks (colored links) to attach the toys to the arch. The square with dangling fabric’s fabric hook is too small to fit on the plastic link – so it doesn’t work or attach to my arc.The ChairThis chair is full of firmer foam, but has a bit of give. It’s not a solid chair as it can move. The use is for babies who can sit a bit on their own, not for a baby who needs complete support to be held up. This is nice if you’d like to feed baby at the park or just need him/her to have a seat to see and participate with other kids or by themselves.Overall – these are bright, silky, attractive playmat and chair set. It’s nice that the arch can move to each item and grow with baby. I like the travel size of each, both are light and easy to transport. They’re easy to wipe off with a wipe or wet cloth and the seat cover comes off if you want to throw it in the’s a little pricey for my taste, but you do get a lot of items. This would make a nice gift for an expecting mom.

Doreen White Oak, NC

Cute, but we had a few problems

I’ve had variations of this product since I had my first daughter 13 years ago. Some things have changed for the better, and some I don’t like as much. Specifically, I don’t like the positioner. I much preferred it when it was less upright. By time babies are old enough to sit this upright, they are generally too old to want to sit in one spot and just "chill" on a mat. Overall it is a great product. Cleans well, bright colors, easy to transport, I just wish they would have stuck to a ‘less full’ positioning pillow.

Lilia Lanexa, VA

Great product

This is a great product because it can be used in so many ways. The baby can sit on it or it can be used while he or she is on his or her back. It is also good for tummy time. The colors are very bright, which is very good for kids. My kids enjoyed the toys on it, and that helped keep them entertained. It’s nice to buy one product and have it serve to many purposes and work in conjunction. Of course, like with all baby toys, this is not meant to leave the baby on – you still have to watch the baby.

Cheri Calumet, MN

Great for travelling to the grandparents, good design intentions

We’ve been using this with our 6-7 month old and overall we like this, but it’s not perfect.First, big kudos for the overall design. This is a seat positioner, as well as a play mat of sorts. The toys that you can hang for the play mat can be used with the seat. When you need to transport this, the playmat fits inside of the seat zipper and the "toy bar" fits in loops around the seat – fairly compact and makes it one piece that is easy to carry/transport.The reasons we don’t give 5 stars is that the "toy bar" that holds the toys is essentially not useful. Each end velcros around the soft material and just flops to the ground. Basically, it’s a toy bar that will end up laying in the ground. Next, the seat bottom of the seat positioner is pretty slick, as in, baby tends to wiggle and slide down. I feel if the material had a bit more friction, it might work better as a seat positioner.Overall, great design intentions, could use some improvement in the actual execution and if the toy bar worked as you would expect and the seat bottom wasn’t so slick, I think this would be a 5 star item.

Dona Virgin, UT

Its ok

We tried this with our 3 month old. Unfortunately, she could not reach the arched bar when sitting up in the seat. That is to say, when we held up up in the seat. She can’t quite sit up in it, so we had to hold her up. I’m sure it would work better for older babies.It is useful in other ways though, since we could lay her down on the mat so she could watch the included toys dangle from the arched toybar.The toys are hard to get on the bar because the loops aren’t big enough, but its a plus that it came with toys.The little pillow is small, but may be usable for "tummy time."It has nice colors and is colorful, which is expected I suppose. It has some thoughtful touches, like being able able to store the playmat and the ability to wrap the toybar around the cushion seat. The cover is removable and washable.This may be a good option for your child once they can sit up on their own.

Iris Capon Bridge, WV

Wanted to like it but needs improvements…

This combo has such potential. The colors are fantastic and very eye catching. My daughter is drawn to it and you can see her eyes light up when I put her on the mat. Unfortunately the toy bar falls down which defeats the purpose of that part of the entertainment. This became very frustrating for not only myself but my daughter as well. The included pillow is really not all that useful for support with the seat and only helps a little for tummy time since it is so slick. The included toys are liked by my daughter and developmentally appropriate. However, the actual seat positioner is so upright that my daughter slides down quickly. It seems to me that once your baby is able to sit up in this seat it only has a very short window of usefulness before it gets tossed aside.

Juanita Manilla, IN

Perfect for Tummy Time

We’ve only used this for tummy time and love it! It has the perfect color combination for young babies. It will grow nicely with my son.

Hallie Blissfield, OH

Not as sturdy as it appears

The Sassy Deluxe Seat Positioner is designed to support your baby while they learn to sit on their own, as well as to entertain them during this process. It came in a box with many parts, but is easy to set up as most of these were toys. I thought this would be a better option than the older harder seat positioners that have been around for so long, but I ended up not using it and switching back to the harder ones. The pillow was not really sturdy enough to support my niece and she kept slumping over a bit. She did like the included toys, and I ended up giving her those to play with by themselves, but she didn’t have much use for the seat positioner.

Lindsay Springville, TN

Good for older babies

There are multiple uses for this seat poistioner. There’s a mat you can lay them on and then there’s the seat positioner that props them up. I definitely think this is for older babies. My son has bad reflux so when I try to lay him down, he’ll just throw up. There are toys that attach to either the mat or the seat to keep them entertained, which are cute. The colors are also bold and adorable.I would say this would be for a baby who can sit up a little bit better as there’s really no support for their upper back, only lower back. My son had trouble with it at first and he’s finally starting to sit up a little bit better so we use this a little bit every day. Overall, it’s cute and has a lot of dfiferent uses. I would wait on the seat until they are a little bit more in control of their bodies as there’s zero support for the upper back.

Christie Mount Vision, NY

Good concept but not functional

I got this for my 5 month old who finds a way to rest his head and fall asleep on the bumbo. This had a lower head rest but still supported the back so I thought this would work well for him. The Sassy Deluxe Seat Positioner did not support him at all. He slid forward in it, he fell forward in it, and just didn’t have any support what so ever. I would not recommend this product.

Stacey Wallins Creek, KY

Beautiful Bright Colors

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how bright the colors are. The pictures online don’t do justice. It is one of the cutest color combinations I have seen. We have a baby boy, and I feel it is pretty color-neutral. The positioner is just a bit too upright for our baby, but it does keep them in place. I was at first wishing that the playmat was a little more soft and a little less crinkly (same with the positioner), but after seeing how much my child spits up I am very happy with how easy it is to wipe off and clean. The little hanging bar doesn’t seem as sturdy as I would have liked, and it kind of leans. Maybe I just need to mess with it a bit to get it more centered. In general, we are very happy with this order. I have it set up in the corner of the nursery, and the colors really catch your eye.

Carlene Greenbank, WA

Great Combo! Can be used as a set or separately.

This is a really nice combo of a play mat as well as a seat positioner for a little one of between 3 – 9 months old.The play mat is bright, colourful and has high contrast patterns that are suitable for a baby. The play mat is soft and has 5 developmental toys for the baby to play while he/she is lying on the back.The seat positioner is great for when the baby starts learning how to sit and is very safe as it is placed on the floor, which prevents the baby from falling onto the ground if you were to place the baby on a sofa or the bed.The whole set is easy to bring along to a sitter’s place or grandparents place as the play mat folds nicely onto the back of the seat positioned.You can also choose to just use the play mat without the positioner. This is a versatile set that can be used together or separately.

Carolina Bismarck, MO

Great for tummy time!

The bright colors on this product makes it inviting to babies. I really like how you can fold up the mat and store it in a zippered pocket under the seat. This makes it easy to take when visiting someone’s house and our son can lay on his tummy and play. The surface is easy to clean. There are two reasons I didn’t give this 5 stars- I wish there was a place to attach the tummy time pillow for storage when traveling. I wasn’t able to fit it into the zipper compartment with the mat. The other reason is that when I was attaching the toys to the plastic rings so they could hang from the bar, I found that some of the holes were extremely tight and it made it difficult to slide the ring through. Overall, I like the product and can’t wait to see how our son enjoys it as he grows.

Sonya Emigrant, MT