Sassy Developmental Bath Toy, Catch and Count Net

Sassy Developmental Bath Toy, Catch and Count Net

Sassy Catch and Count Net is a developmental learning toy that makes bath time fun. The three fish double as scoopers and strainers, and include numbers to learn counting. Easy to grasp net and fish are sized for baby’s hands and help to develop hand and eye coordination. Multiple textures engage baby’s sense of touch. And bright contrasting colors aid baby’s in visual development. 6 + months

Main features

  • 3 Fish and net
  • Chunky handle on net, easy for toddlers
  • Fish store neatly in net
  • Multiple textures
  • Fish have 1-2-3 and scoop and strain features

Verified reviews


Great toy for bathtime – Less possibility of mold than squirter toys

Like others who have reviewed this toy, I had been searching Amazon for a bath time toy that did not have a squirter (or any type of internal compartment) that was prone to growing mold.These toys definitely do the trick. The three fish do no have anything that could hold stagnant water. Each of the fish has a little “bowl” in the middle of them but there are two drain holes to avoid standing water in those bowls. Of course a little water could still remain but it is easily remedied by letting the fish dry upside down.On the packaging it does NOT say anything about being BPA free but if you go to Sassy’s webpage and look at the “Bath Toy Gallery” there is a heading that says “Sassy products are BPA Free and Phthalate Compliant”For now my 8 month old is content just chewing on one of the fish … down the road I can’t wait for her to play with the net too

Minerva Hibbs, PA

Sassy Developmental Bath Toy, Catch and Count Net

My kids like to play in the bathtub while bathing. We have a lot of toys for the bath. We change them periodically. Very satisfied with this purchase. Son pleased. Good quality, the paint is not coming off, toys are not scratched. Time passes fun with this set.

Joanna Subiaco, AR

lots of tub fun

My little guy loves tub toys. This one is great because he can use the net to chase anything, not just the included fish. Cute design, bright colors. Lots of fun.

Shelia Sumerduck, VA

Definitely a must for little one teething and exploring

I purchased this for my 11 months old grand daughter to use in the water table, by the pool and in the bath. She is also teething and loved that she could hold on to the handle. the little characters are very colorful and fit into her little mouth fine. All the sides are soft, smooth and felt great on her gums. It is constructed in such a way that she was not able to push the handle into her mouth which was perfect. She chewed on the nobby end. When she was playing in the water table she learned from her older cousins that she could use the net (very sturdy) to pick up her other toys and make unique splashes that made everyone laugh. This is a great toy and I would recommend it to my friends.

May Adjuntas, PR

Fun pool toy

Fun toy! My son plays with it in the bath tub and pool. He has fun scooping up the fish and his other toys with the net. The net is by far his favorite. The only problem with the toy is the paint has started to wear in some sections, due to use and a teething baby. :)Even so, I would purchase again!

Sally Julian, WV

Cute toy.

My son loves playing with these during bath time. They are cute and have held up very well, would buy as a gift to someone else again.

Shelly Warren, MA


I got this for my 6 month old who absolutly loves it.. It’s a great toy in and out of the bath tub.. I was looking for a toy that does not soak up water.. to many toys like squirters and sponges end up smelling foul. These float and are solid so no old water mildewy smell. The net handle has holes to let water drain out. (I’ve only given him the fish to play with.. saving the net for when he’s older) A GREAT TOY!

Wilma Hamilton Dome, WY

Catch and Count Net

I bought this set several months ago. My grand-daughter was around a year old. The fish are her favorite bath toys. This is great for this age and even older for the element of cause and effect, discovery, and later, for counting.

Erika Olympic Valley, CA

Baby loves the net, the toys not so much

The baby likes the net, but he’s less excited by the little fish. They work as strainers as well but not with enough water flow to make them interesting to a baby.

Chelsea South Wayne, WI

So simple, So Fun

I don’t know why…but my daughter loves this! She doesn’t actually play with the net and fish together…But she plays with each separately and loves them! Especially the fish..they are a hit!

Jamie Olin, IA

Fun bath toy

My 1 1/2 year old isn’t super into this toy, but plays with it on occasion. Good, simple toy for the pricepoint. He sometimes uses the net to scoop up other small toys or plays with the fish on its own or stacking them into each other. There’s holes on the bottom of each fish corresponding with the numbers on them (ie. Fish 1 has one hole, Fish 2 has two holes…)What I loved best about them was that they will dry easily after bath. I really dislike squirt toys that you can never seem to get all the water out… And especially at this age where things sometimes still gets put in their mouth, you definitely want something you know is clean, inside and out.

Edwina North Clarendon, VT

I love how I can clean this bath toy…however my son doesn’t think it is very fun

This bath toy is durable and doesn’t get moldy. The net gets a teeny bit dingy after a while, but it doesn’t get scummy like some toys. Frankly, the no scum factor is my biggest factor in judging a bath toy.My son however doesn’t care about scummy toys…he probably prefers them if anything. I thought he would get a kick out of this toy and he really doesn’t like it at all. He just never chooses to play with it in the tub. He likes holding the fish in the sometimes and manipulating them to feel the bumps or chewing the tales when he is teething. But as a bath toy, he is unimpressed.

Marsha Plato, MN


Good quality, no spaces to fill with water so can be cleaned easily. Wish it came with twice as many fish however!

Verna Tuscola, IL

great bath toy

This is a great bath toy–it is fun for my daughter but not too big. I love that when she is done with her bath I can easily store this bath toy so that it does not take up tons of room in my bathroom.

Corrine Osprey, FL

The net holds water…

This is a great little set. My LO loves the 3 fish and still plays with them after many months. Note: The net itself is lightweight and hollow with small holes along the black and white striped ring – I suspect the purpose is to drain any water that might get caught in the handle. My daughter seems to enjoy sucking the water out of the holes, so we had to take it away from her. Otherwise, good bath time fun. 🙂

Emily Grand Saline, TX

I like it!

It’ll be a wonderful time to my daughter’s bath time! I start to teach her how to account numbers. She enjoys the time to learn numbers! The colorful is another reason why I choose this. It’s helpful to my daughter’s eyes.

Erna Pikeville, TN

Wonderful toy!!

Our 13 month old son LOVES this toy – can be used outdoors on a water table/pool & inside for bath time. Great for working on motor skills and water play!

Cleo Stryker, MT

Baby loves the fishies and they don’t mold 🙂

The little fish are tough, which is good for a chewing baby and the net is big enough for her hands to hold (she’s 10 months old). The fish float which is fun, although I thought one of the fish was supposed to be a squirter and still haven’t figured that part out. Nice toy for the price.

Roberta New Lebanon, IN

Great fun for toddlers learning numbers

This is a fun toy for toddlers to use in the bath – and it’s educational! My son loves to count the fish and read the numbers out loud in the bath. Plus, the net is a little bigger than the size of the fish, so it can scoop up other bath toys.

Maribel Milton, VT

decent for a bath toy

What i like about this set is that there are no holes in the fish, so no water collects and sits inside them. Having said that, my daughter from 9 months till her present age of 15 months has only had an interest in sucking on the netting on the net and chewing on the end of the net. She doesn’t take much notice of the fish nor does she really get that you are supposed to swoop the fish into the net- either that, or she just doesn’t want to catch fish. 🙂

Tammy Pleasant Hill, NC

My children love it

The other day I was giving my 21 month old a bath and realized the toys that we had were not his speed. I started looking around and found this one. He loves playing with it whenever he takes a bath now. The quality is great and I’m very happy that when the bath is done the toys drain out by the self. I let the water go down and the toys are left with no water. I hate those toys that after a few weeks get moldy and you see black junk growing inside. Overall I’m happy with this purchase.

Wilma Westphalia, IN


OK so for nowI play with this a little Baby is just 1 week old but cant wait till those little hands can grab this and get the fish out if the tub!

Adele Madison, VA

Favorite for 8-mo old

My son cannot count yet but he loves catching bright fish in his tub with his hands and he loves to bite the handle of the net.

Alisha Sauquoit, NY

No mold!

I hate those squeezy bath toys that you can never get the last drops of water out of, so they eventually mold. These fishes are solid plastic. The ball at the bottom of the net is hollow hard plastic and has a hole in it (at least mine did) so I have to make sure I pour the water out of that, but at least all of the water does come out. This seems like it will last a long time.

Rena Watson, MO

Not so great in my opinion

The net has holes in the handle tubing so water can enter and it is hard to drain out – possibly causing mold. The little fish are a great size for kid hands and my son likes to chew on them but I have noticed the paint has come off of the items. Once I noticed it, I rubbed a fish with my thumb and realized it comes off fairly easy. I wouldn’t recommend.

Elsa Russellville, IN

Fun bath toys

My 14 month old enjoys anything that involves picking things up and putting them in something, so this bath toy was right up her alley. We purchased one set for her 1st birthday and another set for a friends’ daughters’ 1st birthday as well. They both love it.

Barbra Palestine, AR


A fun inexpensive interractive toy. great for the bathtub and play time. Helps eye/hand coordination skills. My granddaughter is 11 months and enjoys this toy

Trudy Monticello, MO


Bought this and the Boon water bugs with net at the same time. Didn’t give this 5 stars because I think the net is to large for babies or small toddlers.Fine for older toddlers. The babies did like playing with the fish though. { the fish are also larger than I thought}

Rae Ouaquaga, NY

Toddler loves it

This product is a hit with my toddler boy when he takes his bath. It is a struggle to get him to take a bath because he wants to continue to play but after we bought this product, he is more opted to move his play into the bathtub. The numbers inscribed help with his counting skills but wish they sell more with the rest of the numbers since he now only counts to 3. All kidding aside, I recommend this and of course, it is a hit and miss from child to child but he has exceeded the proverbial short attention span and he is still playing with the toy for now 3 months each and every day. Glad we purchased it and not placed into the cylindrical almost filled toy box of un-played and forgotten toys that missed his interested longevity.

Elinor Lubbock, TX

An okay bath toy

I brought this to give my son a bit more to "do" in the tub. He was 16 mths when I purchased this. He liked it, but was more interested in the fishes than the net. Although, he plays with both, he doesn’t exactly scoop up the fishes with the net. But overall, it’s colorful and engaging so not to bad of a purchase.

Tamera New Carlisle, OH