Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Bumpy Ball has bright colors and bold patterns to help develop baby’s sense of vision. This easy-to-grasp ball and bumps help baby hold or toss the ball to mom. Clear plastic ends contain multiple color beads that make rattle noise, which inspire baby’s hearing. The soft ball construction is appropriate for baby’s envionment.

Main features

  • Bright colors and bold patterns help engage baby’s developing sense of vision
  • Easy-to-grasp bumps help baby hold and toss or roll the ball
  • Clear plastic ends contain multiple color beads that make rattle noise
  • Attract baby’s attention with variety of color
  • Soft ball construction is appropriate for baby’s environment

Verified reviews


Interesting ball that’s easy for baby to grip.

My daughter loves this ball so much! I included a picture of her playing with it when she was just 4 months old. She still enjoys it now and she’s 7.5 months old. Now she’s trying to crawl after it instead of just holding it too, it’s so cute. She also loved staring at this ball when she was a newborn.It does not vibrate as some others complained about, however, it never claimed to vibrate anywhere on the description, so perhaps those people should just read what they’re getting before instead of giving it a bad review after they were so careless in choosing a product… Just my opinion.If you want a ball with vibrant contrasting colors that are easy for babies to see, big knobs that are easy for baby to grab and rattling beads that help teach baby cause and effect, then this is a great one to choose. :)UPDATE: At 11 months she still plays with this ball. She also plays with all her other balls and has fun rolling them across the room or chasing after them or just throwing them over her shoulder hehe. She also uses this one as a rattle sometimes too since she loves anything that makes noise. 🙂

Sue Deckerville, MI

Durable and fun ball

This ball is colorful, easy to hold, chew on, and makes fun noises. When I first received it I accidentally dropped it off my bed onto my hardwood floors. I just knew I had cracked the hard plastic piece that contains the smaller beads and balls. It did not break or crack from the fall. If the ends came apart and the smaller pieces came out, they could cause a choking problem. Knowing that this toy is durable and safe gave me piece of mind in allowing my granddaughter to play with it.

Verna Lehigh Valley, PA

Not worth the money.

I bought this ball for my son, seemed like a good developmental toy and I usually like Sassy’s toys. Waste of money. It is a weird texture, kind of hard to hold and not easy to mouth, which are all requirements for me when buying baby toys.

Amalia Cornelius, OR

Not so fun

Not so fun for my 7month old, for some reason she has not pay too much attention to this specific toy

April Arvada, WY

She Loved It!

Bought this for my Four-Month old; she gets so excited about the rattling balls and loves to squeeze the "bumpys" (I don’t really know what to call those!). It’s a bit heavier than other baby balls, but she can still pick it up with both hands and put up to her mouth.

Blanche Dudley, MA

Fun toy overall

My baby likes this toy pretty well, although I wish the company would specify exactly what materials it is made out of. It lists Polyester Fibers, but doesn’t specify if the plastic parts are BPA or PVC free. The textures and patterns are nice on this toy, and the size is good for a baby probably 5 months and above.

Lashonda Genesee, ID

A favorite of my 7 month old

I bought this ball because when we were in the store I picked it up to move it to look at something else, and my daughter got so excited just by me picking it up I thought it would keep her attention, and it does. From 6 months old she has loved this ball. She can hold it and chew it, and it makes a nice rattle sound when she hits it. She also likes when I shake it for her. I don’t know why, but this is one of her favorite toys!

Mattie Irwinton, GA

Fun Toy

Love this. Was bought through our account as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She was 6 months old when it was given to her and she was definitely too young for it at the time. Unfortunately it’s kind of been tucked aside and never really played with that much. I did give it higher ratings because I feel like if we had less toys to choose from, this would be fun. I love the colors and the design.

Aline Keithsburg, IL

Our 8 month old didn’t like it

That’s the problem with baby toys is that we saw another friend’s baby love this toy and we thought our 8 month old would enjoy it also but of course he didn’t really like it. It’s actually pretty funny our baby doesn’t really like it but other babies that come over to visit love it. The toy seems like it would be enjoyable in that it is colorful and soft so the baby can chew on it or throw it around. Unfortunately our baby just didn’t take to this toy but I’ve seen other babies love it.

Margery Thoreau, NM

My son loves it

My son is 8 months and he loved this ball. It has bright colors and it is easy for his tiny hands to pick up and put it in his mouth LOL

Dora Edcouch, TX

Perfect for my 4 month old son

My 4 month old son loves this! The bumps are small enough for him to grab and he can shake the ones that make noise. And if he hits himself in the head, no big deal because most of it is soft. Love this as a sensory toy for young children.

Aileen Altavista, VA



Bianca Cutler, IL

Probably better for an older baby

This is a really cool toy and i like the design and purpose of it. However, i wasn’t expecting it to be as big as it is. Though my 7 month old daughter can grab onto it easily, she loses grip and drops it quickly b/c it’s larger and heavier than she is expecting. Also, the nubs are a little bit too big for her to chew on. I think in a couple more months, this will be a great toy for her to play with. For now, though, we’ve put it away.

Robyn Selma, VA

Solid toy

This looks like a good toy. Built solid, makes noise, colorful. However, my baby (6 months old) doesn’t seem to be interested in it whatsoever.

Kristie Pickton, TX

It’s okay

This doesn’t interest my 12 month old as much as I was hoping. It’s okay but it is definitely not a favorite. It seems constructed well enough, it just isn’t that appealing to her.

Mara Lovely, KY

Baby loves it

This toy is easy to grasp and the baby loves it. There are two pockets that have little balls that are like rattles. He likes it and so do I!

Jaclyn Alliance, NC

Questionable stitching

My four month old daughter loves this toy. It seems very safe, but I am worried about the stitching around some of the little outer stuffed nodes. Also, some of the outer stuffed nodes are not stuffed enough. A little disappointed, but otherwise a good toy.

Gwendolyn Osage, WY