Sassy Developmental Carrier Mirror

Sassy Developmental Carrier Mirror

Developmental Carrier Mirror is great for baby to learn on-the-go! Attach to stroller or carrier and watch as baby focuses on themself in the mirror and on the high contrast spinning balls, which contrain reflective surfaces. The friendly caterpillar sits atop mirror smiling at baby everywhere they go. Two plastic attachable straps are easy for mom to attach onto carrier and will not interfere with ability to carry carrier.

Main features

  • Large Tru-Reflection(TM) Mirror engages baby’s developing vision
  • Two high contrast spinning balls contain reflective surfaces to attract visual attention
  • Friendly caterpillar sits atop mirror smiling at baby
  • Two elastic, Velcro® straps attach easily to infant carrier handle
  • Will not interfere with ability to carry carrier

Verified reviews


Cute, but not very engaging for a young baby

I got this when my son was around 4 months old. He didn’t really care about it and didn’t even really touch it. He outgrew his carrier when he was around 6 months and we switched him to a convertible carseat, so we never even really used this toy. Its really cute though.

Carmen Caseville, MI

cool alternative car mirror

I wanted a car mirror that would allow me to see my baby but not block my view of the back window, we have a KIA sportage and the rear window is pretty small. Its easy to install onto the carseat, easy to adjust, love the bright colors & contrasting activity balls and the size. For $8 a real deal compare to all other auto mirrors that tend to run in the $25-$30 range.

Bobbi Helix, OR


This is very cute and attaches well to the car seat handle. I wanted a mirror to take in the stores to keep my daughter occupied but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in this. Maybe she will when she is a little older.

Monika Linton, ND

I like it and the kid loves it!

The only thing I dislike is the elastic/velcro straps.. they need to be longer and or possibly just changed to an adjustable strap for safety in attaching it to the seat. I’m always afraid it may pop off and hit my kid… I like it though. My kid loves it.. he’s only 2 months and likes the mirror and the high contrast of the black/white rattles. I can also angle it so I can easily see him in the mirror and use the rattles to distract him from being fussy. So A+ from me!

Sylvia Indianapolis, IN


We were looking for a mirror to keep an eye on our baby while driving. They all seemed to hinder your rear view vision when driving, thus posing as a driving hazard. Then we came across this mirror, which is meant to be a developmental toy. However, because it was made of the same shatter-proof material as the other reflective driving mirrors, we were able to attach it to the headrest with the straps knowing that it would be safe. The mirror is great because it not only allows us to see how our baby is doing while we drive (and I don’t have to sit in the backseat like some moms do), it also serves as a fun toy that is visually entertaining for our dear baby during those long rides and traffic jams!

Paula Meridian, TX

hard to install well on stroller

Not sure how this really works well on a stroller or car seat, but it never fit well on anything we tried to use it on, and all my son really did was move the plastic balls, but totally ignored the mirror.

Tracie Greenbrier, AR

Just what I needed to see my baby!

I have a 2005 Trailblazer and there isn’t a middle headrest on the back seat for a mirror. I bought several mirrors and with this one I can actually see my son since he is in the middle facing rear. I keep it on the handle of his Graco SnugRide32 carseat and have not had any issues with fit.

Nicole Bevinsville, KY

Great carrier toy!

Our 5 month old loves his car seat mirror. He stares and smiles at it. It is also easy to hang rings or other toys from the velcro straps so he can bat at them. It gets in the way of the handle a little bit, but its easy to work around. Very good value for the money

Marian Rooseveltown, NY

Exactly what I was looking for

I ordered this because his activity mat needed a mirror on top. This is perfect. It would be great on his carseat or stroller, too.

Tommie Potter, NE