Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set

Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set

Sensory Ball Set includes 3 balls: 1 plush, 1 hard plastic with rattle and 1 soft textured plastic. These all have high-contrast patterns to help promote development of baby’s vision, and have graspable areas for baby to shake toy and be introduced rhythms. Not only will baby play with these, they will eventually bounce, squeeze, throw and even catch them as baby learns!

Main features

  • 3 balls engage baby’s sense of touch and hearing skills
  • Soft ball features bold colors and high contrasts, as well as a variety of textures to explore
  • Plastic ball contains ball with rattle beads to stimulate hearing
  • Squishy baby-safe plastic ball features tactile bumps to encourage touch
  • Encourages crawling

Verified reviews


Nice in concept but nothing about being BPA free

I bought these balls b/c they looked cool in concept and also had won a toy award. however, no where on the packaging does it say anything about BPA free or phalates free. So, I’ve yet to take it out of the box. I know the latest thing is to be BPA free…who knows what else we’ll need to be concerned with next. However, you’d think the manufacturers would at least take that into consideration given what we know about those chemicals/compounds.

Summer Burgoon, OH

Great texture ball set

My baby loves these. I thought they would be a little different for some reason, but they were a huge hit with my baby, so I can’t complain. There is one soft one with crinkle and textures, one with ridges that is soft/light, and one with a rattle ball inside that makes noise when it rolls. Together they will keep baby better for hours!

Rosella Winn, MI

Not as shown, doesnt roll very well but still nice GREAT VALUE

The balls are perfect size (about 3.5 – 4 “). The three balls have different textures, colors and sounds making them lots of fun and very educational for infants. I introduced each ball separately after the excitement over the previous ball wore off (1-2 weeks). Below more descriptions and ideas of what to do with each ball and how to get the max of them:SOFT BALLThe fabric ball has both soft fabric and crunchy thin plastic segments. My then 3.5 mo old LOVED exploring the different textures and sounds it makes.I was unhappy with the fact that you cannot wash it properly (it says not to immerse it in water, only wipe off with a cloth). So after it rolled into a dirty place I wiped it off with alcohol. The colors on the ball do not match the picture (e.g. it has a black segment with large white polka dots on it).***The ball does not roll very well ***. I removed the tag with washing instructions but it is till not perfectly round and although it rolls, it is really only good for a very young infant play.RATTLE BALLThe rattle plastic ball is the all favorite — it is easy to grasp, makes sounds and is fun to roll. Again, it does not roll perfectly because its “equator” sticks a bit out and it has a flat base and top. But the flat base only makes the ball more stable when you put it down, which is a plus. At 4.5 months, my baby learned to push the ball a bit (not really roll it yet), but this ball is too tempting to grasp rather than to push/roll it given its “easy to grasp” features. Thus, I believe the third ball will really be used for rolling practicing. With this ball, the baby tries to stick her tongue into the ball through the bars but it appears to be safe. Another fun thing we did with the ball is to show the baby how you can spin it like a top. She loved watching it and it revived her interest in the ball after she got board with it.TEXTURED BLUE BALLI thought it is made of hard plastic but it is rubber like soft, lightweight, not fully inflated ball that makes is easy to roll but also to chew on and squeeze. The girl, 5 months when first introduced to the ball, was curious about the texture but only for a short while. It was the first ball she was able to really roll (we set at the dinner table, she in my lap, and her daddy across the table, and we rolled the ball to each other, she loved watching it!). At 5.5 she made first real successful attempts to roll the ball herself.Overall, I found that after a week or two with playing with one ball you can re-introduce a ball she played with earlier and she loves it again. So we played with two of the three balls for 1.5 months and only then introduced the third ball.In my opinion, it is A LOT of value in a $10 toy — grabbing, exploring texture and sounds, following motion with gaze and rolling. Fun activity for a baby-parents/sibling interaction or to entertain the baby on his/her own for a bit.

Melisa Baskett, KY

Sensory Ball set Baby’s

Oh sooo very dissapointed cheaply made! Poor quality! Fell apart did not last plastic and cloth is cheap could not recommend to any one with a baby!!! How disappointing don’t waist your money or time looking at this product!! KC

Erma Adams, NY

Blue ball came permanently squished, and that’s one sons favorite

Stitching on fabric seemed mediocre, giant ugly taghad to be cut off. Plastic bell cage ball isn’t nearly as nice as an oball. Oballs are firm but also squish under pressure and are really easy for little fingers to grasp. Baby likes blue ball better than dollar store balls because it’s slightly deflated and easy to pick up and hold. A mini beach ball would serve the same purpose. A slightly deflated mini Pilates ball is really fun big ball for baby. These Might be good for tummy time but we got them after that phase. Good colors and concept.

Roseann Rumely, MI

Just OK

My son was just never thrilled with these, but quality wise they are perfect. I would not buy them again.

Gayla Flat Rock, OH

For those little hands.

These are for a little guy who wants to be just like his big brother. But he can’t grab a regular ball well enough to throw. These are perfect. They are bright and attractive. AND they are light enough to not do damage. Great toy.

Lilia Agness, OR

i love it

great balls, my baby plays with them one by one, he stares at it, i would recommend this to buy

Bobby Willoughby, OH

Satisfied with the Product

Product was exactly as described. My daughter enjoys playing with the balls. The rattle ball is the one she likes the best.

Corine Fort Belvoir, VA

First Set of Balls for Baby

Fun toy…my son started playing with them while he was a few months old, and now over a year he still plays with them! The jingle ball is his favorite!

Lorene Shelter Island Heights, NY

Great set – lots of variety and high quality

These balls are pretty self-explanatory – but if you want a bit more, these softball-sized wonders are great for playing with your little baby (ours is 6 months). She chases them around the room and loves it when we pelt her with the squishy multi-colored one. Your baby is worth it, so buy quality and buy lots of it – kids need stimulation!

Jerri Blandford, MA

Touch not soft

The troys touch not so soft for a new baby use, and just some smelly when opening the packing, just waiting for months and then try using.

Celia Carson, IA

Great gift idea

My son loves these balls. All the other balls that I have found for sensory are big. These are small so he is able to grab with both hands.

Lilia Wabbaseka, AR

Love these

My 5 month old son loves to grab these, bite them, hold them. He recently started sitting up and he gets a grip on them pretty easily and they help keep him entertained. I’d definitely recommend them- I think they’d make a great gift as well.

Cassandra Reads Landing, MN

Great set

This is a great ball set. Our daughter started playing with them when she was about 6 months. She is 14 months now and still very interested in them. The soft one makes a great crunching sound which entertained her greatly. They are easy to grip, roll, and also easy to wash!

Kendra Clifton, CO

Good fun

These found a place in our daughter’s development. At first she only liked the blue bumpy ball but then discovered the crinkly one with the tag (she loves the tag!). Last to be discovered was the hard rattle ball. It is a good one for her to pass from one hand to the other but it is a little hard and once in a while she hits herself with it so we supervise closely when she is playing with this one. Overall we love these.

Sabrina Apopka, FL

1 of the 3 is great

My 6mo son loves the hard plastic one with the openings so he can grab it and play with it for quite a while. He can’t grip the blue one at all. The soft one is ok. It was worth the purchase for the hard one that he really likes.

Kris Seville, OH

These were pretty much what I expected

These were pretty much what I expected, and I think the item description is pretty self explanatory. I got these for my, at that time, youngest son. He loves balls, and I thought these would make a good introduction to various sensory experiences, cause and effect, etc… He seemed to enjoy playing with each one, feeling the textures, and shaking them around to find out if they all made noises, or if this one is the only one, etc… The blue ridged one did eventually deflate with rough handling, but all in all I was happy with the purchase for the price. The other two balls are still going strong, are well made, sturdy, and so far, easy to keep clean.

Maryanne Newark, OH

My son likes these

My son likes the blue knubby ball and the ball with the bell in it. He doesn’t like the felt ball. The product is very well made and doesn’t get broken when children handle them. The balls are also a nice size. They are a little larger than I expected but my son grabs them with both hands no problem.

Earnestine Sonoma, CA

Nice ball set

I worried about my babies fingers getting hurt from holding onto the plastic ball, but there were never any complaints. Tag on squishy ball let my baby get a good grip on the ball. Overall good set.

Elizabeth Lebanon, CT

Great Balls

My 4 month old grandson can’t throw the balls yet, but he can grasp them and he loves the textures and the colors. If he likes them at 4 months; he will love them at 4 years when he can throw them. Can’t go wrong with these cool balls.

Camille Decatur, MI

Great sensory toy!

I thought my little one would love the crunchy ball or the one with the bell, but low and behold, it’s the plastic bumpy ball she loves. She’s three months old and just likes to hold on to them or kick them when we put them at her feet. This set is one of her favorites.

Delia Christiansburg, VA

Great Toys for Development

Perfect balls for hand-eye coordination and movement from one hand to the other. The balls came and were a bit bigger than I thought they would be (which is better than expected!). They are a bit bigger than tennis balls.

Hester Richards, MO


This product is nontoxic. I emailed sassy. It doesn’t have bpa or PVC.My children have enjoyed these balls a lot, from 2-8 months they have loved the blue ball. The soft ball was good too. The hard ball was dangerous until around 8 months because they would whack themselves or their sibling in the brad with it.

Eve Mattawana, PA

Great variety and will use a long time

Our son has used these for the longest of any toy yet. He’s 14 months old and has been playing with these balls since he was 4-5 months old. He still uses the blue ball on a a daily basis. I wish the blue ball would bounce more, but he loves it anyway.

Beatrice Hanover, NM

Great toys

These are great toys, my 5 month old loves them. They are the right size so she is able to grab them, but also push them around and watch them roll. Each one is different, so she has yet to be bored with them. Highly recommend.

Margo Montrose, SD


These balls are fun and are great for sensory learning. One ball rattles, one has different fabric and crinkles, and the third is made of plastic and has little things sticking out of it.

Earnestine Gettysburg, PA

Nice sensory toy

We purchased this item for my 8 month old daughter, and it has been a popular toy. The balls are the perfect size for her to grip and even toss them lightly. I didn’t appreciate the fact that the blue plastic ball wasn’t fully inflated, though it was expected from previous reviews. I felt that the texture was enough for grip purposes, the slight flatness did nothing but give the ball an awkward jumpy roll. All in all though I liked this toy quite a bit.

Robin Springfield, TN

great for play

My 4 month old loves the different textures and sounds of each ball and it’s so nice to keep a different ball in different play areas of the house so she doesn’t get bored. Would definitely recommend!

Maricela Dumont, NJ

Perfect for 4 month old

I bought these for my child for Christmas as she was just beginning to reach out and feel the different textures of things. This was perfect for her and she still loves them, especially the ball with the rattle inside she loves to shake it and hear the noise she is making with it.

Angelina Altus, OK