Sassy Developmental Stim Gym Play Mat

Sassy Developmental Stim Gym Play Mat

Sassy Stim-Gym Playmat Sassy Stim-Gym Playmat is a perfect toy helps enhance tactile sensitivity thanks to distinct sounds, chime bells and a rattle. Baby is secure with the plump upper rim that cuddles babies head. Enhance concentration and focus during tummy time. The inclusion of mirror completes the baby development package. . Why You’ll Love It: Multisensory development in a fun playmat. Age: Newborn and up Features Light in weight to make it kid friendly Perfect for development Lively combination of colors and textures

Main features

  • Developmental Stim Gym Play Mat
  • True reflection mirror helps baby organize world,
  • Multiple textures develop tactile sensitivity
  • Meets all current toy safety standards
  • Large toy bar includes three attachable bugs to keep baby engaged

Verified reviews


Bright, vibrant colors

my infant loves this mat! the bar is great because it is adjustable so you can use it when the child is on their back or when they are doing tummy time! Great.

Violet Palmersville, TN

Get the bugs…get ’em!

Even when my baby was only a month old, he loved this play mat. Even now at six months, he loves going after those bugs. It’s been really cool to watch him go from swatting at them like a kitten to grabbing them to trying to pull them down to chew on them. So far hasn’t been any fun on the tummy, and he’s too tall now to lay on this mat…but the b/w bar is removable, and sticks well enough to the floor. The mirror included is a waste, but the bugs are great!

Diana Clallam Bay, WA

Great First Toy!

Loved this for my son. Great intro to toys. Not too busy and he enjoyed it. I got to see his eyes develop because he went for the colors in the order eyes develop.

Kelsey Valley Falls, KS

Great Value

I chose this playmat because it was one of the least expensive available, but it turned out to be a better product than many of the more expensive ones! The colors really catch the baby’s eye and the toys that dangle from the arch are well made and removable (our son likes to play with them on their own).

Colette Longs, SC

Awesome buy

This was so fun for our son up until 4-5 months. We bought an extra one for daycare because it’s smaller and cheaper than the other activity mats, but he loved it. However, once he got older, he could kick it down easily, so it’s best for younger babies. This was the perfect size to travel with or set on the couch (with one of us right next to him watching carefully so he wouldn’t fall).

Ashleigh Aiken, TX

Awesome up to 4 months

This gym was perfect from 4 weeks to 4 months. A daily source of fun and physical activity for our baby. However, at 4 months he has enough strength and coordination to literally rip the whole thing apart. So — into the closet for baby #2! It has a limited life span, but with minimal investment and minimal storage space it’s worth it.

Nita Wishram, WA

Really Nice!

This is a really cute play-mat. I only wish the mirror was more durable and the padded piece meant for stomach play a little thicker. The attachments are great!

Isabella Coburn, PA

Great product

2 cons is the mat is very thin and my baby doesnt like to be on it withought me putting a thick blanket under. and the material catches dust very easily.HOWEVER, it washes so easily in the machine – cold cycle hang to dry and it looks like new! my baby loves the hanging bugs and has started to grab them! she was 2 weeks when we got it and the black and white arch was really great to help her focus!!!!

Carrie Athens, GA

Cute for small baby

This Item is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, my baby is 4 months old and it’s almost too small for her to play with. I think the bugs hang a little too low, they are practiacally right in her face. The mirror doesn’t show a very clear picture, its pretty warped. The matt itself is rather thin and the arch with the toys hanging on it is kinda flimsy. I can see my daughter breaking it when she gets big enough to grab onto it. It is a very cute item though, not quite worth the asking price though.

Sylvia Onawa, IA

for someone on a budget

this will serve the purpose. If you can’t spend a lot of money on a tummy mat and play gym, this will be the best choices for you. It holds baby’s interest with bright colors.

Lydia Milledgeville, OH

Cute and small!

We have limited floor space and a preschooler running around, so I wanted a mat that was smaller than the typical ones. This one has a smaller footprint, but I love the mirror and pillow. The colors are wonderful and baby seems to enjoy it!

Alyce Quincy, OH