Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Cherry Tree Rattle

Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Cherry Tree Rattle

Inspire babys sense of touch with the Cherry Tree Rattle. Knotted fabric cords slide through the hollow, tree-shaped wooden rattle with colorful, textured fabrics and wooden leaves at the top. Shake the rattle to hear the wooden leaves click-and-clack together. Fleece dove, soft leaf and fuzzy berries offer a variety of textures for baby to see, touch and explore, inspiring her sense of sight, hearing and touch. Touch the palm of babys hand with the cherry tree rattle and see her fingers naturally curl around the rattle. At birth, baby has an inborn ability to grasp objects, which will further develop during his first year. As baby gets older and further develops his coordination, he will pass the rattle from one hand to the other. Encourage baby to shake the rattle, creating a pleasant click-and-clack sound as the wooden leaves rattle against one another. This introduces baby to cause-and-effect.

Main features

  • Bright colored cord fabric is easy for baby to pull
  • Two wooden leaves make sounds for baby to enjoy
  • Inspired by nature made of select hard wood with old school charm
  • Helps to develop baby’s senses with sounds, colors, and touchable textured fabrics
  • Bright colored for imagination and learning

Verified reviews


good solid toy

This rattle is a good solid toy with lots of things for a child to play with, nibble on, and stare at. Doesn’t look horrible in your handbag either 😉

Leona Banks, OR

Cute Cute Cute

For nature loving, eco-friendly mamas like me this is a perfect, chemical free (for the most part) addition to your son or daughter’s toy collection! It was smaller than I thought which is a good thing and has a very easy to grip trunk to hold on to. I haven’t yet had a child shake it and hit themselves in the head with the leaves, but I would say that would be a definite possibility as the leaves are very large (almost the size of the trunk) and could hurt if a child were to hit themselves with it, but then again most toys would when shaken).Great toy overall, would buy again. There are a lot of places to suck on or chew, and it is very cute and sends a great message early on! Protecting nature but getting wooden toys, loving birds and trees 🙂

Antoinette Eads, CO


Grandmother comment. This got the least play of the rattles I bought, perhaps because of the age of the children, still very attractive. I would imagine it will get attention over time.

Lola Hume, NY

Absolutely adorable, but not as practical as some.

I loved this little rattle and so did my son. It was so colorful and had so many textures, it entertained him for a long time. The only complaint I had was that I wished I could wash the little bird once he’d been slobbered on several times. I’m not sure how this would fare in the washer and there’s no way to detach the fabric parts. We had other rattles that could be machine washed or put in the dishwasher and when it came down to it, those were the more practical ones.

Laura Hayes Center, NE

colorful rattle

As with other sassy rattles these wont make lot of noise. If you are interested in silent colorful toys this is perfect. I was hoping for some thing that is slightly loud. It is pretty but some how it didnt hit the sweet spot for me and my child. Very built and safe toy. All the colors stayed even after a rainy day soak.

Maude Pottersville, MO


This is a beautifully made rattle that my 5 month old has had since birth but just recently begun to take a real interest in. It really holds her attention for quite some time ( in baby terms that’s a whopping 5 minutes)! There’s just one little problem – the green wooden ‘leaves’ are quite heavy and when baby gets to transferring this from hand to mouth, as babies inevitably do, the leaves tend to wack her in the face & eyes.

Margarita Glenwood, NC

Very cute, but afraid baby may hurt himself

This rattle is adorable, however there are 2 leaves on it that seem like Baby would knock himself pretty hard. If he gets going slamming it around I know it would result in a bump on the head- in order to avoid this I am returning.

Eva Roxana, IL