Sassy Fill and Spill Barrel

Sassy Fill and Spill Barrel

Fill & Spill Barrel, Inspire Exploration – Nine pieces with textures and sounds to explore 6 Months +

Main features

  • Developmentally appropriate for 6 months and older
  • Lightweight barrel baby can lift, spill and fill again
  • Fun monkey toys help baby grasp and reach
  • Meets all current toy safety standards
  • Develops skills for shape-sorting

Verified reviews


More fun than a barrel of monkeys! Great value!

This was a last-minute add-on purchase. Frankly, I bought it because it was cheap. My 7-month-old grandson adores it! I wanted a fill and spill toy that didn’t require shape sorting because of his age. It is quite wonderful. The barrel contains plush stuffed monkeys, little plastic barrels, and plastic bunches of bananas. For some reason, Alex likes the bananas best. They are shaped perfectly for him to be able to pick up easily and chew on–which he never tires of. The concepts of “in” and “out” are easily taught with fill and spill toys, and makes for great interactive play with an adult. An unexpected plus in the lid, which features a fold, down handle. Alex loves playing with it, too! I spoil this little guy rotten, and it’s amazing to see how much he enjoys this simple, basic toy. Highly recommend.

Lavonne Conover, OH

Great for the price, but a bit flimsy.

It serves it’s purpose, so I’m happy with it and won’t be returning it. However, the barrel the product comes in is so flimsy, I would think it was disposable product packaging, rather than part of the toy.My baby doesn’t care about this though. The toys are bright, fun, and easy to hold. It contains both plastic fruit and stuffed animals. He’s only five months old now, but I imagine he’ll enjoy it even more in the coming months.

Elise Janesville, MN

One of our favorites

This is one of the toys that gets put out everyday for my girls to play with. They are 9 months old and got this for Christmas. The play with every part of it from the lid and container to the bananas, barrels and stuffed monkeys inside. They like taking the toys our and putting them in and they like chewing on the plastic bananas. This was a good price and I am happy with my purchase. I am sure we will get a lot of play out of it and I love that it all goes back in its neat container at the end of the day!

Laurel Marietta, PA

Just ok

I bought this because it looked cute and fun. My 10 month old son does like to dump the barrel and chew on the bananas. He also likes the squeak noise the monkeys make, but he can sqeeze them hard enough yet.

Vivian Lyndhurst, VA

Great toy for a growing baby

I bought this barrel to work on hand-eye coordination and development with my 6 month old. He has quickly started to understand how to pick it up and dump out the contents! He loves the noises the toys make as they rattle around inside. I can also see him starting to understand how to reach inside and grab a toy. The only downside of this toy is the lack of variety of the things inside the barrel. I guess I expected each toy to be different, but there are only 3 hard plastic bananas, 3 hard plastic barrels, and 3 soft monkeys with squeakers. Of course, it wasn’t difficult to switch some of these out with other small toys we already had.

Cecelia Young, AZ

No action from by babies

I loved the idea of this toy and was very hopeful about it. Unfortunately 9 month olds don’t find the toy itself amusing. The bananas are good for teething into though.

Sheena Lerna, IL

Fill and Spill Barrel

Our granddaughter LOVES this toy. Developmentally very sound for the interest in shapes and the skills of sorting, filling and “dumping!” Highly recommend

Lillie Oxford, MS