Sassy First Solid Feeding Bowl with Spoon, Colors May Vary

Sassy First Solid Feeding Bowl with Spoon, Colors May Vary

Sassy’s first solids feeding bowl with spoon is the perfect feeding set to start feeding your baby. It’s an ergonomic shaped bowl that offers a variety of single handed grips for the caregiver. With 2 divided compartments you can choose any two baby foods you like. It comes with a snap on lid for portability and of course it also comes with the transitional feeding spoon.

Main features

  • Ergonomically shaped; Dishwasher safe
  • 2 divided compartments
  • Snap on lid for portability
  • Includes feeding spoon
  • Colors may vary, You will receive one of the following colors/color combinations :: blue, orange or clear

Verified reviews


nice bowl, great spoon!

My husband saw this set in a parenting magazine and said it was rated well. I couldn’t see what the fuss was about until I tried feeding our little one. She rejected the soft tipped spoon and grabbed at the bowl until I almost dropped it. That little loop on the bowl started to look like a really good idea. We bought the set and feedings were so much easier. We had better control of the bowl and she didn’t refuse the spoon. Baby girl has been on solids for about a month and she still prefers this spoon. The biggest problem now is finding extra spoons. :)Update…We’ve used the bowl and spoons for several months now and baby girl still prefers these spoons. They are very flexible and we’ve shot food a bit, but they’re worth it to us. The lid is just ok (sometimes hard to snap tightly).

Dollie Staffordsville, KY

Favorite serving bowl for my baby – by far

We bought one of these for our then 6 month old son. We rec’d a blue one with an orange spoon. We loved it immediately!Pros:1) Deep sections (2 sections) with rounded bottoms to easily scoop food out2) The thumb holder is fantastic! I have dropped a few bowls in my time as a Mommy and this one is near impossible to drop thanks to the little loop you place over your thumb.3) The spoon is flexible silicone and is very tooth-friendly for babiesCons:1) The lid doesn’t fit on snuggly. Tends to need a lot of pushing to get it to lightly snap on but will come off rather easily (both bowls we own)2) The color variable is listed as orange, blue, or clear – beware – there is also a bright pink (which we rec’d the second order of one of these) just a warning for boy/girls coloring (if that even matters to you)3) The spoon can warp in the dishwasher. Make sure to wash by hand or use a basket in the top rack – do not place in the bottom silverware section of your dishwasher or over time it will warp into a super bent position that is impossible to even boil back into shape.The cons are really small.. honestly. This bowl is fantastic overall – just a few minor things to notify you about – if it even matters to you. 🙂 Happy feeding!!

Clarissa Pineville, KY

Great bowl, weird spoon.

I love this sectioned bowl, it’s just the right size for my little one as he has begun to eat solid foods. I have not had any issues with the lid coming off, though I am careful to keep the bowl upright in his daycare cooler bag. I also love the handle, it makes holding the bowl very easy when dealing with a wiggly baby. My left handed husband also appreciates the fact that the handle “fits” whichever way you hold onto the bowl. The only thing I am not crazy about is the spoon, it’s made of a flexible rubber material that my baby seems to have a hard time with. No big deal, I just use a hard plastic spoon instead. All in all, I have three of these bowls and I use them daily!

Virginia East Berlin, CT

Great bowl but awful lid

The bowls themselves are great, and the thumbhole on the side makes this easy to hold in one hand while feeding…BUT the lids are awful. The lids are poorly designed and VERY difficult to seal on top of the container.The spoons are very flexible – even the front part.

Juliana Pratts, VA


I love this! My LO is a piggy, and this thing fits just about all his food he eats. One side fits about 4oz of food, and the other side about 3 oz of food. Beats having two containers at each meal. I don’t really use the spoon. Seems kinda flimsy to me. Food stays separated when mixing going on. I just ordered two more. Microwave safe even tho package doesn’t tell you.Key to have when your lil one wants to reach and knock the bowls around.

Fay Erlanger, KY

Very handy

I used this when my daughter first started eating solids because I would put oatmeal and fruit baby food in it when I sent her to her grandparents for the day. I still use it now that she is 2 for a light breakfast like oatmtal/yogurt/mini pancakes and some fruit pieces, or a snack like hummus/dip and crackers/or veg slices. It’s very handy. The spoon was ok but didn’t last after a couple of turns in the dishwasher-it got warped.Good buy

Britney Twin Valley, MN

Perfect Bowl and Spoon

The bowl is the best I’ve found for feeding, fits in the palm of your hand so well. And the surprise I was not expecting is that the spoon is awesome too! Its like a jelly rubber so its super soft on her mouth.

Kellie Yabucoa, PR

works good

i like how it has the divider and the thumb latch. It makes it easy to hold while feeding my baby.

Marion Oradell, NJ

colors do vary – very much

I have not used it yet and will wait to comment on the actual product until I do.But for those of you who care for the color — colors vary very much for this product. And it is not just “blue, orange, or clear” as the description says. Mine came with bright purple bowl and orange lid. I am fine with that, just wanted to let the others know.*** Update . I have to agree that the spoon is weirdest ever – made out of soft silicon, and it is very soft – the handle and the spoon head itself. Avocado scooped ok, but I am not sure I can pick a rice cereal with it. I have to admit – there is a benefit to the spoon – you will never hurt/cut/scratch the baby.The supposed handle – weird too. I cant see why I would use it to rest the spoon — the spoon would rest on the table surface, NOT above it.At this point I have to say, I regret the purchase.Second Update — have NOT used the bowl in months. My son eats everything mixed in together, so I don’t feel that I need two chambers. I bought a basic plastic set of bowls with lids at the big store. The Spoon is being used for teething.

Marguerite University, MS

Love these bowls

These bowls are great. I currently have three of them, so I can prep my son’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner the night before.When my son first started solids, I bought the Munchkin bowls. We were only feeding him oatmeal cereal, so those worked great. However, as we started introducing more foods to him, like fruits and veggies, I wanted to get bowls with dividers so I could keep the foods separate and would not have to use two bowls at each meal. These fit the bill!I love how deep they are. I typically put 4 tablespoons in each section and there is room for more. The lids make it easy to travel. I like that they are ergonomic and have the little loop for my thumb, so they are easy and comfortable to hold while feeding. I don’t use the spoons that came with them though. I prefer the Munchkin and Nuby spoons we have. To be honest, I haven’t even tried using the Sassy spoons, but I just don’t like the feel of them.I first bought one of these and an OXO Tot divided bowl. I was not a fan of the OXO Tot because the sections are very shallow. I don’t even use that bowl any more. After testing out both for a few days, I went back and bought more of these bowls.

Arline Windsor, KY

Works pretty good.

This little bowl set works pretty good.Will hold one jar of baby food in each compartment, I think roughly 3.5 oz.The rubber spoon is weird, and really flimsy, but if you you had a baby withreally really tender gums it would be nice to use.Although this bowl is microwave safe, I heat the baby food in jars firstand then add them to the double dish.I have twins, and this worked out pretty good for me. I would buy it again.

Stacy Rockville, VA


I really like the size and shape of this feeding dish. I also like the soft spoon and the lid. It is well made.

Hope Taylorsville, IN

Extremely useful, even if you do jar food

My son will no eat a full jar of anything and since you are no supposed to store a jar that has been fed from to avoid bacteria growth, I use these to pour what he will eat and for little meals for daycare. The lid works just fine, you just need to snap it correctly.

Chelsey Oxly, MO

they’re okay

I used these when bringing homemade baby food on the go.Pros:
• dividers make it easy to bring 2 different foods. I often used these for my baby’s lunches, putting fruit in one side and vegetable in the other side.
• dishwasher safe – It’s not practical for me if it’s not dishwasher safe.
• The finger hole (where the spoon is pictured) makes it easy to hold while feeding a baby.Cons:
• The spoon is not so great. It bent in all sorts of weird shapes (maybe because of the dishwasher?). We used them only as a last resort.
• The lid can be difficult to get and stay on. I had to double check that they were really clicked on before I brought it anywhere. You’re best bet is to keep it as flat as possible just in case.

Julie Forsan, TX

Great dish for feeding purees!

This is a great little dish for when you start feeding your baby purees. I love it’s ergonomic design and that it’s divided into two sides–veggies in one side, fruit in the other. The spoon is great, I always grab this one over the rubber covered ones we have, as this scrapes the side of the dish better to get all the food so nothing is wasted. I like that the lid actually keeps the food seperated when in transit–great for sending my baby’s food to grandma’s in the diaper bag. I only gave it 4 stars though because the lid is a bit hard to get on and off. Other than that this dish is great–we have two.

Shelly South Beach, OR

ergonomic design

This is the perfect size for my baby, who started to eat cereal. When she progresses to eating fruit/vegetable, the compartments would be used. What really makes this a great bowl is the ergonomic design, where my left thumb easily slides into the handle, and the bowl rests on my palm stably and comfortably.

Tabitha Logsden, OR

Great set, but be careful of spoon…

This is a great set. It has two compartments and the spoon is great for baby’s gums, however, it is very soft and flexible and can bend easily and spray food every where.

Lorene Fort Ripley, MN

top doesn’t seal

I’d been looking for a two-compartment container to carry open baby foods to daycare and thought this would be perfect so I bought three. The biggest problem is that the top doesn’t actually seal. There’s no lip, so you just press them down tight. The first time I took the container to daycare the provider said it had leaked. I tried an experiment at home where I pressed the top on as hard as I could in all directions and then let the bowl sit on the counter. Within minutes the top had crept up off the bowl.Also, the bowl is not dishwasher safe – a hassle – and the spoon is rubbery, like a gumby toy. I tried using the spoon to clean out a baby food jar and ended up flicking food onto my chest – I have a baby for that already!

Tameka Barnum, IA

Awkard for left handers

The bowl itself is great but it is advertised to be super comfortable in the hand- allowing the thumb to rest through the loop. If you are left handed like me the bowl will feel extremely awkward to hold. The spoon didn’t work very well- we used it for teething and we did find that the lid isn’t very secure. The chambered bowl has been very helpful for separating cereals and purees though.

Sierra Carbon Hill, OH