Sassy First Sounds Book Set and Cube

Sassy First Sounds Book Set and Cube

Baby’s First Sounds Book and Cube Set allows baby to begin her first books and learn with fun words, pictures and sounds. Book is attention keeping with objects that connect with words. This exposes baby to visual stimulation with bold patterns and rich hues.

Main features

  • Three books and block give baby language experiences
  • Attention keeping objects connect with words
  • Meets all current toy safety standards
  • Exposes baby to visual stimulation with bold patterns and rich hues
  • Developmentally appropriate for 6 months and older

Verified reviews


Poor phonics!!!

This is a HORRIBLE set of books! The quality is fine but the phonics are wrong! The letter “m” does NOT say “ma,” it says “mmmmmm.” If it said “ma” you would pronounce monkey, “ma-onkey.” Each letter represented (m, b, and d)are followed with an “a” on the pronunciation page, meaning your child is learning how to say each letter incorrectly.I realize that some people won’t care but as an elementary school teacher who deals with kids struggling to pronounce sounds correctly, I find this set of books to be the epitome of worthless.

Pauline Biggsville, IL

Vinyl Smells Really Strong

Cute set, but smells super toxic. I washed them a few times, but the books still smell horrible.

Ernestine Advent, WV

Paint Comes Off, Potentially Hazardous

I bought this for my 7 month old and it is a terrible, potentially harmful toy. She is teething and was immediately drawn to the colorful books, grabbing them, opening them, and, of course, putting them in her mouth. I was shocked to find that the colors ran. The product says paint free, but there is definitely some kind of paint on the books, and it dissolves in your baby’s mouth. I do not know what they are made of, but I don’t take risks with my baby’s health and immediately took the toy away from her.In addition to this hazard, the toy is not very good for introducing sounds. It has Ma-Ma, Da-Da, and Ba-Ba listed as the M, D, and B sounds. Then a picture of a monkey, a dog, and a sheep. Overall, it is a poorly designed, potentially dangerous baby toy.

Eileen Dewitt, MI

My baby’s not really interested

I bought these based on the reviews. My daughter (who is almost 11 months) will occasionally chew on the books, but generally ignores the books and the cube. She is also developmentally behind on speech. She started babbling (babababa and dadadada) just a few weeks ago, despite our doing everything recommended by speech therapists. I try to read these to her, but she turns away and is not interested. I also think it’s a bit pricey for what you get; I think $6 would be more reasonable. Not recommended.

Imogene Loretto, KY


I ordered this for my, at the time 3 month old. I thought they were crinkle books and a crinkle cub. None of the items crinkle or make any noise. My son has a crinkle book that he loves, so I was really disappointed that these didn’t do the same. I may not have read the description close enough, but I just assumed since it was a first sound book it would have some noise to it, even if it was just crinkle noise.I returned this item.

Peggy Mena, AR

Good toy

This amuses my seven month old for a short period of time. She is really just interested in sticking them in her mouth.

Jamie Mount Holly Springs, PA

Good For First Sounds

It’s excellent. We started using them when she was 8 mos and she would mimic the sounds.The books are short enough, to read over and over for repetition in a single sitting. I likethe material too; they are used at that age when everything goes in the mouth.

Melba Wardsboro, VT

Wonderful purchase

Overall good buy especially since they come as a package and the sounds. Only con is that the corners and edges are somewhat pointy and sticks the baby gums when she places it in her mouth. The block is all cloth, which is what I expected the book to be. Not a great idea that the books are made of plastic!

Edna Orrstown, PA

Love it!

My baby loves to eat books, and I’m not so happy when he gets a mouthful of paper. These books are perfect. He loves how brightly colored they are. He loves to try and turn the pages. And I don’t have to worry when he sticks them in his mouth. He likes the block as well, but the books really are his favorite.

Bessie Saint Charles, ID

Great for Young Babies

My daughter absolutely loved these from about 4 months-8 months. They were light enough for her to carry, were fun to chew on, and she could take them in the bath. Although there is not much “reading” content, it is perfect to just have the child familiarize themselves with the shape and attributes of a book. She is 10 months now and prefers board books and touch-and-feel books, but I have no doubt these helped her develop her current love of books. This is also a great price for three books and fun block!

Kitty Antonito, CO

no sound at all

when they adverise saying its the first sounds i though there will be an electronic device which makes the sounds. But unfortunately the sounds are only written and they dont match very well.

Marisa Standard, CA

Good baby toy

I like the dice! My son crawls and hits it with his hands and chases it all across the house. The books a fun to look at (and to eat on).

Patti Everton, AR

Love it

My son has been playing with the books every day during his bath. He is going to be bilingual and these shower books are helping a lot with that

Vickie Columbiaville, NY

Cute but simple

I suppose simple is the point however these books could have added a little more texture to the photos. Would not purchase again.

Marcia Surgoinsville, TN

We love these books

We just love these books. The colors and durability. The pictures. All are great. The cube doesn’t get used that often, but the books are getting their milage worth – both as books and as chew toys. 🙂

Adela Hulen, KY

My baby can’t put these down

My baby is soo entertained by these books…he loves the colors and images…he will sit in his crib looking at these books by himself…

Deann Winter Haven, FL

My Son still Loves these!!

I purchased this as my son was turning 6mo, he’s now 7months & both the block & books are his favorite toys. The books I read to him at night are cardboard so I don’t let him play with them bc he likes to mouth them. But these are great, the material on both is teething friendly, easy to clean, a waterproof… he always grabs these first when I lay out his toys. He even knows how to flip the pages already! & loves looking at the simple bright pictures while acting like he’s reading! My family was so impressed he was doing this, I always bring one of these books with when for visiting, he loves them! I did read controversy from a teacher about the word sound examples for the letters not being appropriate for proper pronunciation & she thought the books were bad, many disagreed with her even a PreK teacher on Amazon, I really don’t think that’s a big deal this young… I think these books are great for under 12months for baby to learn to get familiar with liking books & pictures. After a year or so I would probably encourage more “proper” educational books for pronouncing proper sounds after reading that comment… But for now these are great!

Earnestine Arnold, MI

Cute but seams are a bit sharp.

Cute, but the seam in the books in a bit sharp, keep an eye in your baby to make sure he or she won’t cut her lip on the book. The block is perfect, squishy and baby can put it in her mouth without worry.Ok so after my daughter has played with books the sharp seams have become a non issue. She loves these books too. I would still keep an eye out to make sure you baby doesn’t cut himself/herself.

Susan Hoople, ND

Get the Sassy Baby’s First Books, not this one

I bought my daughter Sassy Baby’s First Books when she was 1 month ole. She loves it. Since I find she is so interested in those books, then I figured I’d buy her another set, then I bought this one. However, the color and objects in this one is not as good as Sassy Baby’s First Books. So if you are looking for something that will catch your infant’s attention, I’ll strongly recommend Sassy Baby’s First Books, instead of this set.

Jenifer Nenzel, NE

As expected…

Bought these for use in the child care center I work at. We were looking for a book that an infant could chew on with ingesting; also could be easily sanitized at the end of the day without absorbing the disinfectant. These books are bold and hold up well for a few months. The seams are starting to tear but the seams that hold the foam inside the book (that makes the pages just every so puffy) have stayed sealed. The books are used by multiple infants with sharp front teeth for hours almost every day. I imagine they would hold up well for one child!

Leila Draper, UT

Safe and durable

Yes. Book that baby can chew on! This set is safe and durable for all ages, just probably more entertaining to sitters/crawlers.

Gabriela Silver Creek, GA

thought it was more

Bought this one for my 7 month baby. It is ok, but not great. I thought the book had more pages than it actually have. It only have like 3.

Mildred Fertile, MN

Bright Colors!

My DS loved these little books from the minute the package was opened! I love bath books because I want my son to like reading and gain the language skills not to mention the visual associations. This is perfect I read the Mama,Dada and Baba and he looks at the pictures and flips the pages. He can chomp on them and nothing is getting damaged That’s why they are great for kids his age and younger and older.. he is 8months but bath-books are wonderful until they are at least 2!~ plus they work great in well bathtubs..outside during a messy mealtime cleanup.. its easy to wipe off and the pictures are so bright he lights up when we “read” them.. I let him read those while I read him a real book and no pages get ruined 😀 and the cube is a nice toy he can toss around and look at too. They are quality books here though Sassy is a much nicer bath book they are sealed up all around and don’t look cheapy they look nice because they are. I recommend this and hope you all read to your babies even if they don’t seem too interested it helps that communication blossom!

Maryanne Hillsdale, IL

Okay books, great box rattle

The books are okay–babies aren’t that picky about books and for my little ones age I like the cardboard black and white ones better. BUT the box rattle she loves–the bell inside isn’t that loud but i put it on her tummy and she can knock it off which she thinks is THE BEST!

Thelma Star Lake, WI

Pretty cool.

My son LOVES the block and has loved it since he was just a couple of months old. He finds the monkey especially funny. The books are ok for a newborn.

Brigitte Ridge Spring, SC

These are great!

My son absolutely loves these books and block! He can sit and play, stare, eat at these books for awhile. They were definitely worth the buy

Esmeralda Gwinner, ND

Great little books, wish they had more pages

My daughter is 10 months old and LOVES mommy and daddy’s books, however she also loves using her 7 teeth to chew them to bits and create a choking hazard. Enter this adorable set of chew-friendly books to save the day. Despite the set’s title, the books do not make sound; I thought they may moo or make music when pressed, but this is not the case. The cube that comes with the book set jingles a bit but that is it.The cube is a fabric-covered foam block that encases a jingle bell; since it is slightly muffled by the foam it’s not annoying to adult ears.Each book covers a different sound: ma-ma, da-da, and ba-ba. Inside each book shows things that start with that sound.The drawings are very cute and clear; it is a nice tool to start teaching different animals, concepts and relationships.The colors are awesome, very bright and stimulating; every page has a contrasting graphic and background color.I love Sassy toys, they are always so colorful and have held my DD’s interest longer than her other toys.I highly recommend for the smallest bookworm in your life :)Only gripe: These books have only one center page each and I wish that they had 2 or 3 inside since my daughter loves turning book pages.

Christy Bethlehem, NH

Like it

Bought these for my 2 month old and have already started using them. Can’t wait for my baby to start understanding and interacting with mommy as time goes buy. Quality of books great.

Rhonda Hicksville, NY

Great waterproof books

I got these because I liked the idea they were waterproof plus the little block looked adorable. Some of the pictures are a bit odd. There is a butterfly and it says “me” underneath it.. But I’m not so sure what else could be put there.. A mirror maybe? But then I imagine it would t be waterproof. That being said I still love the books and their vibrant colors. My little one will try them out and let me know what she thinks in a few weeks. (Still awaiting her arrival)

Rosa Raceland, LA

Great for my 8mos old

My LO loves books- but puts everything in her mouth. These are perfect! We can “read” together and she can open and squeeze and put the book ends in her mouth and they hold up very well. She really likes the cube that comes with them too!

Lina Chesapeake, VA