Sassy Flip and Grip Rattle, 2 Count

Sassy Flip and Grip Rattle, 2 Count

Set of two Flip & Grip Rattles are fun, light-weight rattles baby can play with. Each rattle has a textured grip for baby to explore, and has high-contrast patterns to stimulate vision. The floating beads make a rattle sound to attract baby’s attention. Providing variety to baby at a young age develops brain-wiring for a lifetime!

Main features

  • Two light-weight rattles
  • High-contrast patterns stimulate vision
  • Textured handles stimulate grasping
  • Floating beads make rattle sounds to attract baby’s attention
  • Providing variety to baby at a young age develops critical brain-wiring for a lifetime

Verified reviews


Favorite rattle

We received this rattle as a gift. It kept our son interested for a few months. We have the yellow and orange giraffe one. We would give it to him while changing his diaper to keep him distracted. He really liked the spinning disk inside. It has a picture of an animal on one side and a mirror on the other.

Charity Sandgap, KY

I bought these twice

I had read the reviews that said "don’t submerge these in water" unfortunately I forgot to pass that info to my husband who ran them through the dishwasher and ruined them. I bought them again because I really liked the idea/ shape of them and they are very reasonably priced. My son has just started being interested in them and they work really great. He can easily hold them and they aren’t so bulky that he hits himself in the face. He likes to chew/ gum the handle.

Lucy Oviedo, FL

A huge hit with both kids

I first bought these rattles 2 years ago for my son. He loved them and played with them so much. And now my 5 month old daughter has started playing with them and loves them too. I ordered a couple sets of these so I have them all over the house and cars. The price is terrific too. The rattle is small and good for little hands. The ball part is interesting and the noise is fun and not too loud. But the best part is the handle because it has rubber sections that are great for teething. This is primarily what both kids have used this for- as a teether. I would highly recommend this product.

Kristin Rocklake, ND

Baby loves these

My baby loves these rattles. She loves chewing on the handles and they clip easily to her stroller or play mat with plastic baby links. They are not too heavy for her to lift and she loves the patterns/ mirrors inside the balls.

Maryanne Fairfield Bay, AR

great price!

this a great price for two great teething rattles. I’ve been searching for teething toys for my 4 month old. these worked great, they weren’t too heavy, easy to grab and chew on. He likes the noise they make too. best of two worlds. love them!!

Hannah Benton, WI

great rattles

This was a great price and a good buy. The rattles are easy to hold & chew on. The pictures spin easily and are amusing. Great as a extra toy to throw in the diaper bag & since you have 2 not a big deal if you lose one.

Maritza Ghent, NY

Excellent value

These are great toys for the price. Easy to grab and interesting. My 8 month old grandson loved them, and so did the dog.

Eve Allen, KY

Another great Sassy toy

These are really nice. Sassy toys are usually my babies’ favorites. I especially like these because they are baby hand size, and are easy to make a chain out of with Sassy and other brand rings to attach their toys to strollers, car seats, high chairs or whatever.From past experience – don’t put Sassy toys with clear balls like this in the dishwasher, the design inside gets ruined. You will need to use papertowels or wipeys to clean them.

Judith Franklin, WV

One of the few rattles my baby likes!

My baby is not very into rattles. Maybe it is her age? Or just her. I don’t know. But these are the two rattles she plays with. She likes watching the things inside spin around. And they are not too heavy or two big for her to hold. She is 6 months old and enjoys them.

Mona Williamson, NY

Addition to a gym matt

We bought the Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym so we could do tummy time with our foster son and I decided to add a few toys. These were a perfect add on.

Dina Colbert, GA

fun rattles good size

I initally purchased these as teethers, but the plastic part is too hard for my son to chew at this point. These are a good size for him to hold and swing around.

Cara Barling, AR

OK but baby gets kind of bored and the rubber material makes me a little nervous

My 4 mo old doesn’t like these too much – she plays with them sometimes but not as much as other rattles. She likes the noises it makes. but the rubber on the handles makes me a little skeptical not sure why – it seems so "rubbery" and makes me uneasy when she sucks on the toys for some reason – no certain reason why – but just one of those "feelings" I get about the toy.

Latanya Kingston, OH

Good…but water got inside the ball.

I like these, but being a mom who cleans everything before her son touches them I was disappointed to see water made its way into the clear part. Not a big deal. He can grip them easily and they’re not too heavy.

Kathrine New London, PA

Baby likes it; can’t clean it

My 5 month old loves it but when I tried to clean it with water, the water got in the rattle part. Not very good quality rattle

Sherry Duplessis, LA


My 3.5 month old son loved these rattles as soon as he saw them. The bright colors get his attention while the rattle part keeps his attention

Bernadette Lucas, OH

Used A LOT.

Great toy. Also makes a cute ornament for a baby shower gift!Of all the toys, these two are top of the list for my granddaughter.She uses it to teeth on, as a shaker toy, and now is learning how to "roll" the ball.

Elisha Woodville, WI

Easy for tiny hands!

Our 6-month old daughter can grab these and throw them on the ground with the rest of her toys with no problem! Nice!

Greta Picabo, ID


Water does accumulate in the clear ball when you wash it, so I just wipe it off with a wet wipe now with no problems. This is a little heavy for my preemie baby to hold (now @ 12 lbs) but he loves to kick it when I hang it from his play gym. It holds his attention and he likes to watch it when I shake it for him. He will hold it but drops it easily due to weight.

Josefa Ellenton, GA

Great toys for small babies

Best toy for small babies who are staring to grab toys. Inexpensive, cute color and design and easy to clean. My baby loves it

Whitney Hunt, TX

Flip and Grip

Just as the title says, these rattles are very lightweight and easy to flip and grip. Our Granddaughter loes the sound the rattles make and the spinning toys inside. I love the round handles. So easy for baby to hold and not drop.

Shelby Norge, VA

Great product

My daughter likes these a lot and I would buy them again . She can grip them really well too .

Aileen Russell, KY

Fun toys for baby

I added these to my baby’s play gym. He likes the colors and sounds they make and I"m sure he will continue to play with them over the next few months.

Kristie Olcott, NY

Good toy, need to be careful when washing

These are colorful and fun. You do have to be very careful cleaning them. If you submerge in water, or even do a thorough rinsing, water will get into the clear ball part and never come out. Would have given this a 5 if not for the water leakage. Being able to clean a toy is a big factor with baby toys.

Lora Alamo, NV

Cheap, awful, filled with water on 1st wash

Got water in the clear ball part the very first time I washed them. Like, a lot of water. I’m not giving my baby a toy without washing it first, especially not one that’s made in china, and what good is a toy filled with water that’s just waiting to grow mold. I guess maybe it’s good after all, teaches me a lesson not to buy cheap made in china crap.

Leanna Helper, UT

great toy for in the car!

fairly inexpensive, and the kids just loves it! BUT when you go to clean it only use wipes water gets inside and then stays there if you wet it, we keep ours in the car for the babies to play with and it keeps them happy.

Shauna Wendover, UT

8 month old loves em

my son loves these they are by far his favorite hand toys to play with he loves to chew the handles and is facinated by the ball with a spinning picture and mirror in it

Tamika Chester, VA