Sassy Floor Mirror, Blue

Sassy Floor Mirror, Blue

The Sassy Floor Mirror inspires baby’s vision, touch, exploration, communication and manipulation skills with high contrast colors, character faces, simple patterns and realistic forms. Includes high contrast tracker ball for visual stimulation and perception. Textures and fun characters of ladybug and bee keep baby’s attention. Textured leaves offer fun peek-a-boo play. Easel back allows mirror to be used on floor.

Main features

  • Large Tru-Reflection Mirror engages baby’s developing vision
  • Two-color spinning ball engages baby’s curiosity
  • Bold, red ladybug attracts baby’s developing visual skills. Rotating/clicking bee engages growing baby.
  • Easy back stands on floor
  • Soft frame construction is perfect for baby’s environment

Verified reviews


Great for Tummy Time

I was a little skeptical given the reviews, but found the following:1) NO distortion — maybe the people who had distortion had a faulty mirror?2) Bugs DO rotate — someone’s didn’t, again, perhaps a faulty mirror?3) There is no gap like the photo shows, there is fabric that connects the two pieces of the mirror making it a triangle. And, it DOES fall over easily. I have to stay there and prop it up every time it starts to fall when my son’s doing tummy time4) The bugs are great — there are crinkly noises and the black & white ladybug belly is a rolling ball that rotates if you flick it5) There is velcro at the bottom on the lady bug side (as opposed to the bee side).Addition to prior review: i now have this velcroed to the side of my son’s crib (now 4 months) & he likes looking in the mirror on his side & touching the ladybug & leaves.I am very happy with the product, especially for the price.

Wanda Guild, NH

Like a Funhouse Mirror

The photo of this product does not accurately reflect what is shipped. The problenm is with the fabric that connects the two sides of the mirror together. In the photo, there is no fabric filling in the gap between the two sides. The product that is shipped has fabric that fills in the space between the two sides. This causes this product to topple over easily because you cannot open the mirror up to a large enough angle. It is constantly falling over.As for the mirror itself, it is simply a funhouse style mirror that stretches and contorts your baby’s face in all directions. I am left wondering what sort of developmental effect this actually has on a child.Our baby loves looking at himself in a real mirror when we hold him up to it. Unfortunately, he is not as enthusiastic about seeing himself in this mirror.

Milagros Whiteside, TN

cute mirror

This product serves its purpose. You can strap it to the crib and/or lay it on the floor. The only thing that’s misleading is the picture. It makes it look like you can drape it over objects due to the space that might be between the front and the back. In fact, there is no gap there and it just folds out a bit into a triangle base so it can stand upright on flat surfaces.

Hollie Laings, OH

Good quality

There is a lot that I like about this item. The mirror is not a fun house mirror. The fabric seems sturdy. I strap it to the rungs on her crib but it doesn’t look like it would stand up on it’s own.

Winifred Dupree, SD


I bought this for my 4 month old daughter; at 8 months she still LOVES holding it above her head, looking at herself in the mirror and at her parents in the mirror. She plays with the spinning ball, the green crinkly leaves, and the bumblebee all the time. Of all her toys, she reaches for this one the most. Love love love Sassy products! Before this toy, she loved the Sassy newborn gift set of rattles. Your money is very well spent.

Lola Navajo, NM

Not terrible!

I don’t think the reflection is all that distorted – it’s good enough to use to apply eyeliner (if you’re planning on doing that with it…). Since it’s a “soft” mirror I could see where some would be worse than others though, and if it’s squished a little it’s going to get distorted.It is easily scratched – when I tried to wipe it with a piece of soft flannel it covered the mirror in scratches. Akin to dragging scrunched up aluminum foil across a CD. That happened maybe three hours after we got it so that was pretty disappointing. The scratches aren’t very deep but the mirror obviously isn’t going to take a lot of abuse, I don’t see it faring very well against a baby old enough to grab it or bang toys on it.Otherwise, it’s cute enough and babies do like mirrors. I don’t have a problem with it falling over on the floor because the velcro sticks to the carpet we have. Cheaper than other mirrors, safer than a glass one. My almost-3mo is really trying to get his arm up to hit the ladybug (spinning ball).

Kerri Kossuth, PA

My son LOVES this mirror!

My son has loved this since he was just a few months old. He loves to spin the ball in the corner. I love the fact that you can strap it to the playpen or crib or set it up on its own. He’s almost a year old and still loves this mirror. A great toy!

Francis Combined Locks, WI

Best Toy Yet

My daughter is not yet 4 months old, so not many toys entertain her. This mirror is attached to her cradle. It is the one toy, she will spend time playing with. She loves the mirror, but of course her favorite past time is trying to push it off. LOL! I would buy it again in a heart beat! Best money, I have spent so far.

Adela Brookton, ME

Loves, loves, loves it!

My daughter loves it. She likes to take it everywhere, she loves kissing the baby, and she likes showing her babydoll the baby in the mirror.

Sally Salome, AZ

TIps over

Maybe I am an idiot but the angle of this thing makes it stand up too perpendicularly to be stable. As soon as baby bumps it, it tips over when used on the floor. As far as the loops closures… they are facing the wrong direction to be able to attach to crib slats. Pretty disappointed.

Lorie Mesilla Park, NM

My baby loves it

I think overall this is a good product and my baby seems to enjoy it. He loves the lady bug with the roller ball, he also seems to like looking at himself. It does stand up well on it’s own, but my baby can easily knock it over. My baby is crawling now, but when we started tummy time he did seem to enjoy this. Some of the reviews said the mirror was like a fun house mirror, but I disagree. It’s not a great mirror, but I personally would not want a glass mirror that my baby could potentially bop himself in the head with. The mirror’s obviously not going to be very clear because the thing that it is attached to is foam, not a hard surface to keep it completely flat.

Lacey Sharon Center, OH

better than my other mirror but

it is still not accurate – wobbles the reflection a bit. also, my version has material along the sides & bottom to keep it standing but not as sturdy as I imagined.

Penny Fairport, MO

Baby loves it -very versatile

I love that I can prop this on the floor for tummy time, on her high chair for entertainment, or attach it with the velcro to her crib rails. It is great.

Lakeisha Frenchville, PA


it’s just a mirror toy but well made and no worries when your child is playing with it, colorful, and sturdy

Rosalind Stonington, ME

amazing product!

i love everything about this product.. my LO stares at it’s colors, and at herself… and loves the little rattle thing…. it’s also water proof! i didn’t know that until i got the product at home!!!! however, only after i purchased is that i found that Kmart had it for $4 bucks less! ;(

Jacklyn Gila Bend, AZ

Looks cheap…not worth the money

The item you get is NOT what is pictured. The two sides are actually sewn togethere so you really can’t stand the mirror up on its own…you have to prop it on something. It is made out of cheap material, like ugly nylon. The mirror is hideous and not worth the $10.

Beth Hartland, MI

Babies love it

Works great. Twins seem to love it. I hang it upside down in the pack and play and they love it.

Rita Seville, FL

Baby loves it, but doesn’t stay up well

My baby loves looking in this mirror during tummy and play time.Pros:PriceClarity in mirror (not perfect, but pretty good reflection for a toy)High contrast toys around mirror are fun for baby, tooCon:The mirror doesn’t stay up well when bumped. Several times my baby has bumped the mirror with her hand and it has landed on her head. It is very light and doesn’t hurt her, but it is annoyingI’ll also not that the picture isn’t exactly the same as the mirror. It has a piece of fabric connecting the two parts that stand up (hope that makes sense)

Alyson Cowansville, PA

can’t complain

This is mirror is so big, it really is perfect. I love the little accessories, nice and light and fun bright colors.

Ernestine Long Lake, NY

Good, but not great

This mirror is really good, the reflection is good, not too distorted and the little bee and lady bug are really cute and my daughter seems to like them a lot. However, I only give it three stars because as soon as my little baby touches it it falls back. There’s no way to keep it standing unless someone is holding it. It has 2 elastic bands with Velcro on the back that I presume are for attaching it to the crib’s bars, but baby still knocks it down. It falls forward when I put it in the crib. I’ve tried setting it in many different ways and none has worked. Now we only use it either holding it or under the baby’s face in tummy time (she doesn’t like it like that). Other than that the mirror is very good and if you don’t mind having to hold it then you should get it.

Mitzi Flynn, TX

my son talks to it

my 2 months old son likes this mirror and talks to it, sometimes even grab the little leaves or move the black and white ball, only downside is that it falls easily. but overall very nice.

Ella Sleetmute, AK

Okay mirror, seems pretty safe

This mirror is nice and soft. My six month old likes the ball on the ladybugs tummy. I like how it can be folded and that it is soft. I haven’t attached it to the crib, but the straps look way too short to do that, anyway. It’s pretty easy to clean.

Callie Tuckahoe, NJ

Babies love to look at themselves

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this mirror for several months. You can attach it to a crib or it can be used free-standing. The bugs are a nice touch to engage babies.

Ronda Konawa, OK

Great for little ones

We ended up getting two! One for home and one for daycare. He has outgrown its crib use and now it hangs out in the toy box. He regularly pulls it out and sings to himself in the mirror. Early on, the black/white spinner helped him learn some motor skills and the bumblebee’s face was heavily nommed.

Betsy Lancaster, WI

Nice product

This was for my 5 month old – it is cute, she grabs at it, tries to eat it, it rattles a bit. It velcros nicely to the side of the crib. It stands up but baby will most definitely knock it over! The only thing is – the material that it is made out of actually spreads when you prop it up – that isn’t shown in the main picture.

Verna Saint George, ME

Baby loves his mirror!

This is a wonderful tummy time toy! My baby loves the leaves that crinkle, the spinning ball, and the fuzzy bumble bee. This mirror always engages him. I like that it has soft edges, as he often grabs it and smacks himself in the head with it… So the safety integrated is appreciated! The only thing that would make this even better is if it was more stable. It is a very light mirror so easily is knocked over. The velcro stretchy straps have been really nice as well. Good buy for the $.

Marion Shady Dale, GA

not crazy about it

cheap quality, although easy to clean with soapy water (my 5mo.old prefers to suck it or through). light and will not hurt your baby if it folls on her face, and that happens @ all times cause of its light weight (nomatter where u put it so this will not ease tummy-time). i recommend “lamaze” instead.

Allene Nunnelly, TN

Great item

My daughter can be a little rough with her toys and this one stands up to the test. She chews on it and throws it around and the mirror is in fine condition. The stand alone feature is a favorite of mine. An old baby safe mirror we had, always had to be leaned up aganist something, when the baby is playing/laying on the floor, so I really love this one.

Katy Logan, OH

Newborn loves it

Our seven week old baby loves this mirror. It is lightweight, gives her plenty to look at, and there is no distortion in the mirror’s image (a complaint I read concerning competitor mirrors from reviewers). I also like that it is multifunctional and can easily move from floor to crib. I would recommend to any parent.

Martha Carpenter, WY

Baby loves it!

At first I thought it would be better to get one of the more expensive mirrors that attached to the crib however I am glad I got this one. The mirror is clear and the materials are good quality. The reason I love this mirror over stationary ones is because I can move it from room to room. In the mornings we play with it upstairs. Then in the afternoon it sits by her bouncy seat and during dinner it goes to her highchair! Its great! It could be a little more stable in the tripod position but works none the less.

Eileen Deer Harbor, WA