Sassy Flower Pop Up Organizer

Sassy Flower Pop Up Organizer

The Sassy Pop-up Organizer provides instant, portable storage for toys, clothes, and more. Simply pop it up for use or lay it down flat and secure it with the easy-to-use velcro and loop closure to put it away. Made of durable nylon and measures 22″h x 18″w. Ages: Birth +

Main features

  • Instant, portable storage for toys, clothes, and more
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Pops up and folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Flower pop up design
  • Measures 22″H x 18″W

Verified reviews


cute and versatile

I thought this was so cute because I was looking for a hamper to put all of my daughter’s dirty clothes in & even though she’s only 7 months old, she has a lot of clothes and I hadn’t been able to get her one, yet. so, I bought 2 of these: one for her dirty clothes and one for her toys because she has a lot of toys, too. it’s a little bit shorter than I thought it was gonna be but it makes up for that lost height with the width. I like how it has a zipper on top, that’s really cute and it holds a lot of clothes. I would buy this again and I definitely recommend it.

Michelle Greentown, OH

So cute!

This item is huge and we use it as a hamper in my daughters room. It fits so well with the decor and it’s very durable. It’s also really pretty.

Lavonne Bridgeport, CA

Works really well for my baby

I initially thought about getting a toy box to keep all of my daughter’s toys in; however, I was afraid of the lid slamming or pinching fingers. This product works well to sore toys without any worries of hurt fingers. While, there’s no way to organzise anything within it, most boxes/chests I saw were the same way. I also was concerned about it’s height, but the sloth and wire design made it flexible so my daughter could crawl right up and pull down the side. This also meant she wasn’t able to tip in like she could have with a box. She was able to select toys out of it pretty much at the point she was able to crawl. The design is cute and colorful and appealing to her. I’m very pleased with this product.

Katelyn Paluxy, TX


We love love love this pop up toy storage thingie! not only is it adorable but it does exactly what its supposed to do. my only issue is that the top doesn’t unzip all the way around. it only unzips half way. but that’s probably a good thing since a child will be using it mostly. for an adult, its a little frustrating that i can’t see all the way in there, but then i remembered its not for me, its for her. Definitely worth every penny spent!

Aurelia East Sparta, OH

This thing is tough! Stands up well to our abuse

We have been using ours for almost a year. We bought this for toys, but ended up using it for a hamper. I have dragged it, thrown it (with clothes in it), this thing is tough! No tears from my abuse. I take it on trips with us because it folds down so easily and latches on four sides. It is very light weight, so when my daughter tips it she doesn’t get hurt. I want the other design, too, so we can put toys in it.

Flossie Langdon, ND


This is wonderful product. I keep it in the corner of the family room to keep all of my little ones toys in it. I am happy it did not break the bank. It is a great product for a great price.

Corina Oak City, NC