Sassy Flutterby Teether Developmental Toy

Sassy Flutterby Teether Developmental Toy

So many textures for baby to explore! Have fun with this sterilized water-filled teether as baby feels, sees and mouths. This satisfies a variety of different feeling plastics from soft to hard water-filled. You can even chill flutterby for a cooling effect for baby’s inflamed gums when baby is teething, The high-contrast symmetrical face helps calm young babies.

Main features

  • Satisfies with a variety of different feeling plastics from soft to hard to water-filled
  • Chill for cooling effect when baby is teething
  • High-contrast bug face is symmetrical which is calming to young babies
  • Black and white grasp handle is easy for young baby to hold and manipulate
  • Filled with sterilized water

Verified reviews


baby choked on it

the blue ‘wings’ are too long and my 4 month old was gagging herself on it when she stuck it in her mouth.Sassy FAIL.

Joan Summerville, PA

Very nice

Came brand new, original packaging. Very cute for boy or girl. Will also use in my baby shower gift baskets.

Carmen Groton, CT

Attractive toy from a young age

My daughter was given this toy at about 2 months of age. The color combination was perfect. Even though she couldn’t reliably grasp it, she loved watching us “fly” it around. We used the ring to attach it to her activity gym, and she liked batting at it with her hands and feet.She is a few months older now, but the toy is still a bit heavy for her to play with on her own. In a few more months, I think she’ll be able to play with it more independently and begin to use it as a teether. Overall, we have liked having this toy around and would recommend it to others.

Brigitte Esparto, CA

A teether for older infants

This teether isn’t for the very youngest babies. Its size and weight makes it appropriate for an older infant (five or six months old and up, depending on the baby’s size and coordination level) to teethe on.My children both loved/love it, but they were larger for their ages. My now-toddler loved it from the time he could grab it. My eight-month-old has been using it for about three months now.We don’t put it in the refrigerator since it doesn’t hold the cold for long and it seems to be just as good at room temperature.If you’re looking for a teether/toy for a younger infant, try theSuper Yummy Teether. It’s easy to hold and the nubbles and handle are both chewable. (Younger infants tend to hold the nubbles and chew the handle. It’s the reverse for older infants.Bottom line: It’s a good teether for older/bigger infants. Babies do like variety, so get more than one teether and swap them out.

Evangeline Rexford, NY

Kid loves the colors and the orange wings

It’s been tough for us to find good teething toys that my son really likes. He tends to prefer toys that are a lot thinner but likes the cold ones. This seems to be an oxymoron when it comes to teething toys. He does really love the colors on this toy and likes to suck and chew on the orange wings but the blue ones are a little too thick for his small 6-month old mouth. Maybe as a toddler teething he’ll like it better.

Carly Bondville, IL

Too thick and hard

Son can’t get it in this mouth because the wings are too wide and too thick. It’s much harder than I would think is comfortable.

Felecia Many Farms, AZ

Great teether

My son loved to play and teeth on this. It had different textures and was easy enough for a 5 month old to hold.

Polly Mount Zion, WV

works well when not frozen

This teether is adorable and my son enjoys all the different textures it has but he does not like when I put it in the freezer to chill the two wings on top that have water in them. The other plastic and rubber materials get too cold for him to enjoy chewing on it when its cooled but overall it still serves its teething duties well

Roseann Rancocas, NJ

he loves it!

My baby uses random things as teethers, and teethers as random toys… But this one is a bit different than his other teethers because the gel is in the blue wings, which are longer, narrower and thinner than his other rings which have round things filled with gel (those are ridiculously big most times….) he does bite these wings, and the orange ones have a texture and are silicone, also for biting; he likes them too, but Im happy that we found some gel-filled toy that isn’t a huge ring!

Ursula Emigrant, MT

Fun teether

This teether is great! I like that it has the water filled section and the nuby plastic section of the wings for teething. My son loves it!

Bridgette Zanoni, VA

Great for Teething!

This teether has multiple textures and edges that keep my LO entertained. The blue wings are filled with water which gets cold in the refrigerator. The orange section has raised bumps which help her with teeth she is cutting. The antennae are a smooth texture, and she bites on those too. She will hold it by the ring and shake it and hit it against other toys. I usually have it attached to her carseat for her to play. It also matches her other Sassy items.

Billie Trail, MN

Good for the price

I bought this toy because I love to find new toys to keep my baby happy while he teethes. I haven’t tried putting it in the fridge yet, but he isn’t as interested in this toys as some of the others I have purchased. I also find that the antennas on the butterfly are pretty hard and not very fun to chew on (I didn’t experiment, it was my baby who chewed on it!)Overall, it is an okay toy for the price. It’s small and way to bring along. It’s also easy for a baby to hold because of the ring on the bottom. It’s also easy to attach to strollers or other gear with some rings since it has a loop.

Dena Vermont, IL

Cute but not for us

It’s a bit awkward and a lot larger than expected. My son has never been interested in chewing on it. He waves it around then finds something else to pickup.

Rachelle Susquehanna, PA

nice size for chubby little hands

I was not sure about this, but the price was right and it was a nice addition to my sons gift basket for his 6 month birthday. What surprised me was that the blue fluid filled teething wings are soft, my son loves them. I have quite a few teething rings and toys that have the fluid filled parts but he has shown no interest in chewing on them, so, like I said, it surprised me. Great product!

Aida Bentonville, VA

My granddaughter loves it!

My granddaughter is just 4 months and this is one of her favorite toys. She looks and looks at it and always has big smiles for this bug. It is good sized and she is now reaching for it and squealing at it. I’m very happy with the purchase and believe she’ll eventually use it as a teether.

Cheri Drexel Hill, PA

Cute teether!

Attractive, easy to hold, feels good to chew on. Very good beginning teether for infants. I have given it to several grandchildren.

Valerie Belleville, WV

My niece liked it

I was pleased with this product. It has nice, bright colors, and appeared well made and sturdy. My niece seemed to enjoy it.

Allie Fort Valley, VA