Sassy Flutterby Teether Developmental Toy

Sassy Flutterby Teether Developmental Toy

So many textures for baby to explore! Have fun with this sterilized water-filled teether as baby feels, sees and mouths. This satisfies a variety of different feeling plastics from soft to hard water-filled. You can even chill flutterby for a cooling effect for baby’s inflamed gums when baby is teething, The high-contrast symmetrical face helps calm young babies.

Main features

  • Inspires communication
  • Tonal colors encourage eye sight development
  • Water filled wings provide cooling sensation
  • Different textures
  • Meets all current toy safety standards

Verified reviews


okay, just okay

My baby doesn’t have much interest in this toy. Maybe he will later, he is almost 5 months now.

Hollie Adams Run, SC

My son Loves this bug!

I bought this little teether bug for my son for xmas when he was 5 months old, and he loved it. Even now at almost 10 months old he still chews on it and carries it around with with him. Its easy for him to hold and has different textures to soothe teething, sore gums.

Kitty Pacific Palisades, CA

Great product

My daughter absolutely loves this teether – great colors and textures. The reason for only 4 stars is, that the teether is a bit heavy.

Jewell Daytona Beach, FL


Baby likes this. At first it was a little hard to hold and a bit heavy and the wings are thick and the antenna are hard plastic. But, as baby is getting bigger and older she likes the bright colors and is reaching for it more often and able to use it. Overall good purchase.

Johanna Wayne, ME

Does the trick

My son always seem to like this teether over other ones. I must say I don’t think it the best for staying cold but he really liked it. I’m guessing the colors and the fact he could hold it with out his hand being cold

Tania Loveland, CO

Great teether!!

Easy and light weight for my son to hold and wonderful served cold for sore gums.

Rhonda German Valley, IL

Great teether

My baby is now 8 months old, and has used this for several months although now he really plays with it. It has a good ring to grip, stays cool a while, and has great textures to chew on. Seems durable. It has been in and out of the freezer and fridge many times.

Alba Edgartown, MA

Sure to bring a smile to my baby’s face

For some reason, my daughter doesn’t take to teething rings for their intended purpose but she does love to look and laugh at this “bee.” I try to show her how to gum the cool gel pack but she just makes a face and pushes it away only to grab it back and examine it from all angles smiling and cooing all the while.

Heidi Sheridan, TX

Works well, eye catchin

My baby is starting to teeth and he likes gnawing on this toy as well as stare at the different colors. Works well cold or frozen. Definitely a go-to if your baby is starting to teeth.

Rowena Cisco, KY


My son (age 2) has chewed through a number of frozen teethers (one reason I get water-filled, not gel-filled). He has put some amazing dents in this one, but it’s still holding water after nearly a year of abuse.

Renae Nason, IL

Exactly what we needed

Our son started to teeth a 4 month old. We keep the teether in the freezer and take it out when he is obviously bothered by his teeth. It really does sooth and once he forgets about his teeth he just keep on playing with it. It is easy for him to manipulate, hold and chew on all the different part. Also nice that the handle doesn’t stay cold so that we can have the frozen wings in mouth while still holding the toy and not having freezing hands.Simple, cheap and does the job.

Josie Opheim, MT

Does NOT seem safe

At first glance I thought this would be a great toy for my 6-month old who loves chewing and holding items by herself. But then I realized that the wings are filled with some liquid-goo item and the plastic that contains it does not seem very thick. I pressed my nail into it and it feels like my nail could pierce through if I pushed hard enough! There is NO way that I am going to give this to my teething baby that loves to stick her sharp little budding teeth into everything as hard as she can. I have no idea what the liquid is, but it is not something I want her to swallow.That, plus the fact that other reviewes say that bits of the handle have come apart in their kids’ mouths, I just don’t think that this toy is safe. Sassy needs to redesign the product or tell parents that the goo will not come out. Even then, I would still not trust it. So many toys out there, why take the risk?

Debra Scotts, MI

fun teether

My daughter is 7mos, she is starting to teeth and she loves this toy. The colors and the texture keep her entertained.

Raquel Gauley Bridge, WV

Cutest Teether Toy

This teether is adorable. It has a jelly part which my 3 month old son really enjoys. The colors are also very nice and can be held comfortably by baby! The first teether my son used was the sophie the giraffe which is cute, but more like a chew toy for puppies. This one can be also be refrigerated to make the jelly cold.

Aimee Crouseville, ME

Our baby’s favorite

This is our son’s favorite teether. It’s colorful and easy for him to handle. The chewing surfaces are large and flat so he can work all of his gums. Also, he can chomp on a frozen wing without freezing his hands, too — you’d think more teethers would be designed that way! The wings freeze quickly, so it needn’t be out of commission for long — and they’re filled with plain water, so I don’t worry that one day he’ll end up with a mouth full of gel. It’s simple, but it’s one of the best baby items we own.

Augusta Pike Road, AL

Great teether

This is a great teether and cute too! My baby loves this, but sassy makes another teether that he really really loves, it is also a bee (or fly?), and it is comprised of four rings like the black and white ring you see on this one. I would highly recommend the other one!!! but this one is great too and a great price.

Della Madison, MN

cute toy but supervise your child when playing with it

My 3 month old son loves this toy, however he choked few times from the upper wings of the butterfly. So be careful and always supervise your child with any toy.

Jodie Independence, LA