Sassy Gift Set, 3+ Months

Sassy Gift Set, 3+ Months

Gift set includes 4 gifts; Real Life Remote, Look Book, Keyboard Classics, Flutterby Teether. Each one inspires vision and hearing in their own unique way. Real Life Remote allows baby to interact with and imitate mom and dad, Flutterby Teether is great for baby when teething for the different textures, Keyboard Classics inspires hearing, and Look Book allows baby to create their own photo book!

Main features

  • Includes 4 toys; Real Life Remote, Look Book, Keyboard Classics, Flutterby Teether
  • Inspires vision and touch
  • Remote allows baby to interact with and imitate mom and dad
  • Flutterby Teether is great for teething with different textures for baby to explore
  • Look Book lets baby create their own photo book

Verified reviews


This is a wonderful set of toys…

These were great stocking stuffers for my little one at Christmas. Most of the toys are great and baby enjoys playing with them. There was one that we did not use. The baby photo album seems to have hard plastic edges that might cut baby if chewed on. Other than that, the other toys are great!

Lavonne Yadkinville, NC

May be entertaining…..

Cute set, my twins don’t really care for any of these toys. Not to imply that other children won’t enjoy them, this is based of my babies personal preference. My twins are six month old, just starting to teeth and be aware of their surrounding, and just never showed interest.

Susanne Alverda, PA

Good fun!

We got this set for our daughters 1st Christmas. I knew at 2-1/2 months, I knew they would be toys she grew into. The book was an immediate favorite.The other toys are a little heavy & awkward.At 5mo she started showing an interest in the butterfly & piano. The little remote is too big & the buttons need a force her little fingers can’t muster.I suspect in another month (maybe even another week) she’ll be swinging these other toys around with a smile on her face!

Serena Englewood, OH


Great set. Awesome price! The photo book at the store was almost the price of this whole set. She loves the piano.

Lilia Augusta Springs, VA

Some of the sounds didn’t work

The little red keyboard didn’t work. Not worth the hassle of returning though, my LO will still probably chew on it and stuff.

Reva Hookerton, NC

Fantastic set of activity toys.

I purchased this set for my 4 month old daughter (she’s 7 months now) and she still hasn’t lost interest in them. The butterfly is great for teething, bright, colorful and full of lots of different textures. The upper parts of the wings are filled with water and covered with raised lines for texture, whereas the bottom parts are rubbery and have a bumpy texture. The body and head are hard plastic and the bottom/handle of the toy is a black and white (good contrast for younger babies) rubber coated ring, so even that part is chewable. The head is hard plastic as well, with big black and white eyes and curly rubbery antennae. The only drawback to this toy is that it’s a bit heavy, so I had to hold it for my daughter at first, but now she can hold it herself and loves to chew on it, especially if I put it in the fridge to cool it first. The book is made of the same smooth, vinal material that a baby bath book is made of, with clear plastic sleeves on each page for putting pictures in it. I didn’t do this because I was afraid of my daughter somehow getting the pictures out and trying to eat them, and her favorite thing to do with the book was chew on it. The pages have black and white high contrast patterns on them, so they are great for a baby to look at even without adding pictures. The edges of the pages have colorful tabs on them so babies can turn them easier and the book has a handle attached to the binding which is rubber coated and which my baby loves to chew on. The remote is one of my babies favorite toys, and it does help to prevent her from trying to steal the real remote every chance she gets. It has a black and white picture at the top which changes between two different patterns when turned around. The buttons make very short, loud and to an adult very annoying sounds that get really old, fast, but the baby loves them, the top button always says “It’s gonna be bright and sunny today.” It’s a great remote for a younger baby because it’s not over stimulating but now that my daughter is getting older I think I’m going to buy the Fisher Price laugh and learn click n learn remote, because it is more educational. The little keyboard is great for younger babies too, it is in all black, white and red high contrast colors. The top of the toy is a black and white striped handle with two beads to slide, and the bottom has little piano keys, and when pressed they play 3 short songs while red lights flash. The middle of the toy has one of those bead spinners that babies love to play with. The last toy is a soft stuffed bug that vibrates when pulled. It has a velcrow strap, great for attaching to car seats. It’s been attached to my daughters car seat handle since I first got it and she loves to pull on it. The bottom of the feet have black and white patterns on them. I’ve also attached it to her jumper and the toy bar to her bouncy seat. This is a great deal for 5 awesome developmental toys.

Melissa Gandeeville, WV

Great Set

I bought this set for my daughter. She is 7 months old now and has been playing with this set for the past 4 months. Her favorite pieces are the piano which plays music and lights up when you hit the keys and the photo album. I put 6 pictures in the photo album of our whole family and it’s a great church toy. The butterfly can be put in the fridge as a teething toy with it’s gel filled wings and the remote control makes noises but does not light up. She plays with all the toys and they are still in great shape. Very happy with the quality of this purchase and that these toys have kept her interest so long.

Theresa Nunnelly, TN