Sassy Go Go Bugs

Sassy Go Go Bugs

Sassy attachable Go Go Bugs inspires hearing with high contrast colors and textures, symmetrical faces of fun butterfly, bee and ladybug. Each toy has distinct sounds to encourage baby to seek source of sound. All attachable are easy to move and provide great visual and auditory stimulation for baby. Great for newborns, attach to carrier or car seat or stroller

Main features

  • Symmetrical body forms are strongly preferred by babies
  • Bold organized face have a calming effect
  • Even the youngest newborn can see the primary and high contrast colors
  • Distinct sounds (chime, crinkle, rattle) encourage baby to seek the source of the sound
  • Repositionable straps to relocate bugs

Verified reviews


Colors are Not the same as pictured

I bought these because I wanted the contrast of the black white and red. The ones I were sent have some contrast colors but the bugs are different and the majority of the colors are green orange purple…they seem to be a newer version. Just be aware you are not getting what is pictured.The product itself is still adorable, they all have different sounds…one a tinkle, one crinkle and a rattle. They fit perfectly on a peg perego car seat. They keep a new baby attention for a little bit which is great for short car rides.

Bobbi Ligonier, PA

Bugs have more pink on them that pictured

The center bug in the photo has pinkish fushia on it, not purple. I was a little sad about that because i bought these for my son and that one looks a big girly. The butterfly in the right is also pink like the photo shows. Other than that though they attach onto the carseat great and i like them because they are soft and safe. My son loves reaching for them.

Dayna White Springs, FL


I used these for a diaper cake I made for a baby shower. They worked perfectly. The mother to be’s theme was cute as a bug. The colors were perfect and having a little one myself, I know she will get good use out of these for entertainment.

Candy Cannonsburg, MI

What a great toy

Just bought these for my son since we were going on a long road trip and it gave him something to stare at while we were driving and i think helped keep him quiet and allowed us to drive longer then we would of been able to without them.

Sonia Milton Village, MA

Good on the go distraction

My daughter loves these. I have them mostly on her carseat but move them to her saucer from time to time. They’re great little distractions in the car. Each of them makes a different noise. The only thing I didn’t like was when I first got them, she was about a month old. She would wave her arms around and try to hit them but there was no way she’d be able to reach them. Now at 5 months she hits them pretty easily. But still, even if your baby can’t hit them, they see to love looking at them.

Elaine Franklin, OH

Have the one pictured here

My baby loved these starting at an early age.. I want to say 1 month. First she stared at them, then batted at them, then talked to them, then started grabbing them and shaking them and chewing on them. She’s currently 12 months and it sits inside her toy box. She still would occasionally grab it from her box and chew on it. Less than a year of use, the Velcro had lost its adhesiveness. Still 5 stars as this was one of my baby’s favorite toys for awhile. It’s pretty safe as it is light and made of fabric– nothing that could break off, poke her, bang her on the head or any sort of crazy mishaps that kids are prone to.

Barbra Greene, IA

eh.. they’re ok, baby not very interested

They are too short to play with on the carseat. and honestly, since the bar gets pushed back when in the car, she doesn’t get to play with them much in the car seat. we attached to the bar on her bouncer and she likes the yellow one ok. they don’t rattle very much and barely get her attention unless we dangle it in front of her face.

Sonia Brownsville, OH

Cute, entertaining and everywhere!

Things to hang from the stroller or car seat handle are great.These bugs are great fun, make cool noises and, as an added bonus, can be wrapped around an ankle or wrist (gently, not too tight!) for additional entertainment. We even have one attached to the laundry basket she keeps her toys in!They’re a great baby shower gift!

Nikki San Carlos, AZ

Looks good but was not useful

I bought these before my son was born. He is 2 now and looking back I think these were kind of useless. I wish they were longer as he couldn’t really reach for them. While they look very cute, I think they should be designed to be more purposeful.

Earlene Ephraim, WI

Cute and quiet

My 3 month old loves these go-go bugs. We have them attached to her car seat and she’s fascinated with them. Two of the bugs make a soft rattle sound and one of them has a chime sound. None of them are obnoxiously loud but actually quite pleasant. All of them have that crinkly stuff in the wings so I’m hoping she’ll enjoy that part as well as she gets a little older. I love the velcro strap – so much easier to use than the plastic rings to clip onto car seats, toy bars, etc. The velcro straps also don’t slide around as much as the plastic rings do.

Casey Bolivar, TN

Very cute

I love the little noises they make and they look great on our car seat, baby hasn’t arrived yet but I’m sure he will love them once he does

Vera Istachatta, FL

Great for newborns!

The different sounds and bold colors of this product are perfect for newborns! We’ve placed them on her carseat and already at 3 weeks noticed her focusing on them.

Wendy Ragland, WV

Best Friends!

My son LOVES these. He has the red one & the yellow one on his car seat & the one with the bell is on the back seat of the car. He will sit mesmerized by their big eyes, and smile and talk to them. People think he’s smiling at me, when he’s really smiling at his friends! It helps so much when we are about to leave some place, and have him all packed up, and then we are delayed talking to someone. He just sits & smiles at his “friends”. I know you aren’t supposed to leave the car seat handle in the upright position when driving, so that is why I put the third one on the back seat of the car. that way he can smile at one while driving. These are the best toys ever!

Kayla Minden, TX

Baby Loves ’em!

Bright, colorful… easily distracts baby as we strap her into her carseat (not always one of the happiest times!). She loves the “bug” with the bell sound – jingles as we travel the bumpy roads of VT. The other two could be noisier, but the colors make up for it.

Allyson Port Saint Joe, FL


nice grips and works well. lovely colors of course as well. would recommend if you get with good price like i did

Sheila Mishawaka, IN

Great for infant

My son loved these during his first several months. We still have them on his carseat at 11 months and every once in a while he will pull on them. Great buy.

Betty New Straitsville, OH

The red ladybug is our baby’s best friend!

My wife and I thought we were depriving our baby of stimulating toys and interaction. I know the baby has enough to see without toys, but there were times we wished we had something distinct that that baby could stare at, especially during car rides. We decided on these because we heard that bright contrasts and the color black, white, and red are easily distinguishable/noticeable amongst infants. Our baby just stared at the red ladybug and still does for long periods of time from 4-7 weeks of age. Starting from the 7th week, she grew an almost equal interest to the other ones too. Just looks from one to the other. It’s great!We use them mostly attached to the car seat. Later on when she gets older, I’m sure we’ll figure out other things to do, but these are the best ones we’ve tried out of several toys. The red ladybug is mesmerizing, believe me!

Irma Asotin, WA


These little bugs are so cute and baby loves them. We swap them around from his car seat, to extras on his gym, to the bar on his bouncer. Ok so they are slightly diffrent than the picture but its not like its any less cute or functional and for the 6 bucks its well worth it.

Thelma Somerton, AZ

Probably her favorite toy

I got these for my daughter when she was born, but we got a different set than what is pictured. We have a ladybug that’s red and black with a green crinkly leaf, a yellow bug with a yellow rattle, and a weirdly colored purple and orange butterly with a black and white loud jingly rattle. Around 1-2 months old she started getting interested in the ladybug and would just stared at it when we went anywhere. Around 4 months old she started batting at them, and pulled them down around 5-6. At 9 months, these are still one of her favorite toys. She loves the butterfly with the really loud jingly thing inside of it, and will often pull it down during car rides. I do think that this convinced her that other toys will break off so she can eat them though, as she tries to pull most of her carseat toys off now. Some of the toys do seem like a weird color though, not all that pretty aside from the ladybug.

Eloise Elysian Fields, TX

Entertaining for Baby

These are great for entertaining the baby in the carseat when it’s being used as a stroller or carrier. Unfortunately since you have to put the handle back in the car, they’re not so useful then.

Deanna Brooklyn, IA

My Grandson Loved These!

My daughter had these hanging on my grandson’s car seat when she brought him home from the hospital and they stayed there until he outgrew that first car seat. We referred to the little bugs as his friends because he always smiled at them and seemed to be talking to them. He had the ones in the picture. As some reviewers noted, they don’t hang down far enough for the child to reach, but that’s why the simple velcro strap is sufficient. When I rode with him in the backseat I would move them for him to get them to make noises and he loved that. Sometimes when we needed to distract him we would take one down and stick it on something that he could reach for a bit. The ladybug was his favorite. My daughter is pregnant again so I’m going to get something similar for the next baby, just to have something new. These are perfect for the newborn and young infant.

Laverne Grapeland, TX


I purchased these so that we would have more carrier toys for a long car ride we were taking. My four month old loves looking at them and hitting them. I do wish, however, that they were longer so she could really reach to feel the different textures.She was entertained by them, though, so I can’t complain.

Trina Homer City, PA

Love these!

I keep these attached to my son’s car seat to occupy him while I’m driving. He loves them and so do I!

Gayle Atwood, IL

Great for a Pack N Play!

I swapped these out for the stars that came with our Pack N Play so they hang down. My daughter loves batting at them, touching them, and talking to them. I love that each one has a different sound associated with it, and the contrasting colors are excellent for catching infant eyes. I highly recommend these!

Tonia Rochdale, MA

Item doesn’t match photo

I had been given these as a gift when my son was born and he loved it. They hung from his car seat for a year. So I bought them recently for a friend’s new baby, but the ones I received are different from the ones pictured. The ones received are also not as good for little babies, I think, as they have very little black and white and newborns see primarily black and white.

Rosemary M C B H Kaneohe Bay, HI

They are okay

These are ok . Bought at a lightning deal so the price was worth it but would not buy these full price. I think the infantino brand are much better.

Cassandra Commerce, MO

Great entertainment for infants

Very happy with the product. A great feature is that it’s easy to transfer the bugs from the car seat to the stroller and to the crib etc. and my child got very interested in this toy. What important, the chiming is not annoying which is great when you drive a longer distance.

Cherie Rifle, CO

Baby loves her happy bugs!

These three smiling insects easily attach to the handle of baby car seats via Velcro. The bee jingles, the butterfly chimes, and the ladybug crinkles. The butterfly is baby’s favorite and makes the most distinct sound. They are brightly colored and give baby something fun to stare at while in the car or being schlepped to and fro. Baby reaches up and swings them. The Velcro is not super strong, so baby occasionally pulls them off, but that’s all right. They are also fun to wave around and don’t pose a choking hazard.The only negative is that they are fabric and can only be spot-cleaned. Perhaps when they become really dingy from use, I will attempt putting them through the washing machine. Since they weren’t really expensive, they can always be replaced if they don’t survive machine washing.

Janine Valmy, NV

Not worth the money

Not as cute a noise as the Infantino chimes. Can barely hear them. Baby has no interest in these. Get the infantino chimes.

Rosalind Richland, MS

A nice gentle sound

These make such a nice sound not an irritating one like many baby and kids toys. I daughter is 6 months old now and likes to play with them. In the earlier months she liked to stare at them and coo at them. I did only put two up. Three of them seemed to overwhelm her.

Audrey Maryville, TN