Sassy Grasp and Glow Developmental Teether Toy

Sassy Grasp and Glow Developmental Teether Toy

Grasp and glow ball is a fan favorite with babies and moms! Not only does this toy have textural handles for baby to feel and explore, but it also has a glow ball that inspires eye tracking, which inspires baby’s vision! The flutter disk presents mirror or colorful critter to amaze and engage vision. The ball lights up when spun, introducing concept of cause and effect to baby.

Main features

  • Glow ball inspires eye tracking
  • Textured, over-molded plastics provide variety for baby to explore with touch
  • Flutter disk presents mirror or colorful critter to amaze and engage vision
  • Ball lights up when spun, introducing concept of cause & effect
  • Assorted colors

Verified reviews



Baby fingers stick between ball and the frame:(( watch out for that…I did not know why she was crying …he fingers got caught

Camille Rickman, TN

One of my sons favorite toys

My 5 month old son loves this toy. When he was 3 months old it caught his attention so much that he actually rolled over for the first time looking at it! Now that he is 5 months he loves holding it and making it blink on and off when he shakes it!

Leigh Marquette, IA

Very safe and very fun teether!

My daughter loves it so much since she was 4 months old and she still loves it, she is now 10 months old.

Lilian Tall Timbers, MD

Fun toy for the dark!!

My son loves to spin the ball and watch the light spin in his car seat at night. Great distraction from the dark and it works great in lowlight as well.

Rochelle Ollie, IA

Fun but a little hard to spin

My four month old enjoys this toy. It’s nice that it lights up in response to spinning it, which teaches about cause and effect. The only complaint I have is that you have to spin it pretty hard to make it light up. Otherwise, it’s a great toy.

Mara Lake George, MI

5 Month old loves this toy

Baby stays very interested. Balls move and bottom one lights up. Baby has continued to stay interested in it and it is easy to hold

Opal Pennington Gap, VA

Great toy – but watch how you clean it

My 4 and a half month old was mesmerized by this at Babies R us, so I bought it for him. The light is bright and it spins around – definitely gets his attention.However, if you go to wash it, I would recommend only wiping it clean. I very quickly dunked it in the soapy water when I was washing his bottles and noticed water had gotten inside the other ball (the one that is clear with the bug/mirror inside.)Now that I know, I will be sure to just wipe it – it’s a great toy.

Irma Friendsville, TN

Nice and Quiet

I’ve purchased this for our 14-hour (and 12-hour returning) flight to Japan when my baby was 4 month old. She loves lights, so I wanted something with lights. I needed something that doesn’t make noise because it’s a long flight and passengers need to sleep. I needed something I could easily clean with wipes. She likes it better now as a 7-month-old.

Michael Trout Dale, VA

Very good toy, highly recommend

We have twins and they played with this at a friends house, and we had to get one for each of our babies and they have had them for 4 months or so now and at a year old still love it, the light is the best part! Not too many toyss out there like this and very good quality too!

Sandy Jerome, AZ