Sassy Grow Up Cup , Blue/Green, 7 Ounce, 2-Count

Sassy Grow Up Cup , Blue/Green, 7 Ounce, 2-Count

The best way to move up to an open cup is with the Sassy Grow Up Cup. Unique no spill, no spout design helps develop coordination for drinking from an open cup. It’s easy to use and cleanup is a snap since it is top rack dishwasher safe. Additionally, it is preferred by pediatric dentists over spouted cups. All lids and handles can be used on any Sassy Grow Up Cup. BPA Free

Main features

  • Revolutionary 360-degree design, sip anywhere around the rim
  • Silicone valve for spill-free drinking and removable handles helps children transition to an open cup
  • Pediatric dentist preferred over spouted cup
  • Appropriate for 9+ Months, BPA Free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


All sippy cups have problems…this one just has fewer than most!

I love this sippy cup. EVERY cup that we have tried has problems…this cup just has fewer problems than most.My 3 main complaints are:1) It does leak if hit hard, such as thrown on the floor from the high chair. Droplets of water will come out all around the edge and will eventually form a puddle if not picked up.2) It does get dirty every time it is dropped on the floor b/c the drinking surface comes in direct contact with the ground when it rolls on its side unlike sippy cups with nipples.3) Starting out my son would not drink as large of a quantity out of this cup as he would from other cups.However, the 3 main things that I love about this sippy cup are:1) My son transitioned to this cup very quickly and he is now in the habit of drinking from the edge of a regular cup.2) He can’t purposefully spill it like he can with other sippy cups by turning them upside down and pressing the nipple into his highchair tray to get the liquid to come out.3) It is VERY easy to clean and is truly dishwasher safe with no warping or difficulty sealing after many times through the dishwasher. I read a review before purchasing that said that mold forms in the orange filter of this cup and I almost didn’t try these based on that review. The only way mold could possibly form is if they were not fully disassembled before cleaning or if they were reassembled while wet and stored for a long time. These are by far the easiest to clean of all my sippy cups.When deciding which size to buy, it is important to note that the groves in the filters are larger in the larger sized cups so more liquid comes through. I originally made my purchase based on the amount of liquid my kid could consume but the age ranges on the cups are not only for quantity of liquid but also speed of drinking.Also as a side note, I read several reviews that said you have to bite this cup to get liquid out. That is not true. As long as your kid’s top lip touches the plastic part in the middle of the cup, even a very small suction will allow liquid to come out. If your lips are just on the edge of the cup (on the orange filter only) you can suck as hard as you want and nothing will come out.

Blanche Clive, IA

BEST cups!! Perfect for older babies and toddlers!

I bought these for my 11 month old son and 2.5 year old daughter. My daughter can already drink from a regular cup but she can take this in the car and it fits perfectly in her cup holder, unlike the bulkier water bottles that we use.My 11 month old figured the cup out right away. I was overly impressed and he seems to really love the cup. My daughter absolutely loves it because it looks and feels more grown up to her.I feel that they are very easy to clean and not difficult at all to screw the lids on. Just like any screw top lid, it just needs to be lined up properly and you’re good to go.I absolutely recommend these cups to anyone with young children! They are a great training cup and I doubt I’ll use any other styles anymore. They’re great!

Dona Centre, AL

Best sippy cups

My son loves this cup design, it makes him feel like he is drinking out of a big boy cup. They do not spill and are easy to use and clean

Shannon Victor, MT

Not what I was hoping for.

These don’t seem to have a middle ground as far as the flow of liquid. It’s either pouring out, or not coming out at all. I can spend forever trying to find the right tightness for this to work but it just isn’t worth the hassle in our house. So the intended function I would only give 1 star. But I bumped it up to two since we can take the lid off, and the handles on the cup work nicely for practicing drinking from an open cup.

Marlene Mount Pulaski, IL

Not as good as the 9 ounce

I have the double pack of the 9 ounce cups for my 3yr old. My almost 1 yr old seemed to love trying to drink from his older brother’s cup and I decided to order these smaller ones for him. He was having a hard time drinking from other sippy cups. Well I was excited that these were a bit smaller and easier to grasp and that they had handles, however they leak like crazy. I have had my 3yr old leave the 9 ounce cup upside down for hours and no leaking, but these smaller cups are always leaking. We now just let the baby drink from the 9 ounce ones. I don’t know if I got a bad batch, but am very dissapointed, especially since we had such luck with the bigger cups.

Darcy Palestine, OH

Difficult to use

My son had no luck in sipping out of these cups and neither did I until I loosened the lid, which just allows for more spillage. Not a fan of these.

Magdalena Ford, WA

pffft, doesn’t do what it claims

In order to drink from this the child has to bite down on the rim and suck hard. Neither of these are the motions of normal drinking. Also, younger tots can’t figure out how to make it work. I got it because I worked in early intervention and thought it might be preferable to sippy-type cups–not. I’d give it no stars they are cheerful two handled cups that can be used WITHOUT the lid for normal drinking.

Angeline Shelly, MN

Wonderful transitional cup

We’ve been working on using regular cups for a while, and while she can drink from them just fine, she can’t set them down without spilling reliably yet (or walk/run with them, as she likes to do). These cups allow her to drink from any side with no spills. You “suck” on the edge of the cup to get the water out. We haven’t had any spills or cracks or anything even though it’s been thrown from the high chair many times. Highly recommend!

Whitney Andover, NH

Good idea, but didn’t work for us, and wasn’t necessary.

My son never really used these properly, he would mainly throw them, which would spill all over the place. He didn’t need these to move on to regular cups. He went from baby bottle to training cup (not all of them) to sippy cup, bottles, and cups (at around 13 months).

Candice Elberta, UT

GREAT and NON-Spill

These cups are a neat invention, both neat, as in handy, and neat, as in non-spill. Easy to drink from for the toddler, easy to clean, washes in DW and absolutely does NOT spill as long as the top is placed correctly, which is not hard to do. Really glad to get them and they are not as babyish to me as the standard sippy cup. Sippy cups are not nearly as spill proof either.

Angelica York Springs, PA

Perfect for learning!

My 20 month old just loves these! They are so perfect for her learning to drink form a normal cup. I haven’t tried using the cups with some of the thicker drinks she has (like her smoothies) but for water, juice & milk so far that have been perfect. I even just bought more in the larger size. I also haven’t experienced any leaks with them yet, which is key for a sippy cup!

Alexis Twin Bridges, MT


In theory these cups are a great idea and wonderfully designed. However, I can’t decide wether I like them or not? I like that they have handles, that they are no spill and that they encourage kiddos to learn to drink from a cup. I dislike that the baby has to suck on the rim to get the liquid to come out. Based on my daughters reaction, I have to wonder if she is getting enough liquid with each sip? I find that drinking may take longer and it would make transitioning from the bottle more difficult. That’s just my own personal opinion though, every baby is different. Maybe my little one doesn’t enjoy having cold juice or milk? With that being said we still get plenty of use out of these grow up cups, I’m just not sure that I’d recommend to others at this time.

Renae Manomet, MA

Hard to drink

My son finds it hard to drink from these cups. Good suction, doesn’t fall apart if dropped, but since my son can’t drink from it (I have a hard time myself just to see), I can’t give it 4 or 5 stars.

Michelle Murrells Inlet, SC

Not easy to use

My little one could not get anything out of this cup until I loosened the lid. Once I did that, then it spilled everywhere. I ended up using Gerber graduates cup instead. These sit in the cupboard.

Trina Keokee, VA

Not a big hit

I will say this — almost nothing leaks out of this cup. It also has very few parts, unlike other sippy cups.That being said, my 14-month old had a difficult time using it. I also struggled to get water of it when I tried it out. I’ll try it again when she’s older.

Imogene Tabor City, NC

Poor design & hard to clean

Read the great reviews, but very disappointed with this cup. The lid has so many grooves and crevices, which makes it impossible to clean well. Its difficult to control the amount of water coming out, and a pain to get it just right.

Hope Amherst, TX

Learning curve but worth it.

This cup took over a week of daily attempts before my daughter figured it out, but once she did, we were in love. It WILL leak in certain situations, but nowhere near as bad as the chewed up spouts of her old sippy cups would. Only one concern: It says top rack dishwasher safe, but on only about the 3rd run through the dishwasher, the blue spots melted/smudged off. The cup itself is undamaged,but they look kind of funny now.

Whitney Carrington, ND

pretty good

it took a while for them to use it from a straw cup but they got it. Now they enjoy using them.

Rita Hopkins, MI

Good at first, Now drippy spilly mess.

We like these cups and use them daily. The down side is you really have to only suck on the very side, and if you put too much of your mouth on it you will just get air from the cap.Update: These cups now drip and spill out and soak our baby’s shirt. They are now our last resort cups when the nuby straw cups are being washed.

Rita Waltersburg, PA

Excellent Product.

These are the best sippy cups for toddlers. It did not take my 19 months old a lot of time to figure out how to drink for it. She feels very proud she is now drinking like grown ups with no help. The cups really do not spill, they only drip a few drops if held upside down. The product also delivered right on time. I highly recommend these cups for any mom seeking to help her toddler transition to regular cups..

Tabatha Destin, FL

Great Little Sippy Cup

It took my daughter a little time to get used to but this is one of our favorite cups now (she’s 17 months). It is not spill proof but leaks a lot less than some other cups. I also think she likes it because it looks more like a grown up cup. It is also pretty easy to clean since there are less fussy parts than other sippy cups. I would definitely recommend for older kids.

Herminia Stanchfield, MN

good cups

My son likes them but had a hard time figuring them out at first still has little trubble with them but hopefully he learns it dose drip a little but not bad

Ila Solomons, MD

Perfect training cup!

I’ve tried so many training / sippy cups with my daughter (currently 15.5 months, been using various cups since about 7mo) but they were all either too heavy to life, too hard of a spout (tender gums), too slow of a stream, too soft of a spout (easy to pour out and too similar to a bottle), or training cups allowed too much liquid to be poured all over when she would flip the cup over. Out of desperation I ordered the 7oz Sassy training cup (with handles) and within one day she was comfortable drinking from the cup on her own! Thank you, Sassy, for yet another fabulous baby product!!

Loraine Rantoul, KS

Spill Proof Cup

These are certainly a very unique design. I was expecting something that worked much more like a cup…you tilt it, and liquid comes out – I was just expecting it to have flow control. But it’s more than that – these are basically a sippy cup – you have to suck to get the liquid out.That means that these really are spill proof – if you tip them over, nothing comes out! I must admit whoever designed these is brilliant.For us, these don’t really work. Our son has already been exposed to a few real cups (which always turns out to be very very messy of course) but we tried these with him & after he was unable to get the liquid out (despite me showing him to suck on the rim) – he pointed at the lid & said ‘open’ – then proceeded to focus much more on opening it than drinking out of it. We’ll probably try again tomorrow, but he much preferred the other cups we got him, theReflo Smart Cup, a Smart Alternative to “Sippy Cups” (Blue – 2 Pack). Unfortunately those are a good bit more expensive (I bought this set for $8.50, the Reflo cups were almost twice the price at $15/2), but they are basically a real cup with some great flow control. And unlike these cups they do not have handles (but they’re the perfect size for toddler hands).So if your child hasn’t yet experienced real cups or is more willing to actually listen/watch to you (my son will not let you help him with *anything*) then these will probably work – but if your kid is convinced that the only way to drink out of a cup is to tilt & open your mouth – then these might be a bit of a challenge. But the design of these is truly awesome, so even though it might not work for us, I still think it’s a 5-star product.

Lara Randolph, NJ

These are great!

These are a great stepping stone to teaching my twins to drink out of real cups. It took a few tries for them to get it, but they are using them now with no problem.

Britney Carlotta, CA

Work well for the kitchen table and snacks

These work well for our purposes. My 3 year old has only ever used these and straw cups. We have trained her from the beginning to keep cups upright when she sets them down. That is important with these, because if you let them lay on their side they will leak a little bit (2-5 drops of water). She only drinks water so it’s not a big deal if they do leak for us. We got them because she frequently knocks over a true "big girl cup" at the table, which would usually cause her to cry and it would interrupt our meals. If she knocks these over there is not a mess to clean up, she can just swipe up the drop or two with her napkin and move on. For travel in the car I stick to camel backs and straw cups to prevent leaking of water.

Lakesha Magnolia Springs, AL

Cute cup, but the lid feature disappoints

The point of this cup is to allow your toddler to drink from a "regular" cup without allowing them to spill the contents all over your floors, themselves, or whatever else you’re trying to keep from total destruction. The problem is that my daughter could not figure out how to get water out of this cup, and I had a hard enough time myself that I don’t blame her. The cups are cute though and we just use them without the lid feature (with mom close by to make sure she doesn’t drench herself).

Blanche Mount Laurel, NJ


I was so excited to try these. But both cups leaked no matter how I adjusted the lids. It is a significant amount of leakage. They are basically paperweights. I tried to contact the company and they never got back to me. What a waste of money.

Alexandra North Las Vegas, NV