Sassy Happy Hippo Bath Shower Spray

Sassy Happy Hippo Bath Shower Spray

The Happy Hippo Bath Spray attaches to your kitchen or bath tub faucets. An extra long 48 hose makes rinsing baby easier. This attaches to any kitchen or bathtub faucet. The 48″ long hose makes rinsing baby easier and it has the funny Happy Hippo character. This is a temperature sensing hippo. This is recommended for age’s birth.”

Main features

  • Attaches to any kitchen or bathtub faucet
  • The 48″ long hose makes rinsing baby easier
  • Has the funny happy hippo character
  • Temperature sensing hippo
  • Recommended for ages birth

Verified reviews


Can’t get it on my tub

I can’t seem to get this to fit on my tub at all so it has been totally useless. If you don’t have a standard shape spout, I don’t know if this will work.

Angel Divide, CO

Is Your Child the Only One Using the Bathtub…

This is a cute idea, but the execution and overall usefulness leave much to be desired. My daughter purchased this when her son was transitioning from his infant bathtub to an inflatible tub that would fit in the regular bathtub. She thought this shower spray would help with the bathing process and that it was cute. Although difficult to attach to the faucet, the Sassy did fit onto the 20 year old fixture and did not leak. The spray was not forceful which was a positive as her son got used to being bathed in the big tub.Unfortunately, that tub in which the Sassy was being used was the one in the guest bathroom. Thus, whenever she has guests the Sassy Shower Spray must be removed from the faucet or the pressure from the main shower head would blow it off the faucet and cause damage to the Sassy. Additionally, there is the question of durability since the Sassy must be removed and put back onto the faucet repeatedly. It is plastic and does not feel particularly sturdy.I would suggest purchasing one of the hand-held shower heads on Amazon rather than the Sassy Shower Spray. Those products are of higher quality construction, do not require removal for someone other than the baby or child’s usage, and provide greater value for the consumer. However, if your infant or small child is the only person using a particular bathtub or if you need something to fill an Amazon order so that you get free shipping, this might be something you consider. Otherwise, there are much better products on the market.

Tonia Clarkridge, AR

Does not attatch to faucet well

I’ve read all the other reviews even the ones that say this is supposed to go over the shower head. It does not work on the shower head at all on my shower and it will not work with my faucet becuase the shower spout is at the very back of the faucet and water squirts everywhere. If I want it to work I have to replace the faucet so that the shower spout is at the very front so the bath sprayer will fit over it.

Patrica West Greene, AL

Complete Useless

Waste my $$$!!..Can fit but water keep leaking out fr the rubber ring..Cannot return because it is openedI am stuck with it.. but I like the hippo.. kinda cuteWont recommend to anyone

Cherie Malden On Hudson, NY

Does not fit my tub

I had high hopes for this sprayer. However, the part that attaches to the tub does not work with either tub faucet I have. In fact I am not sure what tub faucet would work with this unit. It may work with a sink, but that defeated the purpose for me.

Darla Niwot, CO