Sassy Harmonization Fascination Station Suction Toy

Sassy Harmonization Fascination Station Suction Toy

The Harmonization Fascination Station had four separate sections with bright colors, cute bug characters and various textures invite baby’s touch. Purple bug plays music as it spins. The sturdy suction cup base attaches to a high chair tray or flat surface. The toy can also be removed from base for hand-held play.

Main features

  • Paint free
  • Inspires hearing
  • Different textures inspire Baby’s touch
  • The big purple bug plays music as it spins
  • Has a suction cup base that attaches to baby’s highchair or stroller

Verified reviews


Needs other songs!

The level of music is pleasant enough, and it is a cute little song. The problem I have with it, is it plays the same song, two different versions of it, but still the same song. Other than that it is pretty good. For these suction cup toys I just use wipe a little condensation off of my water glass because it doesn’t take very much moisture to get them to stick.

Beth Birmingham, NJ

Does NOT spin! Scary Music!

The suction cup is horrible, does not stick for more then a few seconds. The toy is off balanced and will not spin more then a half spin. Be careful of the black and white part/spinning toy, fingers can get caught not much clearance room between the two parts. It removes from the suction base, so baby can just pull it right off. It is NOT easy to clean and has creepy music!

Vivian Oakton, VA

Sassy Harmonization Fascination Station Suction Toy

We bought three of the Sassy Suction toys for our 3-month old. Out of all three, she likes the one with noise (with a spider on it), then the illumination one, then the plain one. But, she does really like them all, but when we put all 3 in front of her on her little bumbo table, she plays with them in that order, usually the one with noise most, but then when we start hitting the other ones for her, she’ll move onto them. The toys also can come apart from the suction cup, which can be used with those colorful hooks to be hooked up on a jungle gym or activity jumper to dangle. These don’t seem like she’ll tire from them easily, so I envision bringing them to restaurants to play with, or anywhere else they can be suctioned to.

Myrna Pueblo, CO

Fun to play with, but don’t work in theory

Although it’s a great idea…I have found that these toys do not stick to many surfaces very well. Even my 1 year old can easily get them off the table and quickly onto the floor. Basically they are just a regular toy to us now and don’t serve the purpose I had hoped for.

Kirsten Kaibito, AZ

Not worth it

My 6 month old got this for Christmas. It’s cute and fun looking but it doesn’t work. First of all, there’s no way to turn off the one piece that makes noise. And in the middle of the night I can hear the thing going off for no apparent reason on the floor below. As if that weren’t annoying enough, the thing doesn’t stay stuck to her high chair. She rips it off immediately each time I put it on. We don’t even try to use it with her anymore. I wouldn’t buy this for anyone, it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

Ina South Bound Brook, NJ

Really likes it

I bought this to attach to my 7 mo. old son’s bumbo-chair (he has the attached feeding top) and he loves it. Others have mentioned the music can’t shut off, but honestly it’s not very loud or annoying. It also sticks very well for me.

Victoria Saline, LA

Both pleased and disappointed

My 5-month-old daughter loved this toy and had some great play time with it the first day, but the music stopped working on day #2 and that made her lose interest in it. And, as the previous reviewer said, the suction cup base doesn’t work well. On our high chair tray, which is smooth plastic, it stays stuck for about a minute and then loses suction and topples over.

Christie Ellsworth, IL

Cute! Great for taking to resturants

We took this toy with us to restaurants and it always kept our kids busy. We used the suction cup to stick it to the table and did not have to worry about that game kids love to play – throw it, have the parents to pick it up and throw it again! Also it wasn’t obnoxiously loud either, so it did not bother other diners when we were out.

Glenda Reeders, PA

Good but One Major Flaw for a HighChair Toy

The toy seemed great at first but I shortly realized it’s downfall.First the positives:-Bright and colorful.-Fun noise/music that my baby girl loves.-Lots of different parts to keep her easily amused.-Suction works fine-DurableNegative:The toy EASILY comes out of the suction base.I bought this so my (5 month old) daughter would have a toy to play with in her highchair that does not require me to pick it up off the floor every 2 minutes. If the toy was permanently attached to the base it would be the perfect highchair toy. But it doesn’t and I am still on the hunt for a good highchair toy.

Kelsey Swisshome, OR


The sounds this toy makes are so annoying and the sensor is so sensitive that the darn thing will play while on a shelf in the closet. The sounds stopped w/in a month (maybe sooner). The toy removes from the suction cup (great since the suction works poorly) but it is too bulky (hurts when getting clocked in the head).

Angelita Spillville, IA