Sassy Illumination Station

Sassy Illumination Station

Illumination Station teaches baby cause-and-effect, letting baby push, play, spin and grasp. The unique textures, shapes and materials are available for baby to explore and differentiate. The light-up ball engages the concept of cause-and-effect, and the suction cup on the bottom lets baby attach to highchair or table surface.

Main features

  • 2 toys in 1: Suction base for use on highchair or table surface, removable rotating toy for carry along
  • Spinning Ferris Wheel fascinates baby with spinning elements
  • Baby can bat at station to cause action
  • Polka-dot ball lights up when spin to introduce concept of cause & effect
  • Multi-texture handle is great for mouthing

Verified reviews



As an adult, this toy is ok, but my 4 month old son likes it so….You have to be sure you have a dab of water on the suction cup for it to stick and not be pulled from the table surface. I saw this item for sale some where on the web for almost $50 and I have no idea why! Here, the item was inexpensive. We take it with us to a restaurant to keep baby entertained.One thing to note, only the round pink ball illuminates. When it ‘feels’ movement the white dots light up an eventually go off when movement stops. It is pretty sensitive, which is good, on the other hand in the diaper bag the light comes on with every movement, though probably not enough to run the battery down.

Erin Ruth, NV

Great toy but don’t buy it if you are relying on the suction cup!

As many other reviewers have noted, the suction cup is terrible!! I’ve tried all of the tricks people suggested….cleaning it thoroughly, using water to wet it first, etc. NOTHING keeps it in place. If you remove the toy from the base, it’s a great toy that lights up and rattles and my now 11 month old still enjoys it. However, I had purchased it to keep him occupied in his highchair and stroller and it has not served that purpose at all. I might also add that if you have a little one that has a tendency to be rough on things, this toy is large enough to hurt if it’s pulled from the base directly back into their face. My son did that once and it was enough for me to stop using the base all together.

Lee Charter Oak, IA

Toy can be pulled from suction cup

For me, the whole point of buying a suction toy, is that you can suction it to the highchair and the baby can not throw it off and onto the floor repeatedly. However, the black and white striped section (ie the entire toy) can just be yanked out of the blue suction section by my 4 mth old girl and thrown onto the floor. So the whole thing is pointless. I returned it.

Shari Newton, MA

Doesn’t stay “stuck”

This is cute and my babies like to play with it, but it does not stay stuck down to the highchair tray. The light up ball only stays lit for a second or two.

Robert Delong, IN

Does not hold suction

I bought this toy for my 1 year old. She loves toys that spin. This toy will hold suction for about a minute while she is playing with it. And doesn’t hold for much longer when not being played with. I have tried to stick it to her high chair and walker trays. Very disappointed in this toy.

Lacey Oak Creek, CO


I bought this toy for my son when he was five months old because he was getting bored sitting in his high chair while I was in the kitchen. He’s very interested in it and would love to play with it; unfortunately, it DOES NOT STICK. NO MATTER WHAT. I’ve tried every trick in the book. We have another high chair toy (theSassy Developmental Wonder Wheel Suction Toy) that sticks just fine with a little water under it. This one, though? Nope. And my son (now six months) wouldn’t care much about that– he just picks it up and gnaws on it) except that it’s so heavy he has a hard time holding it. More often than not, he’ll try to play with it, drop it because it’s too heavy, and end up frustrated and annoyed.The worst part, though, isn’t the waste of money on a toy he really can’t play with– it’s that more often than not, he’ll drop it over the side of the high chair, or knock it off trying to play with it. BANG! It scares the heck out of him (then he starts crying), and when it happens during the early morning, the noise wakes up his dad or big brother in other rooms of our apartment. Extremely disappointed with this toy. The only reason this got two stars instead of one is that I hope, as my son gets bigger and stronger, he’ll be able to play with this (without the useless suction cup) on the floor with his other toys.

Lara Wilbur, OR

it’s ok

We had other stations so we decided to get this one. My daughter has no interest in it really because it’s kind of boring. The ones with sounds are much better. This would be better if the light was brighter or if it had different color lights. You really wouldn’t notice the light on the ball in a well lit room.

Cora Orwigsburg, PA

We love this toy, just wish it had better suction.

This is a great toy and I credit it for helping ease the transition into solids/high chair use. My boys love it but they do get frustrated when it flys off the tray. The only flaw is with the suction.

Cecelia Dumfries, VA

It’s an okay toy.

This toy doesn’t stick well to surfaces. My baby can pull it off of stuff and is only 8 months old. However, it does entertain baby for a few minutes while it’s laying down. So it could use some improvements.

Rosella Trade, TN


My 5 month old son loves the lighted ball. Its not super bright or intense but it definatly catches his eye and keeps him interacting with the toy. I can really apperciate the fact that you can stick it to a surface or you can take the suction off and just let him hold the toy.

Brandi Mayslick, KY


she loves it. the suction cup sticks well and she can pull and tug it and it stays put. Great buy

Dolly Pomeroy, IA

Not bad, but as mentioned the suction doesn’t hold

This is a great concept. My 8 month old loves to play with things while in his high chair, but he drops everything on the floor. I thought this would be great so he can’t drop it. He does like it, but I’ll stick it on the high chair (using water, cleaning the surface with alcohol, I even tried this on my tile kitchen table to no avail) and a few seconds later I’ll hear it tumble to the floor. The most it’s ever held is five minutes. I’ve just taken it out of the base, and put some links on it to attach it to the high chair so he can’t drop it all the way to the floor. It does spin a little oddly, probably because the light up ball is a bit heavy. But that seems to be what catches his attention; he doesn’t seem to interested in the other spinning components. If the suction part was stronger, it would be a great toy.

Marietta Bernalillo, NM

Our baby’s favorite toy!

This is our baby’s favorite toy and we use it on her high chair during feeding time as it makes for a perfect distraction (so she’s not grabbing the spoon and throwing food everywhere ;)My only complaint is that the suction cup doesn’t work very well on all surfaces – it loses its power after a time.

Patti Alpha, KY

Suction cup sucks

The suction cup doesn’t stick at all. The other suction toys work just fine. Seems to be cheap plastic/not stretchy enough

Lindsey Chase Mills, NY

Fun but top heavy and poor suction

I purchased this to keep my son busy in his high chair. At 5 months, he didn’t know any better than to just grab at it and was able to easily pull it over. Now at six months he is getting the gist of spinning the various parts but still pulls it over, usually onto his lap. The suction is not sufficient for the weight of the toy. It’s still a fun distraction though, just one that requires mom to constantly put it back in place.

Rene Sauk Centre, MN

high chair toy

This is a great high chair toy to keep my twins entertained when I am getting food ready, cleaning one up, etc – the only thing that could be better is a better suction cup – my 8 month old twins can both pull them up which then makes them something they can hit themselves in the head with

Marianne Russells Point, OH

Better versions of this out there.

We have the Sassy Developmental Wonder Wheel Suction Toy by Sassy, which my son loves since he was only a few months old. So we bought this version thinking he would like it just as much. He’s just not that into it. It’s a lot less well made. The suction is not good, the spinning is not great either.

Louella Everett, MA


I bought this toy for an airplane ride with a small child. It worked great, but this toy is very sensitive. It lived in my son’s room for a while and every time I’d walk past it, it’d turn on. Eventually we got sick of it flashing its lights all the time and got rid of it.

Ava Flora, LA

The perfect toy for babies waiting for food

This toy is awesome. I have twins and I only had one. It is so popular I had to buy another. It’s great for when they are in their high chairs and I am fixing their meal. They can play with that. Make sure you put a dab of water under the suction so it sticks. For any suction cup you use for anything that’s the only way you can make it stick. This thing is so versatile we have even put it through the dishwasher! Not sure how the illuniation still works but it does. It’s money well spent!!!!

Rochelle Swain, NY

Good highchair toy

Good highchair toy. Not as good as the other sassy suction toys. The light up bulb makes it lopsided so it doesn’t spin well.

Wilda Fithian, IL

suction is terrible, too bad because it could be great

my son loved this toy the second i stuck it to his high chair table….and then it popped off. the suction on this is shockingly terrible (especially since on it won an award, did anyone test it?). i thought maybe it was our high chair, but then trying it on 3 other surfaces i’m blaming the suction cup. Too bad because i can tell he would love it. we’ll end up using it for a fun play toy off the suction cup but too bad as i bought it for the high chair and out at restaurants.

Joann Hyder, AK


I loved the concept of this item and was looking for something that we could use on the high chair and at restaurants. However, we haven’t gotten it to be of any practical use, and that makes me sad. First off, I can’t, for the life of me, get the thing to actually stick to anything with the suction cup. It’ll stick for like 2 minutes tops, and then fall off, and that’s if you don’t even touch it. Additionally, my little one pulls the entire thing off of it’s base. It’s not very sturdy. We’ve put it away.

Glenda Long Lake, MN

Good toy in thoery

This toy does not stick well to my son’s tray on the high chair. If it did stick it would be a great toy.

Kathy Gibbon, NE

Doesn’t Suction Well, but Baby Loves It!

I bought this item to put on the high chair tray to give my little one something to play with as I cooked dinner and did chores in the kitchen. The good news is she Loves it! The bad news (which isn’t so bad for me) is that she can pull it off the tray and put it right into her mouth. She is in the teething phase at just about 5 months. She cares less about whether it goes round and round and more about how to get it into her mouth. She loves the music it plays and I guess it tastes good to, because the suction never lasts more than a minute or so. I would purchase this again. It will be interesting to see how she uses it as she gets older and the round and round becomes interesting.

Bertie Casnovia, MI

Our 3mth old loves it

I registered for this on our baby registry without reading the whole description. I just wanted a suction toy for the highchair to help keep our son occupied during dinner. Our son definitely prefers this over the wonder wheel. Not even cause it lights up. He is just way more interested in all the different shapes, textures & moving parts. I also just realized it comes off the suction cup and I can use a link to hang it from his playmat! He loves batting at it and watching it move. We have brought it to restaurants since it doesnt have any obnoxious noises. This is definitely one of his favorites. I would recommend it to friends.

Laverne New Bedford, IL

This is a great toy

Really engaged my baby, ever since he could sit up enough to reach it. I like that it comes off the base and can be hung or used without the stand. The base sticks really well if you wet it really well and put on a clean surface, except that my son’s getting strong enough to pull it off. But that took months. I guess that’s just growing up!!

Virginia Englewood, NJ

Only for non-porous surfaces!

This worked great for us on our cruise. We used it when my son was 9 months old to entertain him during the long dinners. It stuck to the tables in the buffet and on the dining room tables when we slid the table cloth up. Some Carnival ships (with the "new" dining) have smooth topped tables. It won’t work on most cruise lines because they use the banquet style tables which are not smooth. This product needs a smooth, nonporous surface to stick to.

Kelli Frazeysburg, OH

A spinning toy that grows with your child

I bought this along with a similar one that plays songs and makes different noises when moved. I think the suction is just right and does hold for a while. It is also a great toy for suctioning to the tray of a stroller. I also like the feature that the toy itself can be removed from the suction base. My grandson has never really used this as a teether…he is more fascinated in being able to spin the smaller items as well as spinning the whole thing. At almost 10 months now, he still loves these toys and has become more intent in focusing on HOW each item moves. For a baby that loves toys that spin or turn, I truly think this was my best purchase ever!!!

Loraine Greenville, IA

It’s okay, but it doesn’t stay stuck down

It’s okay. It doesn’t stay stuck down at all. I also don’t like that it’s weighted unevenly. The round ball that is supposed to light up, and does so only very occasionally, is heavier and so always swings to the bottom. I hung it from some plastic chain and my Grandson likes it okay. It’s too heavy for him to hold and play with, and as I said, it doesn’t stay stuck down to anything for even a second so hanging it from the plastic chain is about the only option.

Lilian Smithton, IL

Pretty good

Its a little heavy and doesn’t stick well to high chair table. My son throws it. Likes playing with it and the colors.

Mellisa Mill Creek, WV