Sassy Jitter Bugs Toy

Sassy Jitter Bugs Toy

Pull down this fun Jitter Bug and watch it jiggle back up! Features high contrast colors providing visual focus while bright colors inspire fascination. The adjustable VELCRO® brand closure straps makes it easy to attach to most carriers.

Main features

  • High contrast black and white provides visual focus while bright colors inspire fascination
  • Adjustable velcro straps attach to most carriers
  • Pull down and jiggle back up
  • Assortment of characters

Verified reviews


It’s a Winner!

This Sassy jitterbug is super-cute and it even won a Gold Seal award from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. The colors are very bright, and the use of black lines and dots really adds a lot of appeal. Jitterbug has big, bold black eyes and a smile and cute attennaes sticking out of it’s head. It’s crinkly wings are black-and-white striped and the bottoms of it’s feet are black and white polk-a-dotted. Very eye-appealing. I also like how it has a velcro-loop for attaching it to things, so you don’t have to depend on one of those link-thingys. It jitters and rattles pleasingly upward after baby pulls the bug down. My grandson really likes this toy.

Jackie Roanoke, VA

Baby’s Favorite!

I bought this on a whim thinking it was cute. This is my baby’s favorite toy and has been since he was 2 months old! I always have it on his car seat, because if he gets upset when we’re in the car this toy is the one thing that distracts him and calms him down. He loves the spotted feet and smiley face. It vibrates on the way up, after you pull the draw string. The wings crinkle when you squeeze them. There is also a jingle ball inside to rattle. The stringy legs are nice and easy to work with for my baby’s developing grasp. Having a baby with special needs, I’ve noticed that not many toys interest him = work = development. This is a keeper! Love this toy!

Lindsay Whitlash, MT

Great Toy

My son was in love with this toy the moment he got it as a Christmas gift when he was just a month old. Great toy, very safe to take in the car. The crinkle wings are awesome and the toy gets even better when your baby figures out how to pull the bug down and watch it vibrate back up. I’m on Amazon to buy another one and figured I would write a review while I was at it. Yes, I’m buying two of the same thing…one for each vehicle 🙂

Terri Salisbury, NH

My son’s FAVORITE TOY until 6 months

I don’t know what it is about this toy, but my son was IN LOVE with it. I took him to the store at around a couple months old, and he picked this toy out (I held up a bunch of similar toys, and his eyes lit up and he tried to grab it). We called it “ladybug” and he was obsessed with it. In fact, we had to buy one for him to play with at home, one for the car, and one for grandma’s house. Eventually we had 4 of these things. We only had one get “overpulled” and stay stuck down so that it didn’t “jitter”. My son would hear the word “ladybug” and his eyes would light up and he would get excited. There are two colors, and his favorite was the one with the red face and polka dot wings. He didn’t love the purple faced one as much. He’s 10 months old now and we have one attached to the side of his crib, and he still loves grabbing ladybug and pulling on it!

Charlene Bronxville, NY

4 month old LOVES it

Caitlin Centerville, NY

Love this toy

My 5 month old loves this toy. The vibrating feature makes him giggle; he stares at the bright colors, and he loves the crinkling sounds when he grabs. it.

Lora Romance, AR

Still a favorite at 8 months

We gave this to my son as a toy to take with us to eat out when he was a few months old. Now, he’s 8 months and still loves it. We strap it to his wrist or the high chair to keep it from being tossed on the floor. I’ve had to wash it a few times though when I forget and he drops it in dirty stuff. I wash it by hand and toss it in the dryer. It still vibrates just fine. He loves the dangly legs.Just an edit, my son is one year old now and still goes back to this toy periodically to play with it.

Deana Mound, MN

Baby’s favorite, buying a spare

This little bug is my 4 month old girl’s favorite toy. She has been in love with it ever since her eyes could focus. The big black and white eyes and the antennas get her attention every time! Now that she is starting to grab things with her hands, this is still her favorite because of his polka-dotted feet! I am buying a “twin” so that if we ever lose him we won’t have a crisis on our hands! Definitely recommended! (Note: The jitterbug I received was a different color than the picture. I was not aware that colors could vary, but the baby loves it just as much as the original.)

Nadine Caseville, MI