Sassy Ladybug Teethers Developmental Toy, 2 Pack, Colors May Vary

Sassy Ladybug Teethers Developmental Toy, 2 Pack, Colors May Vary

Sassy’s Ladybug Teethers inspires communication. It is perfectly sized for baby to easily hold. Textural variety, including water, provides mouthing exploration. Bold, rich red and orange colors for Baby are ever developing vision.

Main features

  • Water-filled area for teething
  • Contrasting textures to touch & explore
  • Bright colors aid baby’s focus
  • Easy for baby to hold
  • Variety of bold colors

Verified reviews


Works Great As An Icepack

I can’t speak to how these work for teething, but they make an excellent cold pack! My daughter is in love with icepacks and needs one for every possible “injury” (which is everything from tripping over the cat to sneezing) and these work great for that. We keep them in the fridge for easy access and she can immediately apply them to her bonked head, stubbed toe, or imaginary boo-boo. Ours came in red and purple and the plastic seems to be good quality.

Ladonna Center, KY

These are the best

Our baby starting teething early and was very cranky so we bought a bunch of different teethers for her to try. These are the ones that worked the best. They are flat and light so were very easy for her to hold and chew on even when she was around four months old. Plus it seems the “give” on these is just right so they soothe her teeth and gums. Some of the others we purchased were too hard or the surface was too scratchy. When her teeth came in, they were so sharp and she chewed on these so ferociously that I was initially concerned she would puncture the material as they are filled with liquid. But although the surface is now scratched over, they have held up just fine. At 11 months, her molars are coming in and these still seem to quiet her more effectively than a washcloth or the other teethers we have (including much more expensive ones like Sophie the Giraffe). They can be cleaned and dried quickly, which is another plus in my book for an item that needs frequent sanitization. Highly recommended!Just as an aside, the picture for this item on Amazon shows three teethers but these come in a pack of two.

Minnie Nunapitchuk, AK

A bit hard to hold on to.

PROS:These teethers have a lot of “teething surface,” unlike a lot of teethers that have more hard plastic than soft gel or water. They also freeze pretty quickly, under and hour. They’re also really cute, and small enough to tuck in a pocket in your diaper bag.CONS:The tops of these teethers are rounded, so when my kids bite down on them they tend to slip out of their mouths. This is remedied somewhat by having the textured side facing up, but still a bit of a problem since they can’t really get a good bite on them. This only happens if you freeze them though; if they’re thawed, then it just collapses. Also, I’ve had a couple problems with the plastic bubbling out when I freeze it. This does go away when they thaw, but it still worries me that later down the road they might crack or get a hole in them.All in all, this does a good job of numbing my babies’ gums when we’re waiting for the tylenol to kick in, but they can’t really “teethe” on it until it thaws. When it’s not frozen, though, it’s great for that.

Ester Sautee Nacoochee, GA

NOT supposed to go in the freezer!

I am writing this review because a couple of the reviews had mentioned putting them in the freezer. However, upon arrival, the package says refrigerator only (so freeze at your own risk!). Having said that, these teethers are cute. I was surprised that they were softer than some of our others. I initially thought it might come apart when I gave it to little one, but so far both teethers have held up well. I was disappointed with not being able to freeze them, but baby girl likes them because there is lots of teething room and she likes to chew on the antenna, so I guess they are a hit after all.Update:Had to change from 4 to 5 stars. We lost a ladybug and had to re-order so little one would have more than one!

Chelsea Roanoke, AL

Great product!

I’m very happy with this purchase. My 8 month old niece loves holding and sucking on these, and she liked it even better after I put one of them in the freezer for 20 minutes. I like knowing that the ladybugs are paint-free and safe for her to gnaw on.

Ericka Hulls Cove, ME

Cool Teether

I was searching for different types of teethers because it seemed my son wanted to chew on something more flat vs something bubbly. I was excited when I found these. When they arrived, I tried to boil them to sterilize. Wrong idea. They started to melt. I pulled them out in time, so no damage was done. I let them cool and they returned to the original state. Lucky me. I gave them to my son and he was more interested in the antenna part than the flat part. He did play and still does play with these from time to time. Didn’t get as much use out of them as I thought I would. But I still really like these. They were easy for him to hold and they are easy to clean. I have another baby due in December so he will get his go at them too! Even though he didn’t use them as intended I don’t feel like I wasted money.

Michell Bishop, VA

Sturdy, inexpensive and easy to use.

We bought these to add more variety and choice to our son’s toy bucket. He is 8 months old, and everything goes straight into his mouth. These are easy for him to hold, and they are pretty sturdy. He doesn’t have teeth yet, but is a pretty tough chewer and hasn’t made any visible wear on these. I took off a star because these would be a bit better if they had a handle or something else to help hold it.

Rocio Colfax, WV


I got these for my daughter and so far she likes them pretty well. I started giving them to her around 3.5 months to gnaw on. Since these shouldn’t be frozen they don’t get super cold but I think that’s probably a good thing, my little one is more tolerant of it that way. These are a pretty decent size about 2 3/4 inches in diameter, so easy enough for her to hold. The only thing is the antenna are pretty hard and since they stick out that;s what she goes for immediately. The package I got had red and orange, they are very cute and pack well into my diaper bag too! I would recommend these or give as gifts.

Geraldine Valley Spring, TX

Perfect size for little hands !

Great teethers ! Easy for our teething 6 month old to hold and chew on. They retain their cold from the freezer/refrigerator just fine and they are easy to wash !

Ginger Bay City, OR