Sassy Less Mess Toddler Self-Feeding Spoon BLUE

Sassy Less Mess Toddler Self-Feeding Spoon BLUE

According to many parents, these angled spoons are easier for kids to grip and guide, which leads to greater self-feeding success! And they further reduce frustration (not to mention mess), thanks to clever holes that keep food from spilling. The toddler spoons’ soft bowls are gentle on gums, and the chunky handles are sized for little hands. Top-rack dishwasher safe. For ages 9 months and up. Due to the design of this product, these spoons are not recommended for left-handed children. Baby self-feeding spoon measures 4 1/4″L x 1″W x 1/2″H Toddler spoons are BPA and phthalate free

Main features

  • Color: Blue
  • 2 spoons per pack.
  • BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe.
  • For ages 6+ months.

Verified reviews


NOT for left-handed children

I really like the idea of these spoons; however, they are clearly meant for right-handed children. Frankly, I’m surprised that Sassy doesn’t make a version for lefties. Apart from the design flaw, the spoons are well constructed and cute. If your child is right-handed, I would definitely recommend giving these a try, if not, don’t bother.

Rosalinda Radersburg, MT

Why the holes?

I have been looking around for good “learning” eating utensils for my daughter so have been picking up new ones here and there trying out different designs and what not.Pros:CheapLight weightCan’t hurt herself with themEasy for her to graspCons:There are holes in the spoons. I know the pictures show holes and it was no surprise but being a new Dad I didn’t think much about it when I purchased them. The problem is food gets stuck in the holes. Not always enough to fully plug the hole but inside and on the edges if you look close. Maybe I’m a bit of a freak about it, but they are tough to clean. It’s hard for me to feel like the are actually clean.In the end I don’t feel bad for buying these. They were very cheap, but I probably would not buy them again, and I wouldn’t suggest them to anybody unless they knew the cleaning issues that could come in to play.

Elisha Pounding Mill, VA

Great Idea….need one for Left Handers

This is a great product. I bought it for my 2 year old (who is now 4). I liked the holes in the spoon, which made it easier for our little one to use. When using them he got the food in his mouth easier than with a traditional spoon.Unfortunately it was my over sight that our son is left handed and this is a right handed product. This caused him to discard the spoons after a few uses.

Melody Mc Connelsville, OH

more clutter

it is a sad thing when you are a first time parent and don’t really know how or what you need to do to help your little one.i bought these spoons with the intention of helping my son learn to self feed, it will soon be a year since they have been sitting in the drawer!! the other day my husband saw them and remarked what a waste of money these were.the first issue i had with these that caused me not to use them is that they are not deep enough to hold much of anything- and my son gets frustrated if he isn’t getting enough food to make a proper “mouth full”.and the more i think of these the more i realize how silly they are- indeed the holes can make for a tough clean up routine when food gets in…i really don’t know what else to say to parents looking at these except “move along”…

Lilly Hensley, AR

Great Design

These are wonderfully designed spoons for toddlers. The design helps little kids grip the spoons better and helps them get more food actually into their mouths. It also helps encourage kids when learning to feed themselves. The easier it is for them the less likely they are to get frustrated. It’s important to note that these are made for right-handed kids. I haven’t had occasion to look it up myself but I would be surprised if a large company like Sassy didn’t make a left-handed version as well.

Cecilia Coolspring, PA

Less Mess Toddler Spoon

Other spoons had handles too long; the bowls of some were too wide.These are perfect for little hands as they learn to control self-feeding. I have been very pleased.

Mildred Fredericksburg, VA

Annoying to Clean but works

It does hold the food pretty well in the spoon because of the holes, but it is a pain to clean. I recommend always rinsing it right after use or you’ll be using a toothpick to clean out all the food stuck in the holes in the spoon.

Tara Elk, CA

Great for righties!

We love these spoons. They are so easy for my daughter to use, and we don’t spill as much as a regular straight-handled one. The only reason I rated these 4 stars is because they don’t work for lefties.

Mary Hiram, MO

Great learning spoon

I bought these spoons for my one year old, the curve in the spoon really helps her to get the food in her mouth. Although the product would be better if they were a little larger and didn’t have holes.

Letitia Assumption, IL

Less mess

Easier to get into a 14-month-old mouth with her own hand.The flatness is so good because she doesn’t really know which side is up, anyway. The perforations are for the same reason.This can’t be your only spoon in the house, but it’s good for purees.

Christina Warners, NY

Worst spoons for a toddler

If you notice these spoons are for right handed children only. So if your child is left handed they will not work. Since most toddlers switch back and forth between hands these spoons make it very difficult for them to feed themselves with their left hand. We use them at daycare and I can’t stand them. I am left handed and found it difficult to eat using these spoons. The children also have difficulty eating with them. I do not reccomend them at all.

Mellisa Ojai, CA

Love these!

These really helped our 10 month old son get the concept of using a spoon. The straight spoons were too complicated and he didn’t have much success with them. Using these curved spoons rewarded his efforts and after a couple of months, he was able to use a normal spoon more easily. We still often give him these (at 15 months old), however, because we think he does a better job getting the food into his mouth with them than with a straight spoon. Great for yogurt or cereal or mashed food because the holes sort of grip the food. Wish I’d gotten them even sooner! The spoons have shown no wear and handle the dishwashe well. The only marks on them are from his teeth where he has chewed them a little – par for the course!

Katrina Winter Beach, FL

Love these spoons

Great for my 16 month old who wants to feed himself. Great for yogurt. He gets more in his mouth with these than any other spoons–with less mess. I have not had any trouble cleaning them. He is right handed–will not work for lefties.

Kathryn Sale Creek, TN

Work great

My daughter is so eager to try and feed herself and none of the spoons we had were working well at all. These spoons are great and have defintely helped her to get more food in her mouth. The angle is perfect!

Clare Galloway, WV

Great spoons

Had these since 2010. Used by 2 kids. Great spoons. Wet food stick in spoon. Easy for child to hold and feed themselves.

Bridgett Niobrara, NE

Perfect for Self-feeding

These spoons are great for right-handed children who are learning to self-feed. My son uses it to eat thicker purees that I make him and to eat oatmeal for breakfast. I am not sure if the holes help the food stay on the spoon as advertised (my 16-month old son still makes a mess eating by himself), but the angle is great for getting the spoon into the mouth. I also recommend rinsing the spoon right after meal time so that no residue gets stuck in the spoon’s holes.

Celia Ottawa, KS

Works great but sent pink

Ordered blue, they sent pink. I kept them. I don’t think I tried to contact the company. They work fine. But I found my son doesn’t really need the curved spoons. He picked up on feeding himself with regular kid spoons pretty quick.

Georgia Wheatland, PA

Five Stars

These are great spoons – our baby loves them. Very sturdy, unless the dog chews on them. 🙁

Peggy Bay, AR

Great spoons for beginner feeders!

I bought these, and also the Boon benders spoon and I love these best. My son is 15 months and he had a hard time feeding himself (of course he really wanted to though) until we got these. they are angled perfectly, and the handle is large and easy to hold. I was worried the holes would get food stuck in them and be hard to clean, but I have not had a problem with that yet. I highly recommend them.

Cherie Colonial Beach, VA

Sassy spoons work great!

My daughter uses these spoons for self feeding, and I think it is really helping her with it. The angle in the handle delivers the food easier, and the holes in the spoon help keep the food on longer on the way to her mouth. She is doing great at 16 months! Wish these were cheaper, so I could buy more.

Nora Glenwood, NC