Sassy Less Mess Training Spoon, Colors May Vary

Sassy Less Mess Training Spoon, Colors May Vary

The sassy less mess training spoon is a great training tool for your baby. The easy grip handle teaches your child to hold utensils in either hand. Guards on the end of the mouth piece provide physical and visual cues to help your child get the spoon in their mouth. The holes in the spoon are to keep the food on the spoon longer. Such a great tool to allow child to self feed using limited motor skills. The soft material will not hurt their gums or face. Colors may vary.Easy grip handleGuards make it easy for your child to get the spoon in their mouthSoft material won’t hurt your child’s gumsDishwasher safeColors may vary

Main features

  • Easy grip handle
  • Guards make it easy for your child to get the spoon in their mouth
  • Soft material won’t hurt your child’s gums
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors/color combinations: pink or blue

Verified reviews


Perfect for babies

I’m ordering more of these spoons, as one just isn’t enough! We’re doing baby led weaning & needed a spoon my 6 month old could use herself (we preload it). This is great because it’s easy for her to hold, soft for when she bites on it, & the guard prevents her from putting it too far in. I think we’ll be able to use it for a while, & think it’s definitely worth the price.

Tia Buffalo, KS

Prefect for uncordinated little hands

We recieved this as a gift when our DD turned 6 months and it is perfect. She loves to try to feed herself but always gags herself with the spoon. With this she can hold it easily and put it in her mouth without gagging herself. For now she mostly just plays with it while I do the actual feeding but she is slowly getting the idea of how it works. We have had her using it at every meal for about two weeks now and today she started trying to scoop up food with it to put in her own mouth so Id say its a great training tool for little ones. Just be prepared it will be a fun but messy time for all!!

Rosalia Perth, ND

Happy Baby!

I got this for my then 6month old who would always try to grab the spoon while I was feeding him. He can’t gag himself with it, and it keeps his hands busy while i feed him.

Marci Spring Glen, NY


This spoon was the first one my little guy used and it works great. He still likes to eat from it at 18 months.

Nichole Newton, TX

My toddler’s spoon of choice!

I have more than a few different toddler spoons in my cupboard–including theSassy Baby Less Mess Toddler Spoon, theNUK Gerber BPA Free Graduates Scoopin Spoon, and theNUK Gerber Graduates Soft Bite Spoon For Toddler–and the Sassy spoon is the one that he has the best results with! I think the best part is that he can easily grab the handle with his whole hand–and the handle’s rubberized texture also helps with holding it. I highly recommend trying this spoon!

Sandy Tuscarawas, OH

Great Purchase

We love this spoon! I have 6 month old twin girls. I also have to make sure I grab a regular baby spoon and this one as well. They are not feeding themselves yet but they insist on grabbing for the spoon so after I have given them the bulk of their food I let them try with this, loading the spoon for them and handing it to them. They suck the food off, continue to chew on it, and with the tighest baby grip I have ever seen, refuse to give it back to me!!! They think it’s a game so we have a lot of fun with it. I have also found it useful for teething. I started putting it on their exercauser and they will stand in it and chew on this spoon for the longest time until they drop it or I take it. It is a soft, flexible material although from the picture it kind of looks like a harder plastic. I love that it is BPA free and I love the price. We will probably end up getting atleast one more of these. They both love it!

Dorothea Upatoi, GA

Fun at first

This was a fun spoon at first before we got into serious eating… it helped her from sicking the spoon to far in her mouth. But the little holes that help the food stay on the spoon are hard to clean out. And you cannot choose the color. We use the boon spoon now. 🙂

Leeann Gainesville, VA

7 month old loves playing with this!

My 7 month old has started to grab the spoon as I’m trying to feed her so I decided to buy this for her to experiment with. She loves flipping it around and testing it out in her mouth. She’s not ready to feed herself yet but since she’s having so much fun just playing with this spoon, maybe the actual self-feeding process will go smoothly too.

Susie Stanton, CA


This is a great first spoon for a baby just learning how to eat. The guard prevents the baby from inserting the spoon too far into the mouth. And its made in USA. So great to see a product made here. Lately, it has also become my daughters favorite teething toy.

Hope Keene, KY

Better teeting aid!

I am not sure how this is for eating because my daughter prefers to use it for her teething issues. She loves to chew on the spoon when her new teeth are bothering her. Plus, I don’t have to worry she’ll shove it down her throat, thanks to the bumper guards. I’m sure when she decides she wants to feed herself it will be a great tool to help her, as well.

Muriel Scott City, KS