Sassy Look Photo Book

Sassy Look Photo Book

Soft photo look book for baby to interact with and be creative. The book holds 8 photos, 7 of which are 4″x6″ and 1 wallet size photo. This helps baby develop vision with different page inserts and ways to include photos with mom. The look book can travel with baby through the years with differnent pictures as it is easy to grasp, hold, and an easy take-along book.

Main features

  • Soft baby photo book
  • Helps baby develop vision with different page inserts and ways to include photos
  • Increases baby’s sense of creativity
  • Holds 8 photos; 7 – 4×6 and 1 wallet size photo
  • Multi-textural handle is safe to hold and mouth

Verified reviews


Baby loves it, Mommy not so much (for good reason)

Although this little book is excellent in theory, the fact that there’s no way to protect the pictures from the copious amount of drool to which they will be subjected diminishes its utility in practice. A simple tuck-in flap or some other design trick would ideally protect the pictures, which get chewed (and chewed and chewed) and ultimately destroyed in this mouth-friendly toy. It’s not a big deal to replace the pictures, but the chemicals that dissolve make me nervous and end up sort of corroding the pages, making the sleeves stick together so much it’s hard to insert new pictures.

Sandy Patterson, NY

Cute baby shower idea!

This is a very cute picture book for babies, and I love the fact that it comes with a mirror. My husband and I put in pictures of our family, including the grandparents that live farther away, to introduce our daughter to the relatives. This would be a really cute baby shower gift, pre-filled with pictures for the baby to be!

Willa Old Lyme, CT

Multi-functional, engaging book

I bought this for my son because I wanted a photo album for him that he could play with and not destroy it! (Haha) He LOVES this book! I have another one sort of like it (theBaby Einstein Baby’s Photo Book), but I like this one a little more. Unlike other baby photo albums, this one has black and white pictures and patterns underneath where you insert photos. My son LOVES to look at them, so I haven’t even put pictures in it yet! He also likes to chew on the handle (the black part of it is sort of rubbery). It has held up really well to baby wear and tear!

Nichole Detroit, AL


Thumbs up for this, I actually got this product because it was eligible for free shipping with other items if your order was over $25, but it turns out that it’s a beautiful educational toy. You get to put 8 photos inside plus one for your baby on the cover of the album. It’s well made and edges are soft so they won’t hurt your baby, my baby loves chewing on it :). You can also change photos every now and then so your baby can get to know the names of family members. It’s a lovely product, and i would very much recommend it. I also think most of the Sassy brand products are creative and are worth the money.

Lillie Forman, ND

Depends on the baby

I bought this because my friend’s daughter used to look at the black/white images a lot. From the look on her face, you’d have thought they were brain teasers or something. Now that she’s older, my friend has put photos in them and her baby really likes seeing mommy and daddy in a book.My daughter (9 months) doesn’t love this toy more than any other book. She likes it and it certainly is one she picks up now and then, but it isn’t the favorite go-to entertainment toy like it was for my friend.I think some babies just really respond to the black/white thing and for others, they could take it or leave it.

Laurel Samson, AL

Difficult to insert pictures

If I’d seen the warning that the picture book was unsafe for kids under 3 I wouldn’t have bought it. It seems like a great toy for a baby so the pictures don’t get all chewed up but they say the film covering the picture can obstruct an infant’s breathing. Great, so now that i have this suffocation hazard, I still decided to put pictures in it. That was an act of self control. The sleeves are really clingy and you have to work hard to get the pictures in and they don’t fit a 4×6 size well and part of the pictures stick out defeating the whole purpose of the thing.Not a great item, i wouldn’t buy it again.

Amparo Baird, TX

Great purchase

This is a great book for kids. Each page offers different colors and shapes, and the fact that the book is made of foam is nice because it wipes down easily. The pages have a clear liner so you can place photos in them. I used it as a mini photo album of grandparents, uncles, etc. and change out the pictures every so often. Very happy overall!

Marie Dungannon, VA


I bought this book with the intention of filling it with pictures of my own, so I did – I put in pics of grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins, whom my baby doesn’t get to see regularly. I used to go through the book with her before we would visit some of the family members in it or when they would come over, I’d point them out to her. Now, at 8 months, she leafs through it by herself daily! I just bought a second one and am wondering what pics I’ll put in it. Maybe numbers, animals, words? No idea yet but I’m looking forward to figuring it out!

Roseann Grant, MI

Fun for baby

We purchased this to include pictures of family members who live out of town. Our baby loves this book! We would recommend this, with one small caveat.There are 4 "tabs" with 8 total pages. Each page has a black and white pattern, covered by a clear pocket where you can place a 4×6 photo. Our baby loved looking at the black and white pages, which was great! When infants are very young, their eyesight is helped by looking at high contrast patterns, like those on the pages of this book! We have slowly been inserting family photos in the pages as we get good ones. He also loves to look at the pictures of different family members. I think this book is going to be a favorite for quite awhile because of that.The book is a sturdy, soft foam covered with a waterproof plastic. It seems fairly indestructible for the Under-2 set.The only drawback to this book is that I have been finding it difficult to slide the photos all the way into the pockets. I think this is because the clear plastic/vinyl is thick and stiff, and there is not enough "give" to the page to slide the photos in. They seem to get stuck about 3/4 of the way in. However, after working on it, I have been able to eventually get everything into place. It just takes some finessing. It may make it easier to insert the photos if they are trimmed to slightly smaller than 4×6.Besides that small hiccup, I highly recommend this book to parents of babies!

Cecile Amenia, NY


This book has pockets that you can place your own pictures in or there are different black and white pictures (vision stimulation for young infants) on each page. It has a “handle” that is perfect for little hands to hold. Pages are easy to turn.

Elda Taylorsville, KY

Durable book that also works for play

Big sisters picked out photos of themselves with baby sister and helped fill this book up for her. She treats it as a toy and carries it around with her! Love that it can be folded, sat on, and generally abused and still remain in great condition!

Phyllis Greenville, NC

Not worth it

It seemed like a good idea, but we soon realized that the photos stick to the clear plastic once inside the pockets and appear very hazy. You have to detach them all the time to get a clear view of the pics. In terms of baby proofing it did the job, but it holds very few pictures. We ended up tossing this one and buying a more expensive but more usable album.

Amanda Goose Lake, IA

My new go to baby gift

I got it to display grandparent pictures so she would become more used to "seeing" them – but she loves the feel of it, the handle, the pages, the book in general. IT quickly became her favorite book / toy and though I’m not sure more exposure to Grandma’s face is helping quite yet – we love the book!

Christa Ruby Valley, NV

great baby book

bought this to put family pictures in for our 1 year old but i havent had a chance to yet cuz she love it the way it is right now. she has been teething and she loves the handle for chewing on.

Anastasia Fond Du Lac, WI

Photo Book

Love! I printed out photos of baby’s extended family and he enjoys looking at them. Only holds 7 photos: one small one on the front cover and six 4×6 photos (they need to be trimmed just a tad). Wish it held more, but overall very good.

Bobbie Houma, LA

Cute & Bright Perfect for Baby’s Eyes

This little photo album is cute and bright and perfect for getting a baby’s attention. I can’t wait to fill it with photos of family so he can get used to their faces. Cushioned handle and plastic soft pages are great when baby is teething too! The only thing I’d say I’d like to see was maybe one more page so it would be an even 8 photo slots, versus 7.

Lori Mondamin, IA


Both of my kids have enjoyed the two of these we have. My youngest prefers not having pics in the pockets but mostly just chews on it. This is not a must buy but a cute add on if you need something extra. For a book of family, you are better off making your own.

Lorrie Windber, PA

Cute photo album

My son loves this and he can actually turn the pages by himself with the tabs. His aunt is away at college and we filled the book with her pictures so he can see her all the time. before that he really liked looking at the stimulating black and white images under the plastic. Obviously when you put photos in a child’s hands they will get bent so put your extra copies in here and let them play 🙂

Mara Harrisonburg, VA

Cute and durable

This book is sturdy and cute. We have yet to put photos in it, because for now the slots where you put the photos have contrasting black and white patterns that newborn babies enjoy. Once out little one is older we plan to put family photos in it. Cute idea! Baby’s First Photo Album. It’ll be great to remind out little one of family who lives out of state.

Cherie Roaring Spring, PA

Great colors and size

Baby loves this book even without pictures in it. The colors are great and there are patterns on the inside pages. Baby sits there and talks to it while he flips the pages 🙂

Aimee Smithton, PA

Cute idea but poor execution

This is a super great idea. We filled it with pictures of extended family so we could talk about them with our then 12 mo old. Within 1 day she had figured out how to pull the pictures out and tore them up or chewed up the paper. It would be better if the pouches sealed in some way.

Eddie Ventress, LA


My daughter loves this! She is a toddler who definitely puts faces to names now and will sit forever just going thru it and naming everyone she sees. I would definitely recommend! I personally would not purchase this for infants who tend to drool alot or are still in the “everything goes in the mouth phase” simply because the inside of the book where you slide the pictures in can definitely be exposed to slobber or moisture. overall though its an awesome picture book!!

Hillary Glenn, MI

Great for babies with distant/deployed/traveling family members

This is a big favorite of our one-year-old daughter and has been since she was just a few months old. She had a blast with it even without the photos in it when she was very little, just with the printed images inside. But now she loves to see family photos in here. We change out the pictures from time to time since we have so many family members who live far away we’d like her to know. She talks to my sister’s picture, squeals over others, and we tell her about the people in the photos.

Beulah Grand Isle, VT

So much fun

I only wish there were more pages! My son loves to look through this book and see his loved ones! It’s easy for him to manipulate and sturdy enough for the pages not to get torn when he’s vigorously turning pages.

Olga Roanoke Rapids, NC


I didn’t think much of this when we got it for our then 2 month old, but over the months, he has spent a lot of time flipping through this and looking at the photos. He loves it.

Hillary Ray, MI

Great for Far-Away Family

I got this album for my daughter because we don’t have any family in the same state. I took the advice of other reviewers and bought someScotch Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches Glossy Finish 4 3/8 Inches x 6 3/8 Inches 5 per bag (PL900G)to use on the prints. I trimmed the prints a little, laminated, and then re-trimmed so it was easier to get into the album. This was key because my almost-5 month old drools like crazy! When laminated, the photos can be difficult to slide into the pages, but I don’t plan on changing them out too often anyway. The blank pages still have fun patterns that catch her attention. It’s easy for her to hold by the handle and the pages. Another great Sassy product!

Tia Dearborn Heights, MI

Great photo album for kids

I purchased this album because I wanted to have an album for my son that had pictures of my extended family in it. This album is great! It’s soft and durable, and the side are not so sharp that you can cut yourself on it. My son brings it to me every day and wants to look at it. You may need to trim your 4×6 photos to fit them in the sleeves.

Kathleen Nesquehoning, PA

Five Stars

Great for putting pictures of family members when baby is learning who people are.

Kay Gainesboro, TN

Baby loves it!

This is a great way to have family photos for baby to play with. My child loves looking a pictures and we talk about who they are. All of our family is out of state, so this helps baby to recognize them when we do see them.

Bertha Eagle Butte, SD

Great Product- Should Hold More Pictures!

Love this photo album, but wish it held more pictures! It only holds 6-7, so that leaves lots of family members out! Love the plastic exterior and smooth plastic picture covers (feels like a bath book). Love the bright colors, too!

Marquita Tererro, NM