Sassy No Scratch Bottle Brush, Colors May Vary

Sassy No Scratch Bottle Brush, Colors May Vary

The Sassy No Scratch Bottle Brush has been designed with new improved features to help busy parents keep baby’s bottles clean and fresh. Soft Bristles clean without scratching plastic bottles. The nipple brush nests securely inside the handle for quick and easy access. Bottom of the handle removes and can be filled with liquid soap and dispenses soap for convenience when cleaning. Proper care and cleaning is essential for all of baby’s belongings. Sassy No Scratch Bottle Brush is tough on dirt and a must for parents.

Main features

  • Won’t scratch plastic bottles^Convenient streamlined design^Liquid soap dispenser^Nipple brush included in handle^Colors may vary, bright colored design

Verified reviews



I HIGHLY recommend this Sassy brand bottle brush. It’s made of silicone bristles and is awesome for cleaning plastic – pump parts, bottles, reusable snack pouches, plastic-coated bibs – because it fits in small spaces and does not get grody like traditional bristle brushes!! It just rinses clean. It also has a built-in nipple brush in the bottom. If you have a Boon Grass drying rack, it also fits perfectly in it to drip-dry.

Allene Yuba City, CA

Good brush!

We love this brush, but use it without adding soap to the dispenser. I like it as it does not get grosse and also does not scratch the bottles.The attached nipple brush is great.

Marian Green Pond, AL

Don’t purchase if you have Avent bottles…

If you use Avent bottles, this brush is a terrible choice. Go with the brush Avent makes. No brush works well for nipples, you’ll have to use your fingers to get them really clean, but the Avent brush works fabulously with the bottles.Philips AVENT BPA-Free Bottle Brush

Lessie Onida, SD

doesn’t get gross

i haven’t tried putting soap in there, i never do that (all of those type things leak). my old bottle brushes gross me out, they just harbor bacteria in the foam part and between the fine bristles. this one is perfect. soft rubber bristles don’t hold grossness, just rinse it off with soap and hot water. perfect solution, small enough for bottles, bristles on top as well to get milk out of the crevaces

Carolyn Millington, MI

It leaks terribly **edited**

This brush leaks horribly- even when I was putting the soap in, it was literally draining out of the top. But even if you try to store it brush side up, it leaks out. It was completely full yesterday- completely empty today. Also- forget opening the nipple portion of the brush. That thing is stuck in there.So why three stars??? It is actually a great little brush if you can just disregard the fact that it “supposedly” holds soap. I am going to continue to use it like a regular brush in future. It really gets the bottles clean and it doesn’t flatten and smush (technical term) like other traditional brushes that I have used in the past.**edited** down to 1 STAR because after a week or two the bristles sort of form into a weird form that makes them almost impossible to get into the bottles. Sooooo… basically they are useless.

Sherrie Truchas, NM

great for wide mouth bottles

As other reviewers have noted, this bottle brush doesn’t fit into narrow mouthed bottles. Soap does leak out a little bit, but I would expect that of any any dish cleaning utensil with a soap resevoir. Other than that, this brush is perfect. It cleans pretty well and doesn’t scratch up the bottles.

Tracie Batesville, VA

Doesn’t work.

This brush simply doesn’t work. I put soap in the handle like I was told at the store, but nothing came out.

Sandy Mount Airy, LA

Works well for us

We don’t use the soap dispensing aspect of this brush so I can’t comment on that… I just squirt some dish soap on the end of it and wash away. I love that it won’t scratch our bottles and that it stands up on its end next to the sink. It fits fine in our Tommee Tippee bottles. Actually, it cleans them better than other brushes. Because of the bottle design, there is a curvy part of the bottle that is hard to clean with other brushes but this small-ish brush gets in there great.

Hope Camargo, OK

im very pleased! & its green just like i wanted!

i just got it in regular postal mail! i absolutly love it! it looks and feels brand new. the soap dispencer will be so handy when i want to wash my angels bottles or breast pump! the little pull out brush makes it easier to get the crevis of the nipples or tubes in my pump! buy this im sure it will last me forever because its plastic not cloth it will never mold or smell foul! i feel safe washing all my baby’s teathing toys & binkers!

Mina Dierks, AR

Best brush I have had!

I had one of these brushes when my son was a baby and I just HAD to find one for my daughter’s bottles! I bought 2 because they are PERFECT for cleaning her Playtex vent-air bottles! I have tried other brushes and the others just don’t seem to clean as well as these do.I do not use the soap dispenser, because there isn’t a “solid” end on the Playtex bottles. I used the Gerber bottles for my son, and I did use the dispenser, which was great. I don’t recommend “storing” soap in the brush because it will leak. I always cleaned out the dispenser after I used it because if the soap doesn’t leak out, it tends to “dry” a little bit and makes the inside of the brush sticky. I usually squirt the soap that I need on the bristles and then scrub the bottles.Even though the soap dispenser leaves a bit to be desired, I find this to be a great brush and I WOULD recommend it to my friends.

Diann Adelanto, CA

Not Designed for all bottles!

The very first time I used this product was my last. We have small mouth bottles and I thought this would do the trick to wash them. I liked how the nipple brush was designed so it could not be lost but it never made it that far. It was inserted into the first bottle for washing, the silicone head got stuck inside and when I tried to pull it out it ripped away from the brush leaving the silicone brush inside the bottle. With no way to re-attach it both pieces went straight to the trash can. What a waste!

Elsie Darby, MT


really like this bottle brush and love the stand. its never falling over like my others and getting dirty. we have the 8oz dr browns bottles and I have no problem cleaning them with it. it does reach to the very bottom to clean them despite other reviews.

Allene Liberty Lake, WA

Only brush that works!

First and foremost, the soap dispenser doesn’t work, and I can’t even get the smaller nipple brush to come out of the handle. I don’t care! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I could not get bottles clean. I breast feed and use the Medela bottles that came with my pump. There was always a film left on them. I don’t know if it was from the breast milk, or because of the type of plastic of the bottles or what. A regular bristle brush would not get it all out. I was having to squeeze a washcloth down into the bottle and then use force to get them clean.This brush works amazingly well! I couldn’t believe that it gets all of the film out of the bottles. It’s annoying that the soap dispenser gets water in it, and then that’s going everywhere, but I don’t care, because my bottles are actually getting clean without me spending a great deal of time on them. If only they made a nipple brush, because all my bottle nipples get cloudy, too.Edit: I recently ordered a couple more, and the design has changed. They listened to the complaints. The end of the handle is now flat, so you can stand it upright. And the bottle brush now is a seperate piece that screws in to the bottom. Still love it, still would give it five stars.

Felecia Richards, TX

as far as bottle brushes go….

I didn’t love this one. I never felt like it was getting the bottle totally clean and it doesn’t come with its own holder.

Yolanda South Mills, NC

broke during the first use

1) didn’t really clean the bottles2) the brush part broke off the handle part during the first use. Took it back to the store!

Susie Price, MD