Sassy On the Go Feeding Set, Multicolor

Sassy On the Go Feeding Set, Multicolor

A busy lifestyle requires organization. The Sassy On-the-Go Feeding Set will provide you and baby with everything you need to prepare for meals away from home. Four containers in three sizes plus a feeding spoon allow for a variety of servings or choose only the size you need for any outing. You’ll feel confident that everything is clean and secure with Snap-On lids. All pieces nest together for convenient storage.

Main features

  • Feeding set includes two small, one medium, and one large container with lids and spoon
  • Smaller containers and lids nest in largest container for storage
  • Lids snap tight for no-spill confidence
  • Great for on the go

Verified reviews


Good for preschooler, fits inside skiphop lunch box

I purchased this to go inside my preschooler’s skip hop lunchbox. While I’d still love to find someday a container with built-in non-leaking partitions, I don’t think they exist. So this one works. It fits nicely across the bottom of the lunchbox, with plenty of extra room for another container (e.g. the larger inner container in this set), yogurt, or a piece of fruit. By the way, the one I recieved has purple lids, the bottoms are pink like the photo.

Lena Lynbrook, NY

Great for travel and daycare

This set includes one large container with a middle divider and three containers which fit inside of it (one medium size and two small). The three containers which fit inside each have their own lid, so you can keep foods separate. I have used these containers for yogurt, cottage cheese, apple sauce, etc. and they have never leaked. I love that I can send a lunch to daycare with different types of foods, and any crackers or cereal won’t get soggy from the fruit or other foods. The spoon that comes with the set fits inside the large container. I don’t like the spoon, but I have been able to fit Gerber and Nuk spoons inside without a problem. The smaller containers don’t fit a lot of food, but it works well for my one-year old. I hope to use this container for the next year or so. I will probably have to upgrade to a larger container for preschool.

Amalia Captiva, FL

great for daycare

I purchased this a while ago and used it daily for several months to pack my child’s food for daycare. I really like that the smaller cups allow you to pack multiple foods without mixing and also that some can then be heated while other food kept chilled. And tucking the smaller containers in the larger with the straw helped keep baby’s things organized (and distinct from other babies’) at daycare.

Alejandra Bunnlevel, NC

Love this for 4 month old!

I love this little set! I was looking for something with individual lids for on the go feeding for my baby. I wanted it to put frozen homemade baby food cubes in to take to grandma’s. I was worried this would be too big for my little baby, but its just right! I love that’s its divided so I can give baby a variety. The two small containers are really tiny….they would work for condiments for an older child. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Carey Salinas, PR

Great for on the Go

Great for on the go, and helps store leftovers. Best part is it keeps food divided and the spoon tucks under the lid to help stay clean.

Naomi Dellslow, WV


We have owned 2 of these for over a year and a half. Our son picked this out in Target. He calls it his lunchable. We pack our snacks in it all the time. The compartments are great size for little ones. They make their own lunchable to take. Our 2 year old can’t open the compartments, but our 5 year old can. I did find out this school year starting kindergarten that they can leak when not upright. We first solved this problem by buying a lunch box where it sat flat. I have also found that by draining his fruit and placing a piece of paper towel in it works as well. We use a combination of containers and no containers on the inside to pack lunch everyday for school. On one half a granola bar fits or a half a sandwich will fit, which is all he has time to eat anyway! The small containers hold just the right amount of fruit pieces, golfish, tiny cookies (with lid), or two chocolate covered strawberries cushioned with paper towel (with no lid). A stack of ritz crackers can fit next to a small container filled with pizza ham. It’s 7 1/4 inches by 5 inches and fits nicely in all our lunch boxes. and yes top rack dishwasher safe!UPDATE!!!! Just and FYI, I purchased a second April 2012 and it did not arrive as pictured. Instead of being solid pink with translucent pink lids, it was translucent pink with translucent purple lids….HMMMMIve found a little pice of glad press and seal under the lid helps too…..

Virgie Torbert, LA

love it

very neat for school… I can send hot and cold, dry and wet stuff, in one little convenient packet. works on microwave, is very helpful…

Josefina Manchaug, MA


Great size kit, easy to hold spoon, dishwasher safe…love these!Easily packs inside itself and fits in a small/medium lunch bag. Keeps things organized

Lynnette Corbin, VA

I absolutely love it.

I would buy it over and over again.this is the only container that worked for me(I tried many before this one)this keep it organized.

Latanya Shoals, IN


I received this feeding set as a free item from Amazon during a promotion. I really don’t have any use for it because my child doesn’t attend school or daycare just yet but I have found that the smallest bowls do come in handy in my husband’s lunch. After using them for over six months I did come to find that I preferred other storage sets, the lids on these do not go on easy and I wouldn’t really trust them to not leak. I don’t hate them but I also didn’t waste any money buying them… and I don’t really recommend that you do either, I’m sure there are better sets elsewhere for a similar price.

Nettie Mountville, PA


My son loves the colors and plays with these..they work out fine for traveling with small or larger quantities of his food.

Jenny Morton, WA

Too small to fit much

I have two different lunch organizers and this one is much smaller than the other. It only has two small compartments and could not fit more than a quarter of a sandwich in one and a handful of grapes in the other. If you have a child over the age of 1, I would not suggest this as their food container.

Rae Abingdon, IL

Holds the perfect amount for 2yo

We got two of these sets for my toddler’s preschool lunch. The size is perfect and he can open the large container on his own. The small containers require a little help, but those lids also seal better for liquid. I would trust hummus or apple sauce in the two small containers. This fits perfectly in the Wildkin Munch n Lunch bag.

Estella Cleverdale, NY

Works Good for Our Baby

I ordered the Sassy On the Go Feeding Set for lunches on the go. We wanted something secure and compact, and that’s exactly what this is. It fits nicely is a small lunch box with room for an ice pack. Some reviews have pointed out that the compartments are small, which they are, but it’s the perfect amount of room for our 14 month out. We can fit blueberries, a small sandwich cut into pieces and some puffs or crackers into this feeding set just fine.

Freda Glenwood, WA

Too many pieces

While I really liked the idea of it at first, all of the pieces became too much of a hassle. My daughter’s daycare teachers had trouble keeping up with all of them before I was asked to quit sending it. I only use it when I travel with her now and half the time I just use the main large container because the two smaller ones are REALLY small and don’t hold much.

Mindy Ararat, NC