Sassy On the Go Formula Dispenser, Blue

Sassy On the Go Formula Dispenser, Blue

The Sassy Powdered Formula Dispenser has four single-serving compartments to hold pre-measured powdered formula or cereal, ideal for a full day’s servings. And for added convenience, the easy-pour spout allows you to dispense, quickly and confidently, just the amount you need. The snap-on lid keeps food fresh and secure for travel, so you’ll know you’re ready for a busy day.

Main features

  • 4 single serving compartments
  • Each compartment holds enough powder for 8oz bottle
  • Snap on lid
  • Great for travel
  • Holds snacks as child grows

Verified reviews


Not the right item

I did not receive the correct item, it is still made by sassy but it is not the item pictured. I have one like the one pictured and I wanted a second one since the one I have is so great, but the one I received doesn’t click for each section and it opens different to pour out a section of the formula. The little lid that opens, opens opposite and I don’t like it because it is hard to get the formula out of it.

Jaclyn Glen Cove, ME


Very pretty color just like the picture. My only complaint would be that some of the formula sticks to the bottom and sides. Being a first time mommy I don’t know if they all do this, but it’s rather frustrating.

Lou Greenwood, WI

this sucks

The cover is not what is shown in the pictureit’s hard to keep it open and it’s a hassle. I don’t recommend it

Martina Falls Mills, VA

Container holds three, and using it is easy

this formula dispenser is green and goodI have about three of these in my hoodEach one holds servings of threeand dispensing and cleaning is easyThis thing is a very straightforward design. It has three compartments, you twist to get to the next compartment. The cap works great, and it doesn’t leak. Make sure you clean it every once in a while and make sure to dry it thoroughly. Otherwise, great product.

Carolyn New Britain, CT

on the go all the time no problem!

this formula dispenser is awesome! it keeps my daughters formula protected and pours the perfect measured amount with out it spilling every where and its a faster way to make her bottle faster if you already have a bottle of water handy 🙂

Dorthy New Germany, MN

Perfect for on the go

I use this formula dispenser when I’m traveling or have a babysitter to have the correct amount if formula already to go. The container is dishwasher safe too! I highly recommend it.

Terrie Brisbane, CA

A Diaper Bag Must Have.

Prompt delivery, great product. A must have for baby’s diaper bag. We keep only what we need in it and use it all the time!

Marcella Delmar, MD

We LOVE this.

These are a MUST HAVe for us. We travel a LOT and when we’re on the road, not having to mess with scooping and measuring is HUGE. Ours is mis-matched though with a purple lid and a pink bottom, NOT as pictured. It does its job and does it well, though.

Ofelia Lenox, MA

I love it

Great size. Holds 4 feedings. Can fit 6-8oz in each feeding. Washes easy. I recommend it if your looking not to carry too many around for formula.

Rosalind Columbus, NJ

just one complaint

The only issue we had was the powder formula getting stuck to the container but other than that it served its purpose.

Sheena Eastville, VA

not what is pictured…

they must have altered the design at some point because what i received isn’t a flip open spout, it’s a very annoying bend open spout that opens over the edge. Big Hassle to use 🙁 DIdn’t realize it wasn’t what i ordered until i had already opened it.

Fran Varnell, GA