Sassy On The Go Formula Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Sassy On The Go Formula Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Sassy on the go formula dispenser has 4 single serving compartments to hold pre measured powered formula or cereal for meals anytime, anywhere. It has an ergonomic shape for a comfortable hold. Comes in assorted tint colors and with a textured design. The snap on lid keeps powdered formula and cereal fresh and secure during travel. Easy pour spout for all bottle types. It is also dishwasher safe. Colors may vary.

Main features

  • Comes with four single serving compartments
  • Features ergonomic shape for a comfortable hold; Dishwasher safe
  • Snap on lid keeps powdered formula and cereal fresh and secure during travel
  • Textured design and comes in assorted tint colors
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors/color combinations: green, blue or pink

Verified reviews


Larger than it looks

The munchkin formula dispenser is lower profile, and has 3 compartments to portion out formula, while this one is much taller and has 4 compartments. To get all of the formula powder into the bottle you have to set the dispenser in the mouth of the bottle and shake it back and forth. This can be difficult to do with a baby in one arm and just measuring out the formula is actually easier in those situations. The lid stays closed and secure for travel so there will be no unexpected spills.

Sharon South Bend, IN

Get the Munchkin Instead

We received one of these and two of the Munchkin (3 compartment dispensers). Both my husband and I HATE this one so much that we actually avoid using it. When we are holding our baby and trying to shake the formula out into a bottle, it often ends up spilling onto the counter because of the flat lid. The opening on our Munchkin dispensers has a slightly funnel shaped lid that lets the formula slide out with minimal tapping. ONE STAR for the fact that it has 4 compartments instead of 3. The Sassy dispenser would have been a waste of money, had we purchased it ourselves. Get the Munchkin dispenser instead.

Chelsea Gunnison, UT

Loved my first one!

I have had a few of these…LOVE them! Every mother using powder formula needs at least two! The only bad thing is that they sent me hot pink…when I ordered I figured out of five colors what are the odds I would get pink 🙂 I dropped it and broke it and ordered another one…that time I got a green one!!

Rita Russellville, AL

Just a Mess

Bought because of the four separate compartments. It is a mess trying to get something out of this. There must be a better way. Nice to have each serving of formula measured out and ready to go. Get it into the bottle is another story.

Dionne Alexandria, LA

Functional, works, but could be a LOT better

This holds up to about 8 ounces topsBut I’ve spilled with this thing a few time so prepare a mopAnd if you’re holding the baby and trying to do itThen all I gotta say is "forget about it!"Because you have to shake the thing to get all of the formula outand it’s a little wide and stoutSo we’ve been using this thing for a while (for our first kid and now our second). And though it gets bad reviews, if you want cheap and functional, this will do it. Though it is far from perfect (I see people mentioning the Munchkin thing and that looks pretty good). This one holds up to about 8 oz and will last you about one kid’s cycle. Tried using it for my 2nd kid and it started to develop cracks. So not the best of construction, but again, it’s cheap. But the munchkin one is only like $2 bucks, more, I would try that other one first.

Gayle Parker, CO

Might not use it

I am due in mid-October with my first child, and I had already received 2 other dispensers (different brands) as shower gifts when I bought this one myself. I recently opened all 3 packages with the intent of cleaning them all before using them for my baby’s formula. Of them all, the Sassy On the Go was the most difficult to get open. I realize that they probably need to be tight to avoid the contents from coming out, but I don’t know if I’d want it to take quite so much time to open when I’ve got a hungry baby to deal with. Even my husband had a hard time getting the lid off (and while I am by no means a weakling, he is definitely stronger than I am). As I said, I do have 2 other dispensers and another on its way to me, so I might not use this one at all. In general though, I think these are a great idea for when I’m out-and-about with baby – anything to make my life a little easier!

Hillary Benge, WA


This snack container is easy to wash and maintain. I am not fond of the fact that when I place formula in it the seperation pieces can’t keep the other sections with measured out formula from mixing. I still use this but I do get irked about that fact. Now if I place snacks in it i.e. puffs, crackers it works fine but it’s too small to hold that many. I purposely bought for formula on the go.

Alta Payneville, KY

Why premeasure your formula if you can’t get it all in the bottle?

I bought this at Babies R Us for $5.99. It looked sleek and had 4 compartments, so I chose this one. Big mistake.I filled it up and put it in the diaper bag. Immediately I realized this thing takes up too much space in your bag. The worst part is that when I was “on the go” I made the bottle but only a portion of the formula came out. Because the lid is flat (and doesn’t have a small funnel like the Munchkin formula dispenser) I couldn’t shake the formula out without making a mess. Then I had no idea how much had actually made it into the bottle. I was so frustrated. Never used it again.Do yourself a favor and get the Munchkin instead.

Joann Frankfort, ME


The formula doesn’t stay in its compartments. I started out with four compartments of formula and ended up with two nearly empty compartments and two nearly full compartments. I no longer had properly measured out formula and it was a disaster. I tossed it that day.

Manuela Woodsfield, OH



Roslyn Wellpinit, WA