Sassy On The Go Snack Bowl Set, Colors May Vary

Sassy On The Go Snack Bowl Set, Colors May Vary

Sassy On-The-Go Snack Bowl Set Girl Set- 1 Purple, 1 green and 1 orange bowl with matching lids and a yellow suction base. 3 Bowls with lids and suction base BPA Free Seal tight lids with colorful, “snappy” designs! The Large, Medium, & Small Feeding Bowl set consists of three conveniently sized bowls for both infant and toddler feeding. Each bowl comes with a seal-tight lid for storage and travel. One super grip suction base fits on all three bowls. Recommended for ages 6+ Months. Conveniently sized bowls for both infants and toddler feeding. Super grip suction base fits on all 3 bowls. Curved “soft grip” rims. Seal tight lids for storage and travel. Dishwasher safe. Microwavable bowls. Microwave Instructions: Remove lid and suction ring before placing in microwave oven. After heating, stir food from outside of bowl to center and ALWAYS TEST TEMPERATURE before serving. Cleaning and Care: Bowls and lids are dishwasher safe. Hand wash suction base in warm soapy water. Bowls are microwave safe. DO NOT place lids or suction base in microwave.

Main features

  • Set of 3 different sized bowls
  • Snap on lids
  • Perfect for storage and traveling
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors/color combinations: purple, green or orange

Verified reviews


lids don’t fit right

I bought these primarily for the ability to store food in the fridge or to take on the go. They are fine and sturdy for holding the food, but the lids are thick and strangely inflexible. The other day I was completely unable to snap one of them on, and ended up putting it in the fridge without a complete seal. very annoying. The other two bowls I could get the lids on, but with the inflexibility it is just very odd, they snap on all at once with a loud pop.

Claudette Riceville, IA

suction warps

The suction cup is only on one bowl and you have to move it between bowls. This wouldn’t be such an issue, but after moving it several times the suction has become warped and thus rendered unusable. The bowls can still be used for feeding. The lids provide a nice secure closure, as well. The main function I purchased them for, however, was the suction feature.

Megan Nekoosa, WI

Don’t waste your time

the packaging looked cool, but once put to the test this item failed. the suction cup is hard to get on and off the bowls, it didn’t pass the test when my 18 mon old was able to get it off his high chair tray within 2 seconds, and the lids fit weird. on the plus side, it was very easy sending them back and getting my refund, I’ll be looking for something else.

Maribel Carencro, LA

Suction that SUCKS

Unfortunately, this doesn’t stick very well and my 1 year old lifts the bowl off effortlessly and dumps the contents. Not happy with these bowls….save $$$ and get something else.

Brooke Burleson, TX

Do what they are supposed to, and are “safe” plastic too

I found these bowls to be great. The suction works for us (except in high humidity or on a wet surface), and the lids fit and snap easily. It’s great, because my son is just learning how to use a fork and spoon, and these bowls stay put on his highchair tray with the suction.The reason I bought these bowls because they have been confirmed to be BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free. I can definitely recommend them! The only reason I have given them 4 and not 5 stars is that the suction piece, which can be removed and transferred from bowl to bowl, is sometimes difficult to get onto the bottom of the bowl.

Edna Holbrook, PA


My daughter loves them and the suction works perfect for me so far, bowls a lil too small, but they are ok for now as she is still quite young…. will update later if any problems arrives.

Patsy Coyote, NM

Sturdy, good bowls

I received these as a gift and really like them. I have not used the suction, but the plastic is very thick and durable. The lids close well and tight. I tried buying Munchkin bowls, and I think those are horribly cheap and the tops don’t close at all. I am buying a second set of these bowls for use in the refrigerator.

Tonia Cabot, VT