Sassy Pop n’ Push Car

Sassy Pop n’ Push Car

Pull the car back and watch with baby as it races away. Laugh with baby as the beads pop-pop-pop in the top of the car. Encourage baby to crawl after the car, which helps develop motor skills and crawling. The pop-up beads introduce concept of cause-and-effect.

Main features

  • Helps develop motor skills and crawling
  • Pop-up beads introduce concept of cause and effect
  • Watch baby as they pull back on this little car and lets it go
  • Soft, rounded car body is safe in baby’s environment

Verified reviews


Totally Cool!

Granted my daughter is only 6 months old now and cannot play with this toy yet – but my husband and I can! This car will go FOREVER depending on how far you wind it back and how much free space you give it. On the rug (depends on the type/thickness), hardwood, or tile you will get this car to go! Lots of fun.

Kelsey Carbon, IN

It’s so SMALL!

I thought this would be a lot larger than it was. When I received it, I was shocked at how small it was. The “pull-back/release to go” feature doesn’t work well at all, especially on carpet (even really short carpet!). My 7-month-old took one look at this and turned her nose up at it. At least it was cheap.

Dianne Matawan, NJ

Little toy would pay less for it, if I saw ahead of time.

Thought my LO would love this toy. He loves cars and trucks but this toy does not seem to interest him. As another reviewer said, it is much smaller than I thought it would be. It is a push back car which is nice, but the poppers do not pop as expected. If the price is between $3-4 go for it. For $6 it is overpriced.

Christine Sulphur Springs, IN

Not worth the money

This car is cute and small. As another reviewer mentioned, it’s about the size of a soft-ball. I was expecting that when I purchased it. However, I was expecting the pops to be more forceful– you can hardly tell that the balls are popping– they move just as much from the car moving. Also, the wind-up feature on the car I received appears to be defective– it is stuck and doesn’t roll forward. So, basically I ended up with an expensive rattle. Good idea, just wish it worked better!

Genevieve Colon, NE

Cute toy

Very cute, but my son who is 6 months old doesn’t seem as interested in it as I thought. Maybe when he gets a little older.

Lorena Hernandez, NM

Perfect for my 7 month old

We purchased this toy when our son was 5 months, he wasn’t too fond of it then. All of a sudden at 7 months, it’s his favorite toy! It is a little smaller then I had expected it to be, but it still is a nice toy to have around. He loves pushing it and hearing it pop when he does. It is definitely helping my son learn how to move, and work on his coordination. I do recommend this in-expensive toy to any mother/father out there!

Bernadine Houston, DE

8 months and loving it!

My little guy is 8 months old today, I just handed him this new toy along with a few others and he is endlessly fascinated with this one. He seems to really enjoy it. It’s small, but simple and colourful, not too loud.

Magdalena Ulster Park, NY


So much fun! It’s like the popper walking stick but much small and quieter. It has the pull back motion that propels itself forward or they can just push it. It’s a very cute and easy to clean car.

Anne Helton, KY


Well, I really liked this toy. It looks just like it is pictured and is really easy to work. Just pull back and release and watch the car go and the little beads pop pop while the car is moving. My daughter seems to like it but hasn’t shown much interest in pushing it or making it go. I’m hopeful she will become interested in time, until then, I’m truly enjoying this toy.

Lesa Prairie Creek, IN

My son loves this!

This is such a cute little car and I love that it doesn’t require batteries. It is small and great for babies.

Jenny Long Island, VA

My son LOVES this toy

I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my 8 month old. He doesn’t actually push this in a way that makes the balls pop but it is still one of his favorite toys. He doesn’t play with it everyday, but as his play changes, this car continues to hold his attention.

Sherry Rush Center, KS

A must have for all babies

This car is awesome, it is heavy duty, easy for little hands to pull back, and can roll on carpet if pulled back enough. From 6-18 months this car went with us every time we visited someone’s home. It was so easy when he was little to hold him in your lap while sitting at the table and have the car drive between two people so you can talk and keep a squirmy teething baby entertained. When he was old enough to crawl on the floor it kept him occupies and often made dogs go crazy chasing it across the room that it would also keep dogs away from his face. It can be pushed forward without breaking the pull back mechanism and endure the weight of a toddler putting all of his weight on it as he plays with it. It has taken countless dives onto hard floors from table tops without scuffing up. My only complaint is that the tiny little face on the front is hard to make out from the back side so the baby is often confused as to why it doesn’t pull back and drive off sometimes.

Melba Homer, NY

It’s okay.

I got this toy for my son, and he doesn’t really care for it all that much. It’s not a very exciting toy.

Eileen Farmville, VA

Stocking stuffer

My daughter loves it and it works well. She doesn’t understand the pull back and let it go part of it but still a fun car for her to push around. Only thing I wish is that it would be bigger but for the price it was worth the purchase.

Karina Whitestown, IN

Smaller than I expected.

Cute toy, but smaller then I expected. Could be my fault for not researching further before purchasing. My daughter has not really played with it much 🙁

Blanche Howey In The Hills, FL

Good deal

My 6 month old loves this little car. It was quite a bit smaller than I pictured it being, but the price was still worth it and it is a great size for his little hands.

Alisa Lodi, NY

works great in the kitchen

Be aware that this car won’t move on its own over carpet, but buzzes just fine on my smooth fake wood kitchen floor. My son loves watching it go and is very interested in that strange popping sound. He hasn’t yet figured out how to pull the car back and let go, or become a coordinated enough crawler yet to crawl after it yet, but it does hold his attention while in baby jail (packnplay), he picks it up and stares at it, turning it over and passing it from one hand to another. I would recommend this car toy for other babies.

Laurie East Norwich, NY

best on tile or wood floor

My daughter LOVES this toy. It will go fairly far on hard flooring. Its noisy like a rattle and speedy. She pushes and occasionally pulls. I’d say suitable for almost crawlers through 2.5 yrs.

Kay Ashton, ID

8 month old one and only grandson

I didn’t realize that I purchased this for him much earlier on from another store. This was purchased for a Christmas present, so my grandson can enjoy playing with both with his mother and father.

Susie Channing, MI

9 month old LOVES it!

We took it out of the box and she barely would let me get it out of its packing (just twisty ties really). I was surprised that after showing her how to pull it back and watch it go she understood the concept. She played with it for 30mins straight! : ).. too cute. She loves crawling after it. For the price it is a must have!

Melinda Migrate, KY

Fun toy, my son still plays at 2

This is very simple and fun toy.I love playing with it and my son does, too.It doesn’t keep his interest for very long, but if he plays with it every now and then.He is 2 years old now and he still thinks it is very funny that there is balls inside the car.

Mable Rio Vista, CA

Fun, simple toy

Very simple toy, but has entertained my little one for almost a year. I got this last year to use to as a stocking stuffer and my son (who’s almost 2 now), still plays with it. He loves watching it zoom across the kitchen floor and trying to kill me with it by leaving it in random places for me to step on. That being said, it’s very durable (unfortunate for me I guess). One thing I love about it is that being so simple, there aren’t small parts that may come off and pose a hazard. Great toy for a great price.

Ana Norman, AR

its so much fun

i love it its so much fun he lol he absolutely love it it goes so fast my six yr old granddaugh loves it too

Delia Clinton, WI

I liked

This toy and bought it for a little girl thinking she would too. Either she is the wrong age (14 months) for this toy or doesn’t like it much. Maybe I’ll bring it out again and see if she is interested in it…

Kathryn Middle Island, NY

love it

I love this little toy! It is smaller than I expected, but just right for our 10 month old grandson to push on the floor. He had no trouble figuring out how to pull it back to make it go and pop…so cute!

Saundra Selma, CA

A Fun and Sturdy Toy for Kids!

I bought this car for my son when he was four or five months old. I had been shopping for a toy that was sturdy enough to be tossed around yet was fun enough to be played with often. I also wanted something that would encourage crawling but wouldn’t be noisy or require batteries. This car fits all those needs! It’s small enough for a baby’s hands to hold, and the popping noise from the beads is not loud or abrasive. You can pull back to wind the car for forward motion, and while it moves on carpet it can really fly on hardwood floors! I like that you can pull it back just a little so it moves forward a little bit — perfect for those babies that aren’t ready for their toys to be super-fast. It was a good purchase for us and has proven to be a good item to gift to others!

Bridgette Auburn, NY

11 month old twins love it!

My 11 month old twins love this toy. They push it all over the house. It doesn’t go easily on our fluffy area rug, but on hardwoods and tile it’s perfect. They now push everything around like this car – slippers, letter magnets, stacking blocks… I might buy one for all my friends!

Lillie Glenfield, ND

Great little toy for the money.

My 9 month old received this for Christmas and it’s a huge hit with both my 9 month old and my 3yr old. My 3yr old winds it back and lets it go, and my 9 month old crawls after it. Not too noisy (unlike the larger popper vacuum thingies), just enough noise to keep his attention. It even rolls on low-pile carpet pretty well. Fun little car!

Lilly Centerville, GA

Could hurt a smaller baby

If you are playing on carpet, the car will not always go as far as it can. So, when your baby picks it up the wheels will spin really fast, which could give your little one a rug burn of sorts. My daughter is 8 mo, and she will pick this toy up and shake it, but she doesn’t really play with it much. I bought her this as a "car" to play with, but she’s more interested in dump trucks than this toy.

Brandie Beverly, WA

Tiny, the photo makes it look so large, but small isnt bad. Great for little hands

This is about 3 inches wide and 4 inches long, it is tiny. Works well and small hands an work the small vehiclesI would buy it again.

Robyn Verndale, MN