Sassy Pull and Go Boat Bath Toy

Sassy Pull and Go Boat Bath Toy

Sassy’s pull and go boat zip through the water for fantastic bath time play. It has an easy to pull string, perfect for little hands. No batteries required. Assortment of pelican or penguin.

Main features

  • Easy to pull string
  • Perfect for little hands
  • No batteries required
  • Assortment of Pelican or Penguin

Verified reviews


It’s ok

I got this for my daughter’s stocking this year, because she doesn’t have a lot of bath toys. This boat is cute, and she likes it well enough I guess, but when you pull the string it just doesn’t go very far! I think it is not engineered very well, because it really can’t displace a lot of water. I wouldn’t buy this item again.We have had a lot of luck with these, though. My daughter loves them, and they fly across the water in the tub! You do have to drain them from time to time, however, so keep that in mind.;=1357838224&sr;=8-6&keywords;=munchkin+bath+toy

Estella Falling Rock, WV

Works somewhat

It moves around still water okay, but if there are suds in the water it doesn’t move very far. This toy would work better if the paddles underneath were larger so that they could move more water. Other than that it’s a cheap little bath toy that my boy likes to play with. Worth the price.

Susie Sapphire, NC

Nice bath toy

I read the other review and agree it’s not flying across the water – but it is durable. Since 18mo – our now 2 year old has enjoyed pulling the string, putting it in the tub as well as watching the yellow wheel on the bottom spin. My hubbie also discovered that he LOVES it when you put in on the side of the tub and it hops around.

Janie Lampeter, PA

Waste of Money

We bought this for our 7 month old daughter thinking it would make a fun bath toy. The description says it “zips through the water” and all I can say is… yeah right. Basically you can pull the string and watch the string go back in. When in the water, the boat half sinks and barely moves at all. The only thing our daughter does with this is chew on it. What a waste!

Marcie Millcreek, IL

cute, but doesn’t exactly zoom!

This toy is super cute but it barely moves in the water. I had thought it would ZOOM! But this is not the case.

Natalie Meyersdale, PA

doesn’t really float

When you pull the propeller it does rewind and make noise, however the wheels on the bottom do not propel this toy forward in water or on the floor.

Leticia Harmony, CA