Sassy Rattlin Rings, Blue/Black

Sassy Rattlin Rings, Blue/Black

Sassy® Ring Rattle. Paint free! Safe for mouthing. Inspire touch. 0+ months. Develop touch. Learn more!

Main features

  • 4 unique textures to explore make it a great first toy for baby
  • High contrast black & white to aid in focus
  • Large areas are easy to mouth and grasp
  • Includes three small rings and moving beads
  • BPA & Paint free

Verified reviews


Better rattles out there

When my son was just brand new I liked this rattle. The contrast seemed great for a newborn, and I’d dangle it over him while he laid on his back. He was curious and it was nice bonding time. But. Once he was old enough to grab and shake rattles, this one held no interest for him. He (and I) preferred ones a little wider and that didn’t loop full circle — they are easier to shake and grab. He (and I) preferred ones that had a teether on them — everything I gave him started going right to his mouth and he quickly learned this one wasn’t satisfying on those little gums.Overall, it wasn’t expensive and it did get some use . . . but I’d just suggest going for something a little chunkier that doesn’t loop around and that will fit better into their drooling mouth. The infantino peek-a-boo bug was our personal favorite. Sassy also makes something similar to this but that doesn’t loop in a full circle and that has a soft, liquid filled teether opposite the ball. He enjoys that one. I’m just going to throw this one out or donate it. It serves no purpose now that we have the other one.

Cindy Silver City, MS

Nice rattle

Great colors, feel, and size.Love the contrast it has. Returned item bacause I ended up buying a big pack of toys for what was a bargain.

Erna Winchester, VA

Love them

We purchased these because of all the great reviews of the product and we were not disappointed. They feel substantial, make great noise (not too loud, not too soft) and the rings are a nice addition, because they move around and give our daughter something to make a little noise with. We are very happy with our purchase and definitely recommend these. Oh, and definitely go with the two pack versus the individual. It is always nice to have an extra of great toys!

Elba Los Olivos, CA

My babys favorite

I dont know why exactly but this is and always been my babys favorite toy. I think its the colors and different textures.

Cecelia Whitakers, NC

Still works!

I bought this when my baby was about 4 months old and he still loves it at 10 months old! It was a great price as an add on item. I would buy this again!

Susanna Vermillion, KS

Best baby rattle EVER.

If you buy only one baby rattle make it this one. The contrast grabs his attention, the rattle is a non-grating tone, and the baby has plenty to teeth on. I am a fan of sassy products, but particularly they do well with their signature black and white infant products.

Hilary Danielsville, PA

Daily staple in our house!

My 7 month old daughter loves this rattle. We use the sassy links to attach it to everything so she doesn’t throw it on the floor–her new favorite game. My sister’s son also has this (6 months) and he uses it daily as well.

Kay Mcchord Afb, WA

cute rattle

Bought this as a gift. Great rattle bright colors and the baby seemed to really like it. I’d definitely buy this again.

Bobbie Azle, TX

Great Rattle Toy

I bought this for my son when he was about a month old and he did not have much interest in this at all until he was almost 3 months. Now that he’s 7 months old, this is his must have toy to be around. He plays with it on the change table, his swing, in the car seat, in the stroller and even on his floor mat. I don’t know what it is, but he loves to chew on it and just swing it around crazily. The toy is very well made and the colors are nice. It’s easy to clean, just use soapy water, rinse, air dry and it’s ready for him the next day.

Claudette Imnaha, OR

not for newborns

My son was a few months old before he really liked this one. The large ring was a bit too large for him to grab at first, but eventually it became one of his favorites.

Janis Elizaville, NY

Baby likes it but it could be better

I wish this rattle had more of an engaging sound. Our baby likes it so I guess that’s all that really matters.

Rosalia Kingston, MI

baby stares at it all day long

Already bought 3 of them (one for my 1mo baby and the others for friends) and I am going to buy 2 more for other friends!

Nadine Husum, WA

easy for baby to grip

I really liked this toy because it’s a good size for being easy for the kiddo to grip. Its also easy to get the ring things around if you want to attatch it to a stroller or carseat (which we did a lot!)

Milagros Bee, VA

What’s not to love?

Non-slip rubber on parts of toy and very easy to clean. Pricey but perfect for your child. It seems that it can be passed on for a few generations or would have a great resell value.

Joni Mc Donald, NM

nice colors, could be louder

my baby liked the strong contrast of the colors, but the rattle could be a little louder (they are just the little beads you see in the clear part). also the smaller rings are a little too small for baby to hold.

Johnnie Brookeland, TX

Simple but good

This toy seems to be decent quality offering several developmentally appropriate features that may interest your baby. The contrasting colors, sound, and different textures are all interesting to babies. Its small and easily portable for entertainment on the go. My 4 month old seems to enjoy it 🙂

Michaela Comfort, WV

Light, attractive and easy to hold

My son is 3 months old and doesn’t really pay much attention to toys yet. He does like this ring though. The design is great because I can help him curl his fingers around it with both hands and then he holds it in front of his face and looks very interested in it. He shakes it around, not on purpose, but then the clanking of the rings and little balls inside amuses him. It’s easy to throw in the diaper bag and light enough for him to hold. Very cute, handy toy!

Lynette Pierceville, IN

Son loves it

I bought this for my little guy and he loves it. It is thin enough that he can grasp it. Because of the different textures we are using it to help my son learn to hold onto things and the different textures intrigue him.

Lucille Atwood, TN

So So Rattle

The size of the ring on this rattle seemed like the right size for my 4 month old son when we got it. He could get a good grip on it and hold it himself. However, the larger black/white polka dot ball seems too big. He’s at the stage where he’s exploring by putting everything into his mouth, but the larger ball seems to be too big and distracts him from using the rattle. It also doesn’t make too much noise and might have too many different stimuli on it for him to enjoy – each section on the ring has a different feel, plus the ball also feels different. He definitely plays and chews on it for a few minutes, but he much prefers other rattles and toys. He’s now 7 months old and still hasn’t found the excitement in it.

Gabrielle Pattonsburg, MO

perfect teething ring

The green and blue ridges on this toy are perfect for teething babies. Every time my baby is chewing on it its always on those rings because it is textured. The thin circle is great for small hands too.

Gracie Knickerbocker, TX

great toy

My 8 month old grandson loved this toy especially. It’s very well-made and reasonably priced with lots of colors and textures.

Bettie Lone, KY

Love it!

This great quality and visually engaging. My son les it so much that I ended up buying two. Very cute.

Lela Carrollton, TX

My 2 month old LOVES this!

My baby LOVES this rattle! He’s too little to grasp it and actually play with it, but I’ve got it hanging on his play mat and he stares at it constantly while he’s on there. I’ve even hung it from a little loop on his carseat and he’s stared at it quietly until he falls asleep – I much prefer this to the screaming we’d normally get in the car! For a few bucks this was definitely a worth while buy!

Adrian Hyannis, MA

Good rattle

Cute colors for a small baby learning to grab toys. The sounds are very soft and fun to play with.

Adela Cle Elum, WA

Daughter Loves it!

I bought this for my daughter when she was 3 1/2 months old and she loved it. We’ve had it a month so far, and she really enjoys playing with it and chewing on it. Great rattle!

Sheila Gallatin, TN

Great teether and toy@

This is a great teether and toy. Our 6 month old can hold it with ease and shake it and put it in his mouth to soothe his teething gums. Would highly recommend this one!

Lucile Reedley, CA

Nice texturing and very pretty

This is one of the best rattles I’ve ever purchased. I know that sounds kind of silly, because it’s just a rattle, but this is a very nicely built and entertaining toy for the babies. Both the black and white and the green and blue part of the bars are ridged, which is GREAT for teething, and the rattle is thin enough for small hands to hold. The rings on it provide interest and grabability, and the bright contrasting colors makes it easy for baby to see and helps to develop eyesight. Very nice.

Jannie Safford, AZ

Cute colors

Really liked this – good rattle with colors that get his attention. I would recommend and now I’m filling up space for this review lol

Alta Zap, ND

Son really likes it

I purchased this two pack when my son was 5 months old: one for our house and one for gramma’s house. At first he liked to just hold it and wave it at 5 months. From then he progressed to using it as a teething ring (some of the stripes are bumpy) and still likes to wave it like a rattle and pass it around. It is one he crawls to if we set it in front of him.

Nola Luthersburg, PA

Baby enjoys it

It keeps baby entertained, what more can you want. It has also been used as a teether which makes baby happy.

Angie Holmes, NY