Sassy Ring O’ Links 2 Pack

Sassy Ring O’ Links 2 Pack

Sassy’s Ring O’ Links inspires touch with a textural variety that fosters exploration which enhances brain activity. The Links provide opportunity to place toys at appropriate height for baby. Bright, bold spectrum of colors helps provide visual stimulation as baby grows. Besides being a great toy for baby to explore with her hands and mouth, the links are also great to use for linking toys to strollers, diaper bags, etc. Links are BPA & paint free.

Main features

  • 2 sets of 9 piece link sets includes large black and white ring to hold all other links
  • Multiple colors stimulate baby’s sense of vision
  • Link other toys together
  • Multiple textures provide touch stimulation
  • BPA & Paint Free

Verified reviews


BPA Free?

Yes, it does NOT state on the package that it is BPA free, but it does on their website (under sassy baby toy gallery). Hmmm….why wouldn’t they advertise on their packaging that it is BPA free? That would be a huge selling point! Sounds fishy to me. I returned these links and instead I bought the Infantino links because it clearly says on the package and on their website that they are BPA free.Update 2/28/13: I noticed recently that some of Sassy’s toys DO come with a BPA free statement and some do not. The toys that I saw was one of those spinner thingies and the rattle. How you can tell if a toy is BPA free is that it looks “cheaper”. I don’t know how to describe it but if you put it side by side, you can clearly see that the BPA free toy is less glossy and the colors are not as vibrant. It also would not have any clear plastic parts. It would be all opaque plastic. I have also seen BPA free barbell rattles. It’s the one with the stick and the 2 balls at the ends and there are usually like 3 rings on the stick part.So in conclusion, I still do not think these rings are BPA free, especially considering my most recent findings.

Nora La France, SC

Sassy Ring O’ Links

These are great! My grandbabies really like these! The links are brightly colored and each has a different texture. They are dishwasher safe and come in a single pack or a 2-pack. I bought the 2-pack because, at the time, it was cheaper than two single packs. Now the single pack here is only $2.00, so that’s a very good price!

Louella Hampshire, IL

Very useful

These are very useful for linking up toys and attaching them to strollers etc. Easy to clean and bring along when we go out. My son enjoys banging them on the table.

Tabatha Burlington, WV

daughter’s favorite toy at 4 months

my daughter loves to put these in her mouth and to pull them apart. her eyes get super wide when she sees them and will reach out and grab them. they are the perfect size for her little hands to hold.

Sonja The Plains, VA

A must have, 2 pack at least!

My wife and I LOVE those! My baby girl is 2.5mo now. She still doesn’t care much about the rings, but they’re very useful for hanging her toys and secure other rings in place. Our baby is just starting to notice how beautiful the rings are, hopefully, she’ll start grabbing them soon. The Sassy rings have been made with high quality and with great details. They’re so educational and fun. We recommend this for all.

Jeannette Granville, NY

Great, better than the competition.

These links by Sassy are by far better than their competitor B.Stars. These actually stick together, the other ones com apart way too easily. I use these to hook toys etc. everywhere and I wanted them to be secure, no point in linking toys to places if my little guy can pull it apart super easy… Get 2 sets like this pack, I keep a few links everywhere for stroller, high chair, car rides etc – always looking for extra links!

Manuela Sylvester, GA

Favorite in our house… we have three sets!

Didn’t think baby would like these SOOO much… but after taking so well to his 1st set (that we string across his lap in the carseat) we decided to get two more sets… we keep them around the house…We might hang his other toys from them… or we might just give him 2-3 to hold onto through-out the day!These are a winner!

Andrea Simms, TX

Sent to Moore, OK tornado victims

This was one of the items that I sent to a day care that was destroyed by the Moore, OK tornado. However, I have to say that from the picture, I thought these were keys on a ring. They are simply rings on a rig.

Maureen Manville, RI

Must-Have Basic Toy

I decided to order these rings before my little one was born. I had seen them before at a store and decided that this was an essential and basic toy to have. The vibrant colors and textures are great for little hands and eyes. My little one loves to look at them when I attach them to his carrier and play mat. They are versatile and come with numerous rings. They are also great because they are surprisingly not noisy – a huge plus. I ordered the two pack because I knew it wasn’t only a great deal but I could have it as a gift for friends. These are a must have for your diaper bag!

Denice Voorhees, NJ

Sturdy links.

Bought these to replace a set of star shaped links that easily came apart. These are much stronger. Different bright colors and textures good for the senses, including for teething.

Roseann Mapaville, MO

An essential purchase

This has been perhaps the single most useful toy purchase for our infant sons. From very early on they have enjoyed these rings however they can. It is nice to be able to connect them like chains and dangle them from a car seat or a jumper or an activity pad. They also do nicely as teething rings. The boys love biting them. They really love playing with the black and white center ring, and it has kept them entertained in places where we need them quiet. Since they began moving around during diaper changes, the links provide a welcome distraction for long enough to get the job done. All in all, this is something every nursery should have.

Alta Allyn, WA

Functional and colorful

This product is good for attaching other toys so they don’t “run away.” It can be adjusted to the desired length, and the rubber ball ensures whatever you attach it to doesn’t get damaged. While it’s colorful, my baby doesn’t view this as a toy.

Deloris Beaman, IA

my daughter loves these!

These keys are great. my 4 month old loves these. i think once she starts teething she’ll enjoy them even more!

Maritza Squaw Lake, MN

good for everything

might as well order 2-3 sets of these. Great for playing alone and just attaching toys to everything, carrier, stroller, car seat….

Lashonda Pennington, MN

Perfect for Everything

These rings are so great– LO loves to chew on them and I love that I can make links and attach her toys to the stroller straps– it is like a toy and toy holder in one! We use the links to hang toys from he play mats, she likes to crawl after them since they are so bright. The plastic holds up well, and are shaped so baby cannot swallow them. They were her favorite toy until she realized how much she loves to go after the tv remote control, lol. I am very happy with the purchase and glad I got them for her (she got them around 3.5 months and still plays with them at 7 months).

Elena Addis, LA

Ring O’ Links

Just as advertised but BPA free. Useful for attaching toys, hanging toys, teeethers and more. We bought two of the two packs and it has met all of our needs.

Stephanie Round Lake, IL

Something to bite on.

My Baby liked playing with these for a little while but her favorite piece was Lamaze Freddie. They are good to have around especially when travelling. Easy to carry and my baby used them as teethers too.

Johanna Baldwin, ND


These are great. We don’t have infant carseats, just convertible ones for our 4 month old twins, and I used these to hang a toy over the carseat by attaching links from the grab bar above the door. I know the kids enjoy their crinkle toys because I can hear them playing and cooing as I drive. I used the Lamaze moose and Sir-Prance-A-Lot toys that we already had and just added these. When the kids grow out of this use I can always take the links down and use them for other things. I like the idea of keeping a set in my diaper bag so I can pull it out if I need a distraction!

Dorothea Manorville, NY

Simple toy but with many uses! Good use of $8

My son has liked these rings from about 2-3 months old to now (6 months old). At first he just used to gnaw on them. Now he picks them up and likes to wave them around and clang them against things. He grabs them with both his hands and feet (I think they actually helped him find his feet haha).Not only are they used as a standalone toy, we chain them up and hook them to his stroller, or carseat, or booster seat for a toy that doesn’t fall off anywhere. We also use the chain to attach other toys of his so they don’t fall to the ground.He especially likes the black and white ring which is more rubbery (as opposed to the other rings which are plastic). He uses the black and white one as a teether so it’s often at the end of the chain that we make.Update: at 7 months he still likes these! He’s still chewing on them. He also likes to pick them up and then repeatedly bang them against things. We’ve even discovered that they float so they have become bath toys. 🙂

Abby Blacksburg, VA

Must have in my opinion

My daughter loves these rings. We have three sets, one in her diaper bag, one in her room and one in the living room where you plays most the day.

Gale Claremont, VA

Son doesn’t like it as a rattle but rings are useful for other things

My Son just doesn’t seem to be into rattles, which is by no means a flaw in this product. I bought a few of these to keep around the hoiuse and in diaper bags and although he doesn’t use it as a rattle he loves the colorful links. We use them for all sorts of things including hanging toys from his swing, stroller, car seat and floor mat. Worth the couple of dollars just for that.

Lorene Mapleton, IA

Great first toy

To an adult, it not as exciting as a lot of toys out there, but these are great. They’re easy for little fingers to grasp; whack when linked and hung above baby; and handy when it comes to varying the lengths of other hanging toys on activity mats. From my research, I’ve found that these are non-toxic and bpa free (says on the package too), which was very important to me.

Autumn Woodville, MA


Useful item. Gave to 4 months old baby boy and he stills chew it now at 7 months although not as often as the softer silicone teether toy. As connection rings, the price is expensive, but it’s the only set of connection rings I’ve found that is BPA free and we don’t need to worry about baby putting this in his mouth when we use the rings to connect his toys or teethers to his bouncer or high chair. Overall a good product.

Carmela Many, LA

A definite must have

These rings go with me everywhere — I never leave home without it. My baby loves it. I hook it on the car seat so my baby can play with it (bite it) in the car also in the stroller. The rings are versatile and will hopefully last a long time. I recommend this for anyone expecting!

Katharine Lakewood, NM

Can’t live without these

These were invaluable to me and I have used them since my son was born and still to this day 14 mo later. I have at least one ring o’ links on me at all times. They are great for infants because you can attach different toys to their carriers, play gyms, and jumperoos or excersaucers. They are also great for toddlers because you can tether toys to their high chair (esp at a restaurant), strollers, etc. My son loves to throw his toys and then gets frustrated in the car when he cant reach, so I am still using these to tether his toys to his carseat. At home he loves the bright colors and when I put all the links together he runs around dragging them on the floor behind him. I just recently bought a new mom this set of two for her baby shower. Would recommend for any new mom. Definitely a must have.

Alice Chapmanville, WV