Sassy Ring O’ Links Rattle Developmental Toy

Sassy Ring O’ Links Rattle Developmental Toy

Sassy’s Ring O’ Links inspires touch with a textural variety that fosters exploration which enhances brain activity. The Links provide opportunity to place toys at appropriate height for baby. Bright, bold spectrum of colors helps provide visual stimulation as baby grows. Besides being a great toy for baby to explore with her hands and mouth, the links are also great to use for linking toys to strollers, diaper bags, etc. Links are BPA & paint free.

Main features

  • 9 piece link set includes large black and white ring to hold all other links
  • Multiple colors stimulate baby’s sense of vision
  • Link other toys together
  • Multiple textures provide touch stimulation
  • BPA & Paint Free

Verified reviews


MUST HAVE baby item!

I don’t know what we’d do without these links! My daughter loves them (she’s 6 months old) and has loved them since we first gave them to her. They were probably the first thing she was able to hold in her tiny hands, and she loves gnawing on them–especially the big black & white piece. I split them up into 2 sets and keep one at home and one in her carseat to play. Someone told me a few weeks ago she heard they weren’t BPA free, which freaked me out–so I did some reasearch and found that they are. I do wish it would mentioned that in every listing, though, for peace of mind…An awesome product!!

Mara Argyle, IA

It’s alright

The colored links are fine enough, though the texture prevents many toys with loops from fitting on the links. The large black and white link opens too easily and detaches from other links.

Freda Daggett, MI

They’re alright

My baby is almost three months old now. He doesn’t show a great deal of interest in this toy. He looks more to my reactions as I "ooo" and "ahh" at the textures in his hands. He doesn’t like to put them in his mouth, either. He will however hold them. Maybe if I give it some time.

Jocelyn Sulphur Springs, IN

Just okay.

This is just okay. My daughter will play with these in a pinch but prefers other more interactive toys to these. She does like the different textures on the links to chew but still prefers other teethers over this one.

Elsie Lindenhurst, NY

A must have

The prices on these toys is great. Thank you Amazon for making them affordable. What’s not to like about rings? I took some of them off to use and it’s amazing how long something so simple can interest a four month old.

Ernestine Reno, PA

These are useful

Everyone with a baby should have a set of these. You can use them to connect toys to the car seat or play mat, you can wear them as bracelets, you can throw them in a bowl and make "soup" or just shake them around like keys… ect. This is a good size set too- you could get a bigger set from target for around the same price but you likely wont need more than the 9 this comes with.

Erma Azle, TX

Buy the bag of links

This is essentially a few basic links on a nicer black and white link. Just buy the 24 pack of links from Bright Starts. Cheaper and more links for your money.

Sue Staffordsville, VA

Great multi-use toy that will grow with my baby

At a baby shower, I had been given a plastic baby key ring set, and my 4-month old baby loves them. I was thinking of buying another set to keep in the car, but then spotted the Ring O’ Links, and realized that it would probably maintain its appeal for much longer as he outgrows baby keys. When they arrived, I was very pleased with the quality, and I knew they were the right choice. Not only can he play with these like baby keys, we can also link them into a chain and hang them from his activity gym or stroller. Or I can split them apart into two sets of rattles so we can have something fun for him to hold in different places, like the changing table. I know he’ll continue to have fun with these later when he can link and unlink them himself. Great buy!

Jeanine Los Ebanos, TX

Five Stars

Have three sets and now thinking of buying more!

Jocelyn Leeds, ME

My 7 Month Old Son’s Favorite Toy

I purchased these last year on this site for $2.99 as a last minute addition in order to get the free Super Saver shipping. I figured I’d use them somewhere to attach toys or whatever, but my son got ahold of them when he was around 2 months old & his “keys” are still a favorite at 7 months old. The colors are so bright & appealing. These are so amazingly simple, but they are my go-to toy that I know will make him happy. They are easy for him to handle, safe, they make noise when they clack together, they provide different textures for teething, visually stimulating, & now he is entertaining himself by removing the “keys” from the ring. I have multiple sets of these for every day use, a set in the diaper bag & a backup set in case he drops them & I can’t clean them right away. This is the toy that I know will bring happy memory tears to my eyes in 20 years. I highly recommend this toy.

Miriam Geneseo, IL

Fantastic! Love sassy!

LOVE the sassy brand stuff!! This is my 4 month old’s favorite! Easy to grab, can take apart, can hang them from things. great textures for teethers!

Jewell Ophelia, VA


This toy is very simple, but the colors are great. We got these for our son when he was 3 months old, and he absolutely loved looking at all of the vibrant colors. He definitely got very good use out of these, whipping them around and of course putting them in his mouth! He is now 8 months old, and onto more interactive toys but once and a while he still goes back to these O Links! They were very nice to have, easy to bring along when we went out somewhere, and easy to clean. I would just throw them in the dishwasher. All of the colors and stripes are still there after many washes. I recommend this toy.

Tracy Tomahawk, KY

Great Toy for babies

A set of toy keys is a must have for babies. Great for when our daughter started grasping items and the colors keep attention.

Carrie Westfield, NC

little one loves these

My little peanut loves them, I have them in groups of three (three different textures) and my peanut loves chewing on them along with, flailing them around at times. (she likes to quickly raise her arms up and down lately). I like that I can use them to hook things together if needed, the smooth ones even fit in the wholes of her play mat. I got these in place of the plastic keys.

Brittney Tyro, KS

Best thing I bought for teething so far

I got these before my daughter was born, thinking they were cute and inexpensive for her when she got older, to play with. She is now 5 months old and beginning to put everything in her mouth and this is her favorite thing to gnaw on. She loves the black & white ring the best so we have taken it off and attached it to the other rings so she can play with that ring alone. It is her favorite thing to stick in her mouth and play with. The ball on it is good for sore gums and for the babies to drool on. We bought another set just to attach all the rings together. She has some on her stroller, her carrier, her swing, her high chair and her paci. I would recommend these for any baby!

Monica Port Reading, NJ


love these rings. just another simple thing to keep on hand in my bag or stroller to give to the baby when they are being fuzzy. i love the colors on it.

Ruby Hamilton, MS

Great first toy for baby!

This is one of the first toys my baby was able to hold and would look at. He loved the colors and now at 14 months, he still likes to bring these in the bathtub, on car rides, wherever. He would shake these at just a few months old. Simple, classic toy that is a must-have for all babies.

Karen Circleville, UT

Great basic toy!

Perfect basic toy for little ones! My daughter especially loves the black and white ring (it’s her favorite thing to chew on!)

Melissa Brown City, MI

i love it

great rattle, does not make much sounds but looks great for baby to see. would recommend this item to buy.

Latisha Greenwood, NE

Baby loves these!

Bought this as an afterthought when I was buying toys for my 5 month old because of the reviews. This is his favorite one…figures. I just hand him these & he gets all excited. They are perfect for his little hands & easy to bring to his mouth & chew on since that’s all he wants to do anyway. We attach them to other toys to spice it up sometimes & he’s not sick of them yet.

Noemi Riverside, CT

Bright and Multiuse!

Bought for the colorfulness and textures, this toy has really been a Great purchase. From teething to using the links to attach toys to the play mat, stroller, diaper bag, this product went from an impulse buy to one of the most useful. It is attached to the play chair rocker now as a rattle and by tonight will be hanging toys on the playmat….lovely.

Darcy Gilbertsville, KY

Life Saver

My daughter really enjoys these, they double as a toy and teethers…lol they also keep her happy in the car seat

Laura Fort Leavenworth, KS

Quintessential infant toy!!

Our son (3 months) loves this toy!! It is so versatile! We use it as a diaper bag toy, a teether, to make it easier for him to pull the sound maker on his bouncer, and for multiple other things!! He loves putting them in his mouth and on his wrist. They are great to use to teach colors, even including black and white!! Such an awesome addition to the toy box!!

Mindy Rahway, NJ

Sassy Ring

I love the Sassy ring rattle… it is a wonderful combination of black and white patterns and vibrant colours and is well made. Parents will love them as much as the children.

Mariana Cahone, CO

Better than the rest

These are sturdy rings and I have bought 3 packs of them. They are better than all of the other rings as they are thicker and hold the toys better. My boys also like to put them in their mouths and feel all the different textures. Definitely get these over any of the others! Sometimes I have seen them cheaper in stores.

Karina Hanover, IL

this is my baby’s favorite toy

this toy is definitely my son’s favorite and has been his favorite since we bought it when he was 3-month-old. I think the reasons why he likes it so much are: easy to grab, easy to chew on and the bright colors. I would definitely recommend it.

Tia Camp Lake, WI

Love these!!

My 4 month daughter loves these links, and the fact that they are chemically safe makes me love them too. We bought them at Babies R Us for $2.99 and I am so glad we did. They are currently her favorite toy and they work well to help hang other toys onto her stroller or car-seat.

Krystal Mead, WA

Super Toy

I bought this for my 7 month old lil’ man and he loves them! I like that the links are easy to take off the main black and white ring but don’t just fall off. You can link them in a long chain or use them individually. You can use them to attach other toys to a car seat or stroller, too, and they wash up easily with soap and water. A super product!

Latisha Clio, MI

My daughter loves these!

My 9 month old daughter LOVES these and has since she was able to grasp toys. This set was her first favorite toy and she still loves her rings. For a few dollars, they have given her more joy than I can even describe. Well worth it!

Terra Leonore, IL

4 month old really likes these 🙂

My son enjoys wrapping his little hands around these and gumming them. I like that they are BPA free. They are very portable and can attach and detach easily to multiple places. Also easy to clean. Really good purchase for us!

Wendy Cima, CA