Sassy Rock and Roll Ring Stacker

Sassy Rock and Roll Ring Stacker

This Rock and Roll Ring Stacker will have baby stacking, rolling and even sorting in no time! Helps develop gross motor skills such as crawling, as well as logic and math skills to follow. The largest ring can be placed on top to allow the ring stacker to roll and watch it go! The plastic ball on top rattles and snaps on top of stacker for convenient storage.

Main features

  • Sort, stack, rock and roll!
  • Helps develop gross motor skills, such as crawling, as well as logic and math skills
  • Largest ring can be placed on top to allow the ring stacker to roll
  • Domed bottom gives toy a wobbly motion when placed on hard surface
  • Plastic ball rattles and snaps on top of stacker for convenient storage

Verified reviews


great childs toy

This toy is great for all the younger ages. My daughter started playing with it at about 5 months and loves to gab at them. Funny thing is that she likes the yellow stopper the most compared to the rings. The toy seems very safe as all the parts are large so as not to swallow, and they are light weight. It is a great simple toy that doesn’t need batteries, or make annoying sounds. A classic!

Jo Mount Pleasant, NC

Flimsy, too lightweight, not a good toy.

I’m really sad because I normally LOVE Sassy products but this one is not the high quality that I have come to expect from the brand. The ring shapes are cute, but the plastic is really lightweight, which means it’s difficult for a younger child to hold the pieces and get them on the ring because everything is always falling over with just the slightest touch. At the very least, the bottom should be weighted so it doesn’t get knocked over so easily. The other really annoying thing is that the middle bar is not tall enough. It is not even tall enough for the rings to fit – it falls inside the top ring, whereas it should be slightly taller because this makes it really hard to get the top ring on. Remember, we’re talking about babies and toddlers – they don’t have the greatest dexterity in the world, so this makes it really difficult to play with the toy. Overall, I regret buying this toy and would not recommend it. I am now going to have to get a better and more sturdy ring stacker for my baby.

Lawanda Angeles, PR


We received this stacker as a gift for our baby.Cons:1. Base does not stand up well, either with the rings on it or off it. It needs some kind of weight to stablize it, but it’s just hollow plastic.2. Plastic feels cheap, but so far has held up ok.3. The ball at the top is hard to pop off the post. Mine ended up indented because we had to wrangle it so hard to get the little ball out of the post. The baby likes to chew on that nub so we took it away once she got teeth so she couldn’t bite it off and swallow it.Pros:My baby loves the rattle ring on the top, which is made out of sturdier plastic than the rest.There are better stackers out there – I would not recommend this one.

Leeann Blaine, OH

My 1 year old love, love, loves this!

I got this when our baby was about 9 months old and she showed moderate interest in it. By right around 12 months though, this toy became a favorite! She loved the challenge of taking the rings on and off as well as finding different ways to use the rings, such as putting them on her wrists or trying to fit other toys through the middles. This has been a wonderful educational toy and the different colors, shapes, and textures really keep her attention. I was surprised when we got ours because it’s slightly different than the picture… the dark blue is a triangle, the pink is a square, the yellow is a flower, etc. but this actually worked as a benefit because we can also talk about shapes at the same time. The only suggestion I would have is to make the base slightly weighted. Everything is hollow plastic, which is great for baby, but when she first started working on getting things on and off, it would topple over without one of us holding it steady and she would get frustrated with it. As her skills at it improved, she was able to place the rings on and off without need for it to be steadied. I also think that having the rings able to go on in any order since there’s no widening of the column is great because she enjoys putting them on in different orders and she can play with it successfully now when she doesn’t have the skills required to know how to put them on in a certain order. GREAT product!!

Ethel Freeman, WA

Love these!!

I love how these can roll on the floor so it encourages your baby to crawl. My non-crawling 7 month old loves them!

Leticia Tonkawa, OK

Only OK

I purchased this for my 10 month old twins. The rings are easy to pull off, they enjoy shaking the smallest ring as a rattle. They’re still working to re-stacking the rings. Overall, they have minimal interest in this toy. Also, the top yellow ball was difficult for me to remove. I had hoped they could take it on and off themselves to roll the toy around. This isn’t possible – at all. It’s really only a ring stacker.

Angelita Marcella, AR

Great toy

I really wanted a stacking toy without the lights and music and this is great, at a great price. My son really enjoys it. I think its sturdy and surable. I love the bright colors.

Lavonne Empire, CA

Rings are a hit

My girls aren’t quite into stacking these rings as much as they are just into playing with the shapes and textures of them. The rings are great in the kiddie pool and bath, clean easily, and the girls will use the rocking stand (which is hollow with a whole for the top piece) as a microphone– which is super cute to see. They seem to get a lot of different ways to play out of this piece, but we did lose the top yellow piece fairly soon. I don’t think it interested them as much as the rings and the rattle ring.

Terry Slocum, RI