Sassy Rock Star Guitar Musical Toy

Sassy Rock Star Guitar Musical Toy

Musical Rock Star Guitar will have your baby learning tunes in no time! Watch as baby sings and dances to the familiar children’s songs with a rock twist to help discover cause-and-effect. Spin the barrel with beads for baby to “strum” and listen. Bright colors help baby develop vision while having fun.

Main features

  • Familiar children’s songs with a rock twist to help baby discover cause & effect
  • Spinning barrel with beads that “strum”
  • Variety of sounds to engage attention
  • Bright colors to engage baby’s attention

Verified reviews


cool toy

I like this because it plays in an electric guitar sound.Its obvious what to push for music for my baby and the rattle is good too. cute unique rattle/music toy. The only thing I don’t like is there is no off button so it can be turned on accidentally.

Clarissa Gilmanton Iron Works, NH


My 8 month old loves this guitar! She loves to chew on it and spin the beads! I like how quiet it is, just loud enough for her to hear and isn’t annoying for me. Gave it only 4 stars because the buttons to make the noise are not very noticeable. But still a very fun toy!

Diana Alamo, GA

Great little toy – volume very low though

Bought this toy after reading that it was number one for a Stocking Stuffer. It was cheap, prime shipping, figured why not! It is a great toy for our 7 month old, the colors are bright and hold attention. Only issue (And it is a minor issue) is that the volume of the music played when pressing a button is very low. If you have other background noise on (TV, etc) then it is hard to hear. Other than that, it is a good baby toy, well made.

Dee Saint Hilaire, MN

Awesome little toy

Received this as a shower gift. My little boy loved this so much I had to order a second one just incase something was to happen to it. Over a year old and the first one is still going strong. It’s not his favorite toy now, but he doesn’t want anyone else to touch it.

Sheena Sunnyvale, TX

Easy to play with

My son is playing with it for the last 5 months since he was 8 months old. We loved that it turned on when he accidentally sat on it while he was little and then at 11 mo he figured out how to press the buttons with his fingers, so he now not only plays but also sings "Norwegian" with it.

Pam Mc Intyre, GA