Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper, 5 Toys

Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper, 5 Toys

Features: -Number of Items Included:2 -Material:Metal -Material:Plastic -Distressed:No -Color:Multi-Color -Seat Material Details:Fabric. Dimensions: -Overall Height – Top to Bottom:4 -Overall Width – Side to Side:17 -Overall Depth – Front to Back:14 -Overall Product Weight:6

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Attaches to framed doorways
  • Unique locking mechanism for added security
  • Includes 5 Sassy developmental toys
  • Machine washable seat

Verified reviews



Tried it every month with my kiddo, now 7 months old. I agree with other bad reviews that kids lean to the side a little and the whole thing leans almost all the way over. Death trap really. Never walk out of the room because those straps could easily choke a kid if he leans the wrong way. My kid is a great bouncer and stander but this thing flops him to the side so much and his head is heavy so he’s looking at me upside down. I’ll try to post pictures! Just awful awful awful!

Frances Rouseville, PA

Good and sturdy

Safe and easy to install. Great design. My son liked it, but my friend’s daughter went crazy for hers and would have stayed in it ALL day if she let her! Seems very sturdy and easy to clean.

Natalia Toronto, SD


My 6.5 month old son LOVES his stand alone jumper, hates laying down, loves his car walker, etc. I thought this would be a great addition to his toys since he’s a jumper and my arms can’t handle all the jumping he likes to do. I insisted we needed a door way jumper and went with this style. It was the only one the store had at the time, but looked cute and fun. To get my son in it took my husband and I otherwise it’s pretty difficult with just one person. Then once he was in he was smiling and having fun, but then it started spinning – not so bad. The real problem though is that he can’t just sit there and play with the toys or "hang out" because leaning any way to one side is super dangerous. He nearly fell over on his head! He’s average height and size so that’s definitely not an issue. This is a poorly designed product. I would not recommend it at all! Even sitting right next to him he couldn’t have fun let alone something I’d trust to step 2 feet away from! DO NOT BUY!!

Earlene Secaucus, NJ

Fun distraction for my daugther!

I bought this for my 6 month old daughter. She doesn’t quite know how to “jump” yet, but she does like spinning in it – which she can do by herself. The mirror and the bug that attach the the ropes are fabulous as far as she is concerned. This is very easy to put up and take down (as we don’t have a doorway that this can just stay in at all times). I like this as it can keep my daughter occupied for 15-20 minutes at a time.

Stella Midvale, UT

Love it!

My baby love this jumper, she has so much fun, I combined this jumper with the Jolly Jumper Musical Play Mat , and she has a blast every time she is on it!

Elizabeth Dartmouth, MA

frees my arms up

my daughter loves this. will bounce around for an hour before getting cranky. the height adjustment is a great feature to so she can either bounce herself or we can swing her. lies flat which is great for traveling

Angie Stilwell, OK

Our 3 month old loves this (supervised, of course)

This a great tool for building leg strength. Our 3 month old son plays in it every day. He seems to enjoy it for 20-30 minutes at a time which is pretty good for an infant’s attention span. He can stand up, spin around and bounce. I wouldn’t leave him alone in it but with supervision it’s a VERY fun toy.

Cristina Shelton, WA

Horrible and DANGEROUS

What a poorly designed toy. I can’t understand all the positive reviews. I really can’t. Just look at the design! Of course it’s going to tip!! Our little guy actually cried in this contraption. He *rarely* cried. We live in a historic home with very wide doorways but I’m certain if you hung this in a standard doorway your kiddo could easily tip over and bonk his or her little face on the door frame. I tried tucking a blanket in around my son in an effort to keep him centered but every time this stupid thing moves it tips to the side. I honestly think a child could actually fall out of this thing. It’s an accident waiting to happen and I can’t believe it hasn’t been recalled.

Irma Paulsboro, NJ

Doorway Jumper

My grand daughter loves this!!! Loved that I was able to find something that looked girly too. Will be using this for alot!

Kathie Okmulgee, OK

This doorway jumper sits funny to one side tilting

This doorway jumper sits funny to one side tilting. I don’t love this and wouldn’t buy it if I could do it over.

Marissa New Bavaria, OH

Just OK

I thought I should really get one of these for my baby, but she doesn’t really care for it, and this is a little difficult to hang. We end up taking it down to keep it out of the way and then not putting it back up because it takes too much effort. Not worth the money.

Katina Fallston, NC

So much fun

I live in an apartment and play space is a premium, this is great and takes up very little space

Bettie San Sebastian, PR

just ok

it’s ok, my baby does not seem to enjoy it as much just yet. It was too big at the beginning and now at 5 months it starts to be ok for him. easy to attach and the 5 toys that come with it are nice.

Justina Husser, LA

Not the best design

We bought this for my son after his Nana bought him one for her house. He LOVED to jump. This design tilts forward or back to far. The other stlye we have used is much better. I can also advise that its not good for high doorways. If you have a high door, it turns into a swing. I would not purchase this over others because it does not sit the baby well and also the space for the babys arms to rest are poorly designed. Its not enough space for him to get his arms thru.

Francine Landisburg, PA