Sassy Sensation Station Suction Toy

Sassy Sensation Station Suction Toy

Sassy Sensation Station inspires fascination and provides manipulation challenge appropriate for 6 months and older children. It stimulates with sounds, varieties of textures and full spectrum colors. It gives baby lessons in cause and effect by spinning toy action. A suction cup secures the toy on a high chair tray. It also has a removable base for take along play. Paint, phthalate and BPA free.

Main features

  • 2 toys in 1
  • Suction base for use on highchair or table surface, removable rotating toy for carry along
  • Variety of textures and shapes
  • High-contrast and rich colors
  • Colorful bug on spinning toy plays music when moved

Verified reviews


Stopped working after 4 days

I so wanted this to be a good toy, but the sound stopped working four days after we purchased it. If you wet the suction cup, it sticks pretty well as others have mentioned. My daughter liked it when it made sound and won’t bother with it now.

Norma Uniontown, AL


Sorry for yelling, but it is the most annoying toy ever made. You cannot turn off the sounds, and it is really loud, and it plays following every tiny movement – it starts paying even if you so much as walk in the vicinity of the toy. When you give it to your baby, every movement makes it go, so it plays non-stop until you get it from him. There is no cause and effect learning, because the thing never stops. If you make a mistake of giving it to your child in the car or in stroller, be ready to listen to annoying two tunes and two sounds non-stop your entire trip.

Dena Spray, OR


i was hessitant to buy this becuase so many reviews about drowning, burying, etc this toy to make it shut up…but i am very glad i did buy this for my son. This is one of the first toys he started playing with. The black marking on the handle are somewhat rubber like and he loves to put it in his mouth, very easy for him to hold. If you spin the little lady bug, it does play a little circus type toon, but it doesnt go off when i walk in the room or anything like that. great contrasting colors…the picture doesnt show the other two little toys on the rattle…there are beads in a clear tube and a mirror/ contrasting colors.there is not an off button though so I suggest not to put by baby while he’s sleeping or on your own bed.the rattle detaches from the stand which is super nice because it’s not just a highchair toy it’s also a regular type rattle. I do recommend this toy.

Minnie Cleveland, WI

My baby LOVES this toy!!!

All in all this toy deserves 5 stars. BUT, the only reason I couldn’t bring myself to give it 5 starts is because the music is a bit off. It seems like the tiny speaker is just too small to handle to volume. The music has a lot of static behind it but the sound effects don’t. Like I said I think the speaker just can’t handle it. I didn’t send it back because I believe it would most likely be the same with all of them. Static or not, my baby LOVES this toy, it is one of her favorites!!

Marietta Robinsonville, MS

Love it! Bought 2!

I bought a second one with my second child. My only con is that the battery died in the first one, and there is no way to replace the battery. I don’t think it is that loud as other reviews state. Both my girls love the music it plays with it. It doesn’t suction the best, but I find if you get the bottom wet it helps. Also make sure what ever you are sticking it to is clean. Duh! I also got a similar hand-me-down one, and the suction is the same. But I like the fact that this one plays music. 🙂

Patsy Edmore, ND

Makes Learning to Eat Easier

When we started solids my son was distracted by EVERYTHING around him while in his highchair. My mom randomly brought this with her on a visit and dinner has been worlds easier ever since! Yes, it’s true this toy is very sensitive to motion and loud enough that I wouldn’t take it to a restaurant but my son is VERY strong and we haven’t had any trouble with him pulling off the suction cup (however, he is close to figuring out how to take the toy its self out of the area that connects it to the suction cup). I actually recommend this to pregnant friends as one of the items I don’t think we could live without.

Estelle Melvin Village, NH

so cute

Our 7 month old is just in love with this toy. We stick it to his activity seat tray and high chair and it keeps him busy for a while. It makes fun noises and has bright colors that he likes. So glad that we got him this one.

Miriam Rumney, NH

No Suction!

This toy looks adorable and my son actually loves it but from a parent’s standpoint it is extremely annoying. The suction cup does not stay attached to anything for more than 5 seconds and it has not off switch! I would look to buying something else that does the same thing better.

Penelope Felton, PA

Absolutely HATE This Toy

Ugh!I bought this toy for two reasons. 1, to attach to DD’s high chair so she could play with something that she couldn’t throw in the floor (it was during that fun phase) while I washed dishes or cooked meals. 2, to attach to her Exersaucer, which was given to us as a hand-me-down and was missing a toy or two. I found it in Buy, Buy, Baby for $7.99 and bought it. It had a sticker on it saying it was an award winning toy of the year or something along those lines. I honestly have no idea who would give this toy an award…Basically all it does is spin and make noise. The noises are loud and cannot be turned off or turned down. Its probably really interesting for a little baby who is fascinated by being able to make an object spin by gently brushing his or her hand against it, but for the age group on the packaging (I think it said 6-12 months) it was not very interesting at all. Once my daughter figured out how to make it work, she was over it.The toy does not stay in the base. It can easily be knocked out by a baby’s arm, a strong breeze, or by looking at it the wrong way. I suppose you could use this to your advantage if you want to use a ring to fasten it to a play gym or a stroller? But then what is the point of the suction cup?The suction cup is a joke. It only sticks to really slick surfaces, but doesn’t stay put very well. It refused to attach to the Exersaucer, which is partly what I bought it for.I think this toy saw less than 2 weeks of use on our house.

Delores Clintondale, NY

Very annoying and bad suction

I ended up throwing this out. I have the wheel suction toy and absolutely love it. There are two versions of this toy. One with the annoying bee on it and one that does not have the bee that makes sounds on it. Get that one. However, the suction is horrible on this device, so I’m not sure if the other version would be that much better.

Eunice Port Penn, DE

This toy needs an OFF SWITCH

We bought this toy for my 8 month old son for his first air plane ride and kept it hidden until we were on the plane. We got it all ready however, by taking it out of the package and pulling out that tabby thing that keepts it from making noise– we kept it hidden in his diaper bag before we were on the plane. Well in the diaper bag it WOULDNT stop going off. I mean…you barely have to bump the bag and all you hear is the music coming from inside! After our trip I had to keep this toy in my car because even in the house, it goes off all the time. A soft breeze makes this thing start up! Even in my car I want to throw it out the window. It is alllllways going off even when I position it so that its not moving. Eventually we tried ripping off some cardboard and we fit it into the slot where that tabby thing was originally just to make it stop, that DID work. Its just not a good idea forever because when he wants to play with it I dont want him pulling out the cardboard and putting it in his mouth. Its an OK “car toy” and I’ve been leaving it in the sun in my back window to hopefully make it hot so the batteries burn out lol. No idea why they would make this toy with out a switch to turn off the music. The music AND toy is actually really cute… but like any baby/kids toy it gets terriably annoying after so long. Oh well, lesson learned for next time! Check for off switches!

Margery Superior, NE

like this toy but music needs an off switch

I like this toy overall. It definitely keeps my babies attention and is well made as Sassy toys generally are. We bought it as a high chair toy, but for that purpose it has a few drawbacks. First, it is not easy to clean, so you don’t want it to stay with the baby after she has started eating and end up getting little foot bits over everything. I use it when the baby is sitting in the chair while I get her food ready but am sure to remove it when I start feeding her. The second problem is that she can pull it out of the suction cup easily because she wants to chew on the black and white ring portion or the yellow spinning thingies. I just attach the black and white ring to one of those baby buddy secure a toy straps. I haven’t had a problem with the suction cup sticking. And as you can see from the title of my review, the main problem is that I can’t find a way to turn off the music, which is motion sensitive. It will go off while you clean it. Last night it went off when the heating system turned on in the house at 1am. I don’t mind the music intrinsically, but when it is going off at odd times it can get annoying. I am still happy with my purchase but the music would give me pause about buying again.

Adriana Beattyville, KY

Our son loves it but HELLO needs an on off switch.

This is one of my sons favorite high chair toys but HELLO can the parents have an on off switch for the music lol…the music over and over just makes you cRaZy!!! My husband ran it under the water to kill it. Now its dead.

Tori Higganum, CT

Found a way to turn off the music (thank God!)

I could not believe when I got this toy that 1) it made so much loud, annoying music/noise and 2) that there was no way to turn it off. I can’t stand having noise making toys in my house. I just wanted a simple spinning toy to entertain my daughter in the high chair. The red bug part of the toy houses a music maker and presumably some batteries but the screws to open it are a weird triangle shape. But, I noticed a small horizontal slit on the bottom of the bug and decided to just jam a paperclip in there to see what would happen. It stopped the noises instantly and they haven’t come back. I’m not sure if this is a switch or what it was designed for but I’m glad I found it or this toy would be out in the garbage.

Suzette Freehold, NJ

Baby likes it, but it comes off suction

I got this for my baby (8 months) to amuse him in his high chair as I’m trying to get dinner on the table. He likes it ok, but after the first day, he figured out how to pull the whole thing out of the suction cup and now just does that and throws it on the floor…and then screams. Thus, this did not solve my dilemma. Now I just give him puffs.

Regina Hinckley, NY

My 6-month old loves it!

The sound doesn’t bother me and my son loves playing with it on his walker. It actually reminds me of a Looney Tunes cartoon. The suction has been fine but my son can pull the toy off the base.

Kelley Northampton, MA

Great Suction Toy, Love the Music

I have the Joovy Spoon Walker and this suction toy stays firmly on the tray. My granddaughter is teething and she will chew on anything she can get her hands on. She loves chewing on this toy. The funny thing is she particularly loves chewing on the one that makes the music. So far it has not stopped it from playing, even with all the saliva flowing. This suction toy is truly a sensation.

Mercedes Lebanon, SD

My son loves this and the noisemaker red thing catches his attention

Bought this online after finding out a local store was selling the same item for twice as much. My son loved the toy from the start and still enjoys playing with it, especially since he teething,though mo teeth quite yet.

Emilia Brooklyn, IN

GREAT idea…one MAJOR flaw

Ok. I love the overall design of this toy. We can put it on baby’s high chair or take it with us to dinner and attach it to the table…great right? Yes, until we get to the part where the toy has motion activated music and sound to which it has NO on or off switch. When the toy is in the car when baby is sleeping every little movement of the vehicle makes the toy’s sound start. It’s so loud it actually wakes her up. I can’t put it in my diaper bag to take with us anywhere. Why? Because me walking sets the darn thing off. NO thanks. Sassy’s mistake here isA: making the sound so loud.B: Providing no on or off switch to control the sound. I’ll be looking for a similar toy without this problem.

Debra Humboldt, SD

good idea, but annoying

This toy has a good concept. It has a suction cup base and the toy spins and plays music. I bought it for a trip via airplane and it worked well during the flight. But then we loaded into the rental car and this thing played its music every time we hit a bump or turned a corner. It is extremely sensitive and I eventually gave it away because it was driving me nuts. If you can handle the constant music, it’s a good toy but I got sick of it.

Diann Wanette, OK

Really engaging, pleasant music

My son just loves this toy. It stays on his diaper changing station so that he can happily kick it and listen to music. Rather than nursery rhymes, it plays a brief clip of classical music, not too loud. You can suction it to a surface for hand play, or you can hold it at your child’s feet for kicking. I highly recommend.

Michaela Castle Dale, UT

great for stroller or high chair

My grandson already has this toy and when my daughter saw it, she wanted one for her daughter, so I knew I would buy another one. Definitely entertaining!

Twila Riverton, CT

Love it!

Love this toy! Soothing, soft music when it plays. Many interesting fwatures for my babues to discover. They love it and I am very happy with this purchase.

Corina Lake City, SD


Ok, I really wanted to love this but I could never understand why the toy part popped off the suction cup. The suction cup worked great but with one yank by my 6 month old the toy part was off the suction cup part…why? It also is now dead after only having it about 4 months! Off to buy a new toy since we have many months of highchair feeding yet to come….save your money…or be buying a second toy like me!

Beulah Abbot, ME

Perfect Highchair toy

When we started using the highchair I was trying to find toys that would be a great distraction but also wouldn’t constantly be on the floor. My MIL said to look for suction cup toys and this does the trick. There are a couple of great things about it:- multi-functional, the main part of the toy does come off in case you wanted to use it later. I sometimes clip it to the bouncy seat for additional noises.- Stays in place really well, after we are done eating I wipe down the area and stick this on, and my little one can’t get it to come off.- Spins really well, when she hits it the noise starts and it spins around.This isn’t really a con, but the tiniest movement will sometimes make this toy go off. Even if it is sitting on the table and the table gets bumped this toy could start playing the music.I would highly recommend this toy or some of the other suction toys by Sassy, they are all wonderful and keep my little one entertained well after we are done eating.

Bernadette Parkesburg, PA

Nice toy but one drawback

Baby is intrigued by this toy however, i’m only giving it 3 stars b/c I wasn’t aware that this toy plays sounds. Nice feature but drawback is that it comes with one of those little plastic tabs on the spider that says remove to activate..ok but what about when you want to turn the sound off? You can’t. So every time this toy is bumped or moved around it will make the sounds as long as the plastic tab has been removed. I wish it had an on/off switch. So I saved the little plastic tab and reinsert it once the baby is done playing with it. I think it’s just a matter of time before that little plastic tab gets lost though.

Angeline Turkey, TX

Some babies like it, some could care less; contains serious design flaws

We bought this for my son right when he started sitting at table (6 months), hoping to have a fun and entertaining toy when we go out to eat. I should have known better, our son tires of toys very quickly. He’s gregarious and prefers interaction with people over toys any day! That said, our niece, who is 12 days younger, LOVES this toy, can’t keep her eyes or her hands off of it, lol, so she got a lot more use out of it when we were visiting. I think my sister-in-law ran right out and bought her one when we left! So, this toy will appeal to some babies and not so much to others, you’ll have to gauge what your baby likes. I thought we’d give it a shot, since sitting at table was a new experience for him.As a previous reviewer mentioned, the music on this thing is annoying, with no on/off switch and no volume control (major design flaw). I did have the foresight to hold onto the tab that inserts in the slot to keep the music from playing in the packaging. We replace that tab every time we put this toy away. I’m pretty sure we’re going to lose it soon, though, since our son figured out how to remove it the second time he played with it. He also enjoys chewing/teething on the suction cup, and the toy very easily comes away from the suction cup, making it far too easy for baby catch your eye and toss the toy part over his shoulder, lol. “Meh, I’m done.”

Lara Palmyra, IN

Suction doesn’t work

Love Sassy products, but this one just doesn’t do what it says….I wish that the suction worked! She loves looking at the spinners!!The music spinner is also very obnoxious. Wouldn’t it be so nice if the toy companies realized that babies need to be exposed to slow music in addition to fast music?!

Jane Henrietta, NC

Does Not Serve Purpose

Does not perform function. The suction cup does not work and even if it did my son at 6 months was strong enough to detach the spinner part and throw it on the ground defeating the purpose of having a toy that could attach to his high chair or table. When he leaves it alone for a while he is entertained by the moving parts and mirror. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Peggy Coopers Mills, ME

Creepy noises

I didn’t realize how noisy this toy was going to be. My son likes it, but he can also hulk it off of his high chair tray pretty easily.

Twila Oriskany, NY