Sassy Sensory Symphony

Sassy Sensory Symphony

Soft sounds, lights, and textured fabric stimulate baby’s senses in three modes: silly sounds, tactile tunes, and cause and effect. Requires 3 “AA” batteries (not incl.) Ages 6 mos. +.

Main features

  • Developmentally appropriate for 3 months and older
  • Sound and lights to stimulate
  • Fun textures and true world association
  • Meets all current toy safety standards
  • Exposes baby to visual stimulation with bold patterns and rich hues

Verified reviews


This thing is pointless

Ok who designed this piece of junk? First of all there is no dangling fish like in the photo, and no lights like the description states. It is a hard plastic thing with fabric fish. It cannot be hooked to a crib so my baby can only play with it on the floor. When you press the fish there are 3 options. Classical music- but it only plays ONE SONG over and over, a tactile tune- again ONE sound for each fish, and a silly sound- and yes again ONE SOUND. The textures are stupid. The only one worth anything is the furry fish. The others aren’t “overdone” enough for the baby to get any satisfaction from touching it. There is a tiny crinkly fin, bumpy fabric, a felt fin, and rubber fish. It is too big and bulky for baby to pick up, and the fish are too hard for babies to push. My daughter is 8 months so well over the recommended age- she should be able to push them. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Get something that your baby can pick up and feel, transfer from hand to hand, chew… etc.

Mona Stuyvesant, NY

Daughter loves, I hate!

My 7 month old daughter loves this and gets super excited when she hears it. That’s the part I don’t like…the sound! I’m so sad that I don’t like this product, but I wish each fish played a different tune. Our version was also missing the fish rattle, which I noticed many people wrote in their reviews.

Jenifer Delton, MI

Great Musical and Sensory Toy

I love to get my kids toys that have different textures, and this one was a great choice. It plays nice, non-irritating music as well as having the different textured fish. They have a great time with it.

Margie River Forest, IL

Can’t be cleaned…

My 4-month old seems to enjoy stomping on this toy, and I think it’s nice that it features various textures and qualities of sound. However, I agree with other reviewers that it is extremely irritating that the songs repeat without stopping even after baby has stopped hitting the toy; though, once I did find a setting where the song would fade out after about 20 seconds — wish I could figure out how to find that setting again.However, my main peeve is that this is very difficult to clean. The instructions say to wipe with a damp cloth but if the fabric gets any stains or absorbs any grossness, you have a big problem. You’d have to take off the entire back plate and disassemble the toy completely. In order to take off the back, you have to have a non-standard (triangle) screwdriver, so I haven’t been able to yet. If I could get the back off I assume I could potentially wash the fabric part without messing up the electronic part.Because it’s basically un-washable, I would not recommend this toy… I only let my baby step on it, never grab it, but now that he’s starting to get his feet toward his mouth, I’ll have to stop doing even that. I’m glad that I didn’t pay much for this — I bought it secondhand (another reason it irks me that it can’t be washed).Oh, and I agree there is no easy way to attach this to a crib or stroller — I had to rig up an elaborate system of loops and pulleys to get it to stay on the footrest of his bouncer.

Mollie Costa Mesa, CA

Son with autism loves this

I have a son who has autism and is very sensory oriented. He loves music and he loves feeling different textures, so this was right up his alley!

Ola Lyon Mountain, NY


My husband picked this toy out for our son (9 months old at the time) for Christmas. It’s ADORABLE, so I was super excited about it. We didn’t mess with it at all unti our baby opened it for Christmas, and very quickly, we were like, “HOLY CRAP!! WHEN DOES IT SHUT UP?!?!”Basically, all of the fish are different cloth textures, which is super cute and fun for baby to feel and learn about textures, so it gets one star for cute design. There are straps on the back of this to attach it inside of your baby’s crib, but after hearing this toy, I don’t know why any parent in their right mind would want to hear this thing going off on the baby monitor. Lol. It has three different sound settings:’Silly Sounds’ which is the most tolerable for mom and dad, because it’s not continous. Baby just mashes different fishes for different silly sounds.Then there is ‘Tactile Tunes’ which starts playing a Nautical sounding song that changes instruments every time Baby hits a different fish. It plays for quite a while as long as your child is still messing with it, and is a definite ear worm. Still not the worst setting.Third setting is ‘Classical’ which is basically just this toy playing a really loud (there is no volume setting on this toy and it is LOUD) and obnoxious classical song and I swear to you, it takes FOREVER to SHUT UP.I honestly, and with no guilt, put this toy away on certain days when I just know that I have very little patience or lack of sleep to start with. Positive note, my son thinks this toy is really great. He dances when the music plays and is just so happy…. So that alone gets one more star, because really, there’s nothing about this that a baby wouldn’t like.*SIDE NOTE, after reading some people’s reviews on here, it seems like there are different “models” of this as far as the looks of it. Our has the little dangly fish that is shown in the picture, and also has pretty rainbow silk ribbons at one side on the bottom coming off from it, and on the other side, there are little crinkly/springy almost felt fabric pieces hanging off from the bottom, so ours looks even more colorful than this one. Also, a couple of the fish on ours are different colors than the ones in the picture shown. I think they made a bunch of different looking ones of this, so FYI if ordering online.

Rosie White Oak, TX

Babies love it!

My babies loved this from the time I gave it to them. Received it at the baby shower but they got to play with it at about 4-5 months. My twins still love playing with it at nearly 8 months. Keeps them engaged and as they develop they tend to find it more and more interesting. I give it 4 stars because I feel the music is too loud and does not sound soothing in my opinion. There’s no way to strap it on to anything. It is heavy and is not flimsy. Overall, very pleased.

Rebekah Springville, PA